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Trains in India

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Train No Train Name Starts Ends
11125 Ind Gwaliar Exp Indore Gwalior
11451 Intercity Exp Jabalpur Rewa
11452 Intercity Exp Rewa Jabalpur
12395 Ibadat Express Rjndr Ngr Bihar Ajmer
12416 Intercity Exp H Nizamuddin Indore
12466 Intercity Exp Jodhpur Indore
12481 Intercity Exp Dughera Shri Ganganagar
12482 Intercity Exp Shri Ganganagar Dughera
12725 Intercity Exp Bangalore Dharwar
12726 Intercity Exp Dharwar Bangalore
12871 Ispat Express Howrah Titlagarh
12872 Ispat Express Titlagarh Howrah
12923 Indb Nagpur Exp Indore Nagpur
13226 Intercity Expre Danapur Jaynagar
13235 Intercity Exp Sahibganj Danapur
13236 Intercity Exp Danapur Sahibganj
13251 Ipr Rjpb Expres Islampur Rjndr Ngr Bihar
13401 Intercity Exp Bhagalpur Danapur
13402 Intercity Exp Danapur Bhagalpur
13465 Intercity Exp Howrah Malda
13503 Intercity Exp Sealdah Asansol
13504 Intercity Exp Asansol Sealdah
14211 Intercity Exp Agra Delhi
14212 Intercity Exp Delhi Agra
14315 Intercity Exp Bannerghatta Delhi
14316 Intercity Exp Delhi Bannerghatta
14317 Ind Ddn Express Indore Dehradun
15603 Inter City Exp Kamakhya Ledo
15604 Intercity Exp Ledo Kamakhya
15713 Intercity Exp Katihar Patna
15714 Intercity Exp Patna Katihar
18411 Inter City Exp Bhubaneswar Visakhapatnam
18412 Inter City Exp Visakhapatnam Bhubaneswar
19310 Indore Gnc Exp Indore Gandhinagar
19312 Ind Pune Expres Indore Pune
19313 Indb Patna Exp Indore Patna
19321 Indb Rjpb Exp Indore Rjndr Ngr Bihar
19323 Intercity Exp Indore Habibganj
19325 Ind Amritsar Ex Indore Amritsar
11701 Indb Intercity Jabalpur Indore
19324 Indb Intercity Habibganj Indore
12127 Intercity Exp Mumbai Pune
12128 Intercity Exp Pune Mumbai
13466 Intercity Exp Malda Howrah
11471 Indb Jbp Exp Indore Jabalpur
21125 Indore Bhind Ex Indore Bhind
22610 Intercity Exp Palakkad Mangalore Cntl
12529 Intercity Expre Habibganj Jabalpur
22105 Indrayani Exp Mumbai Pune
58112 Itr Tata Passgn Itwari Tatanagar Jn
22106 Indrayani Exp Pune Mumbai
22609 Intercity Exp Mangalore Cntl Palakkad
13225 Intercity Expre Jaynagar Danapur
19802 Intercity Exp Indore Kota
59307 Indb Aii Link E Indore Jaipur
19801 Indb Intercity Kota Indore
12227 Indore Duronto Mumbai Central Indore
12530 Intercity Expre Jabalpur Habibganj

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