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Trains in India

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Train No Train Name Starts Ends
23154 Gour Exp Balurghat Sealdah
11038 Gkp Pune Expres Gorakhpur Pune
11055 Godan Express Lokmanyatilak T Gorakhpur
11056 Godan Express Gorakhpur Lokmanyatilak T
11124 Gwl Bju Mail Gwalior Barauni Jn
11126 Gwl Indb Expres Gwalior Indore
12203 Garib Rath Exp Saharsa Jn Amritsar
12405 Gondwana Expres Bhusaval H Nizamuddin
12406 Gondwana Expres H Nizamuddin Bhusaval
12409 Gondwana Expres Raigarh H Nizamuddin
12410 Gondwana Expres H Nizamuddin Raigarh
12411 Gondwana Expres Jabalpur H Nizamuddin
12412 Gondwana Expres H Nizamuddin Jabalpur
12419 Gomti Exp Lucknow Delhi
12420 Gomti Express Delhi Lucknow
12449 Goa Smprk K Exp Madgaon H Nizamuddin
12450 Goa Smprk K Exp H Nizamuddin Madgaon
12507 Guwahati Exp Ernakulam Guwahati
12508 Ghy Ers Express Guwahati Ernakulam
12509 Guwahati Exp Bangalore Guwahati
12510 Ghy Sbc Express Guwahati Bangalore
12514 Ghy Sc Express Guwahati Hyderabad
12515 Guwahati Exp Trivandrum Guwahati
12516 Ghy Tvc Express Guwahati Trivandrum
12555 Gorakdam Expres Gorakhpur Hisar
12556 Gorakdam Expres Hisar Gorakhpur
12589 Gkp Sc Express Gorakhpur Hyderabad
12590 Gorakhpur Exp Hyderabad Gorakhpur
12591 Gkp Sbc Express Gorakhpur Bangalore
12592 Gorakhpur Exp Bangalore Gorakhpur
12615 Grand Trunk Exp Chennai Delhi
12616 G T Express Delhi Chennai
12659 Gurudev Express Nagercoil Shalimar
12660 Gurudev Express Shalimar Nagercoil
12669 Gangakaveri Exp Chennai Chhapra
12670 Gangakaveri Exp Chhapra Chennai
12705 Gnt Sc Exp Guntur Hyderabad
12727 Godavari Exp Visakhapatnam Hyderabad Decan
12728 Godavari Exp Hyderabad Decan Visakhapatnam
12737 Goutami Exp Kakinada Port Hyderabad
12738 Goutami Exp Hyderabad Kakinada Port
12779 Goa Express Vasco Da Gama H Nizamuddin
12780 Goa Express H Nizamuddin Vasco Da Gama
12859 Gitanjali Exp Mumbai Howrah
12860 Gitanjali Exp Howrah Mumbai
12901 Gujarat Mail Mumbai Central Ahmedabad
12902 Gujarat Mail Ahmedabad Mumbai Central
13017 Ganadevta Exp Howrah Azimganj Jn
13018 Ganadevta Exp Azimganj Jn Howrah
13024 Gaya Hwh Expres Gaya Howrah
13153 Gour Express Sealdah Malda
13154 Gour Exp Malda Sealdah
13185 Gangasagar Exp Sealdah Jaynagar
13186 Ganga Sagar Exp Jaynagar Sealdah
13307 Gangasutlej Exp Dhanbad Ferozpur
13308 Gangasatluj Exp Ferozpur Dhanbad
13329 Gangadamodar Ex Dhanbad Patna
13330 Gangadamodar Ex Patna Dhanbad
14043 Garhwal Express Kotdwara Deleted
14044 Garhwal Express Deleted Kotdwara
14215 Ganga Gomti Exp Allahabad Lucknow
14216 Ganga Gomti Exp Lucknow Allahabad
15015 Gkp Ypr Express Gorakhpur Yesvantpur Jn
15017 Gorakhpur Exp Lokmanyatilak T Gorakhpur
15045 Gkp Okha Expres Gorakhpur Okha
15052 Gkp Kolkata Exp Gorakhpur Kolkata
15315 Gokul Exp Gonda Jn Kasganj road
