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Sun, sand, beaches, churches, carnivals, adventure and shopping are some of the main highlights of this fun filled destination called Goa. Perhaps the most popular tourist places on the international map, Goa is famous for its nightlife and festivities.

Enjoying a prominent place in the list of any traveller, the city marks the perfect mix of colonial traditions with the modern culture. Well connected from all over the world, Goa is a popular shopping destination as well. The city holds the famous flea markets on specific days of the week where tourists can indulge in shopping for a variety of things, bargaining is a must though.

Famous for its coast line, Goa is an ideal place to kick back, relax & soak in the sun,sand & sea breeze.

When To Go

Goa enjoys a pleasant climate and can be visited all through the year. But the best time to visit is from October to June.
  • Summer (March to May) is hot in Goa but the sea breeze offers solace to the heat. The maximum temperature reaches up to 40°C. During this time the place has fewer crowds.
  • Winter (October to February) offers pleasant weather and is a peak season for tourists and festivities. It is an ideal period for perfect holiday and honeymoon in Goa . The minimum temperature goes down to 15°C. Sea beaches, sightseeing and water sports can be best enjoyed during this time.
  • Monsoon (June to September) offer heavy to medium rainfalls. The place has its own charm during monsoons, lush greenery and rural holiday in the interiors can be enjoyed during this period.
March to May is warm, with less crowds and this period is ideal for those seeking for some quiet and peaceful moments far away from the city life. Besides, it is a good time for a budget holiday. June to September is by accompanied by rainfalls, and this period is ideal for eco-tourism. Tourist season starts from October, and the place offer very pleasing climate. From October to February is ideal for sea beaches, sightseeing and enjoying water sports. It is in fact the perfect time for taking up Goa tour packages and enjoy the best of Goa. Moreover, the festivals and nights parties will make your trip more enjoyable.

During the year end, one can enjoy the festivities related to major religious festivals of Christmas and New Year. During this period Goa is completely lit up and there are many parties to celebrate the occasion. The carnival in February and Sao Joan festival in mid-June are celebrated with much fanfare.


The lure of a relaxed holiday attracts many tourists to Goa; it is not a big surprise that the same people would be found scanning the Flea markets and Bazaars of Goa in search of hidden treasures and memorabilia.

It is not only the shopaholic but also the regular tourists who cannot resist the charms of the local Goan markets. Anjuna’s Wednesday market, Colva’s Sunday market, Ingo’s Saturday night market, Velha Goa galleria, Government Emporium and scores of different markets are usually flooded with crowds enjoying the festive atmosphere and indulging in some binge shopping on the spur.

The availability of cheap liquor and great seafood apart, the markets are famous for the shear variety, which they cater for. Thus one finds herself surrounded by Tibetan, Nepalese, Chinese, Japanese, European, Kashmiri, Rajasthani, Gujarati, and even Indonesian stuff been sold out at affordable prices and also open to bargain. While there are numerous boutiques and showrooms encasing a variety of art and antique items, one has to admit that the novelty and uniqueness which is provided by the local flea markets and bazaars has to be experienced to be believed. The ides then is to let go the worries of overburdened pockets, pack some empty bags, and jump into one of the market with an aim to wander around in search of something, which would catch the eye and please the pocket, which in fact would be many.

Enjoy the great dishes served on the tables of all food shacks and joints & soak in the revelry.


Goa traces its origin right upto the epic of Mahabharata, where the land of Goa has been repeatedly referred as Goparashtra (country of cowherds). The formation of Goa has another amazing legend attached to it wherein it is believed that Lord Parshuram (Sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu) shot seven different arrows in various directions marking the limits of the oceans (Neptune). The sea withdrew from the places wherever the arrows fell. A village called Banauli / Banaulim (arrow village) is often referred to as the place where the arrow struck and surprisingly even the Indologist and geologists marvel at the presence of burned sea shells and marine fossils which date back to 10,000 BC.

