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The panoramic town of Matheran is an ideal holiday destination abundant with the best of natural beauty. Located in Maharashtra, the city was discovered and developed by the British. The best way to explore the city is to get on a cycle rickshaw or better still on a horseback. The city also boasts of some colonial monumental heritage and the famous points that allow some of the best views of nature. The toy train ride for Neral to Matheran is a delightful attraction

The best activity to do in Matheran is just to relax and let the tranquil air and the luscious greens cleanse your soul and eyes. Connected to all the parts of the country via roads and rail, the nearest airport is at Mumbai. The climate is pleasant making it possible to visit throughout the year.

When To Go

Matheran enjoys a cooler but pleasant and less humid climate all through the year. The best time for visiting the place is from October to May.
  • Winters (December to February) are cool with temperature lies above 11°C in all the days. It is favorable period of all tourist activities and enjoying honeymoon in Matheran.
  • Summers (March to May) have the mercury levels not crossing 35°C and very pleasant for outings and sightseeing.
  • Monsoons (June to September) offer very heavy showers, and tourists in general avoid rainy days in July and August. But it looks beautiful in rains and if you enjoy rains, you can consider visiting it during this time.
September to June is very pleasant, cool and energetic and ideal for sight-seeing. In fact, a suitable period for Matheran tourism. July and August are rainy and may opt for outing by those tourists liking rainy outings.

Travel within city

Matheran as a town is the epitome of peace. Located in the state of Maharashtra, at an altitude of eight hundred and three feet, Matheran is frequented by tourists both young and old for its entirely serene locales. Motored vehicles are banned in the hill station of Matheran, and you will need to find alternate modes of transport in order to travel in the town.

While travelling through Matheran, you will need to make sure that you opt for one of the available modes of transport. The available options for tourists in Matheran are horses and rickshaws (manually pulled).

On Foot

Matheran is a very small hill station, and almost all known places of interest are located a stone’s throw away from each other. You can walk to the various parts of the town without much effort, as all places are easily accessible in Matheran.

Horse Ride

However, in case you need some means of transport to get around the town, you can opt for a horse ride. A horse ride can cost you anywhere around Rs 10 to 40. This is an effective way to travel within the town of Matheran.

Pulled Rickshaw

You can also opt for man pulled rickshaws in Matheran, and although this mode of travel is slower, it is cheaper than the other mode of travel. Fares may range from Rs 5 to 10. Matheran is a peaceful city that is safe throughout the night.

Charlotte Lake

The queen of the scenic hill station, Charlotte Lake, sprawls near the main market and also feeds water to the growing population of Mathran. The best time to visit this lake is during the monsoons when the volume of water increases bountiful, giving a picturesque view to the lake. There are many small food stalls available in front of the lake, making the lake an ideal picnic spot.

Panorama Point

Panorama Point, true to its name is one of the most beautiful spots in Matheran offering cool ambiance, fresh and crisp air, breath taking sceneries and mind boggling milieu. Perched on a hillock, the point proffers some of the best views of the surroundings and the Ulhas River. Also referred as the ‘Sunrise Point’, tourists are advised not to miss the sunrise from this point in Matheran. Though the point is located at quite a distance from Matheran, but the natural vista it offers attract thousands of tourists to this spot.

Alexander Point

Alexander Point in Matheran is a popular tourist spot that commands panoramic views of nature’s beauty. Located on the Madhavji Road, one can sight many lakes and the scenic village of Boragaon. Valleys and jungles in Matheran are best seen from the Alexander Point. Situated in the northern part of the city, the point also offers spectacular views of the Ulhas River.

Hart Point

To enjoy a view of Mumbai at night, Hart point in Matheran is the ideal spot. Enjoy the flickering of millions of lights that appear like glowing candles from here. Shaped like a heart, this is a beautiful speck where one can enjoy some of the most stunning views of the surrounding jungles. The Hart Point also is an ideal place for all those who seek to enjoy some relaxation and meditation among the serene atmosphere.

Louisa Point

To enjoy panoramic views of the ruins of the Prabal Fort and Vishalgad Fort, Louisa Point is the best place to go. It is idyllically located on a plateau and also is best for enjoying heart rendering views of the sunset. Just adjacent to the point is the popular ‘Lion’s Head’.

One Tree Hill Point

One Tree Hill Spot in Matheran is an interesting point to visit as it has only one Jambhul Tree located atop. A great trekking point here is the walk through the Shivaji’s ladders that goes downhill to the plains. Believed to have been discovered by a British collector, Hugh Poyntz mallet, the One Tree Hill Spot, also known as One Tree Point is a unique tourist spot in Matheran and invites lot of tourists from India and abroad.

Porcupine Point

Porcupine Point, also known as Sunset Point, is located very close to the main market of the city and here one can enjoy splendorous views of the sunset. Lying close is a deep forest and the Parbalgad Fort, which can be best seen from the Porcupine Point.

Prabal Fort

A trekker’s delight, Prabal Fort in Matheran is located on the hill of the same name and is known to have been confiscated from the Mughals by Shivaji. What today lies in ruins once encompassed 11 towers and two gateways. The historical fort, which remains in tatters has three walls and is believed to house a treasure of high price.

Rambagh Point

Rambagh Point, also spelt as Rambaug Point is all about cool environment, breath taking ambiance, serene location and fresh air. Famous for its beautiful sunsets, the point is best place to enjoy the views of the hills and the city from atop. The place also offers panoramic views of the nearby towns of Karjat and Khandal.

Shivaji's Ladder

Downhill from the One Tree Hill Point is the Shivaji’s ladder. As suggested by the name, the path is shaped like a ladder and is challenges even the most ardent trekkers. The path gets its name from the great ruler of Maharashtra, Chhatrapati Shivaji, who used this ladder a lot. Discovered by Hugh Mallet, a British collector at Thane, the point is a famous tourist spot and invites adventure seekers from all over the country.





Pisharnath Temple

Pisharnath temple is located on the left side of the serene Charlott Lake and is surrounded by lush greeneries. It is a major Hindu Religious destination. The common belief is that the premier deity here has powers to bestow good fortunes on devotees.

The temple is located at the plain of the Charlott lake, the greenish lawns offer a relaxing place for the travelers. One can see the majestic views of the serene lake from the premise of the mandir. The temple location is rich in panoramic sceneries and lusting greeneries.
Matheran 1 km
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