15316 Gokul Express Kasganj road Gonda Jn
25610 Ghy Jivachh Lin Darbhanga Jn Guwahati
15629 Guwahati Expres Chennai Egmore Guwahati
15630 Guwahati Ms Exp Guwahati Chennai Egmore
15632 Ghy Bme Bkn Exp Guwahati Barmer
15635 Guwahati Expres Okha Guwahati
15640 Ghy Puri Expres Guwahati Puri
15645 Guwahati Expres Lokmanyatilak T Guwahati
15646 Ghy Ltt Exp Guwahati Lokmanyatilak T
15647 Guwahati Expres Lokmanyatilak T Guwahati
15648 Ghy Ltt Express Guwahati Lokmanyatilak T
15715 Garib Nawaj Exp Kishanganj Ajmer
15716 Garib Nawaj Exp Ajmer Kishanganj
16128 Guv Chennai Exp Guruvayur Chennai Egmore
16336 Gandhidham Exp Nagercoil Gandhidham Bg
16342 Guruvayur Exp Trivandrum Guruvayur
16505 Gimb Sbc Expres Gandhidham Bg Bangalore
16506 Gandhidham Exp Bangalore Gandhidham Bg
16532 Garib Nawaz Exp Yesvantpur Jn Ajmer
17201 Golconda Exp Guntur Hyderabad
17202 Golconda Exp Hyderabad Guntur
57306 Gnt Sc Pass Guntur Hyderabad
18206 Gkp Durg Exp Nautanwa Durg
18239 Gad Ngp Exp Gevra Road Nagpur
19011 Gujarat Express Mumbai Central Ahmedabad
19012 Gujarat Express Ahmedabad Mumbai Central
19309 Gnc Indore Exp Gandhinagar Indore
23111 Grd Dnr Exp Giridih Danapur
23112 Grd Koaa Expres Giridih Kolkata
12517 Ghy Garib Rath Kolkata Guwahati
12903 Goldentemple Ml Mumbai Central Amritsar
12904 Goldn Temple Ml Amritsar Mumbai Central
55149 Gkp Muv Pass Gorakhpur Manduadih
15018 Gkp Ltt Exp Gorakhpur Lokmanyatilak T
15005 Gkp Ddn Express Gorakhpur Dehradun
19110 Gujarat Queen Ahmedabad Valsad
12532 Gkp Intercity Lucknow Ne Gorakhpur
15050 Gkp Kolkata Exp Gorakhpur Kolkata
19109 Gujarat Queen Valsad Ahmedabad
15606 Ghy Intercity Mariani Jn Kamakhya
15046 Gorakhpur Exp Okha Gorakhpur
12917 Gujarat Smprk K Ahmedabad H Nizamuddin
12918 Gujrat S Kranti H Nizamuddin Ahmedabad
16536 Golgumbaz Exp Solapur Yesvantpur Jn
12937 Garbha Express Gandhidham Bg Howrah
12236 Ghy Rajdhani Delhi Dibrugarh
12541 Gkp Ltt Sup Exp Gorakhpur Lokmanyatilak T
12197 Gwl Intercity Bhopal Gwalior
22423 Ghy Rajdhani Ex Dibrugarh Town Delhi
12389 Gaya Ms Express Gaya Chennai Egmore
12938 Garbha Express Howrah Gandhidham Bg
15619 Gaya Kyq Wkly E Gaya Kamakhya
22131 Gyan Ganga Exp Pune Manduadih
22132 Gyan Ganga Sf Manduadih Pune
15105 Gkp Intercity Chhapra Gorakhpur
15020 Gkp Intercity Nautanwa Gorakhpur
15104 Gkp Intercity Manduadih Gorakhpur
13508 Gkp Asn Express Gorakhpur Asansol
13510 Gd Asn Express Gonda Jn Asansol
02424 Ghy Dbrt Ra Guwahati Dibrugarh Town
15022 Gkp Shm Express Gorakhpur Shalimar
02436 Ghy Dbrt Ra Guwahati Dibrugarh Town
14214 Gd Bsb Intercit Gonda Jn Varanasi
57478 Gtl Tpty Pass Guntakal Tirupati
22424 Ghy Rajdhani Delhi Dibrugarh Town
19151 Gandhidham Exp Palanpur Gandhidham Bg
15023 Gkp Ypr Exp Gorakhpur Yesvantpur Jn
12993 Gimb Puri Exp Gandhidham Bg Puri

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