Later Goa saw glorious years under the Kadamba dynasty however; the fortunes of Goa continued to fluctuate until the Portuguese snatched the land from Adil Shah of Bijapur in 1510 AD. The Portuguese admiral Alfonse de Albuquerque realized the dream of Vasco da Gama of establishing a permanent base / colony in India. The Portuguese constructed many fortresses, churches, monuments and buildings in Goa and have left an indelible mark on the culture of Goa. The Portuguese rule continued even after independence of India as the Portuguese refused to hand over the state. The same was however, forcefully snatched from the Portuguese Garrison after a successful liberation action by the freedom fighters, Indian Navy and Indian Army. Goa was liberated and is now one of the states of independent India.


The Goans generally communicate in English, Konkani and Marathi. With a healthy mix of many religions, the lifestyle and culinary habits of the Goans are a mixed blend arising out of these cultures. Thus the popular celebrations start with the Hindu Diwali encompass the entire spectrum of Christmas, Eid, Ganesh Chaturthi, New Year's Day, Sigma and Carnival.

The Portuguese rule has left a strong influence on the Goan culture and it is visible in every walk of life. The clothing, accent, music, dance and celebrations have an unmistakable tinge of Portuguese culture. While English songs are popular, traditional Konkani and Marathi folk songs along with the Bollywood Hindi numbers have a sizable following too. Manddo is regarded as the traditional Goan music while the younger generation dances to the tunes of trance music. However, it can be safely said that the Goans prefer pop, soft rock as well as melodious ballads to hard rock or hip-hop. The traditional Goan dances viz. Dekhnni, Corridinho and Fugdi are displayed during festivities and are very popular amongst the tourists due to the innovative steps and the novelty of dance form.

The Goan dietary preferences are heavily influenced due to the presence of the great ocean nearby. Rice and fish curry is the most common meal in Goa. The variety of available fishes makes it the most important dish of the Goans and it is possible to find seafood in every cuisine. Coconut and it's by products are also widely used. Pork, vegetable stew, a rich egg-based sweet Bebinca is preferred during Christmas while Kaju Feni tops the alcoholic's list.

Travel within city

There are many ways that a traveler can get around Goa. Some of the main modes of transportation within Goa are hired bikes, buses, auto rickshaws, taxis and jeeps. The roads are well developed and the public transportation system in the place is also reasonably good.

Hired Motor Bikes

Hired motor bikes are the preferred mode of transport for those who are visiting the place. They are available near most of the beaches in Goa. They cost around Rs 400 per day, excluding petrol expenses. Motor bikes are the best way to get around as they are easy to ride and can access the smaller village roads as well. Helmets are compulsory and you will have to make sure that the person who is renting the motorbike provides them. A fine of Rs 100 is the norm for riding without helmet, especially in South Goa.


Government buses are available all around the place and tickets are inexpensive. There are designated bus stops that are located in and around the various towns. Tickets cost around Rs 10 to 15 for a ride of around 30 km. Opting for these buses is also a good way to see the country side.


Taxis are available in most parts and can be hired through the hotels and resorts. A/C taxis are available as well and opting for these is advisable during the summer months. Taxis cost between Rs 7 and 12 per km depending on the type of vehicle. SUVs are also available and these are a good option if you are travelling in groups.

Private Cars

There are a few rental companies and others who provide cars for hire. These are a good option if you are not comfortable with riding bikes. The cars here are generally in good condition and sedans can accommodate around 5-6 people. They cost around Rs 1000 per day excluding petrol charges.


Jeeps and gypsies are available in many places around the town. Some of the jeeps do not have a roof, and these jeeps are great to drive in the countryside, especially during the winter months. It might not be advisable to hire open jeeps during the heat of the summer. Jeeps are also a good option for travelling through the ghat roads, which have many twists and turns. Jeeps would cost around Rs 800 a day, excluding petrol expenses. They are generally in good condition and it is always advisable to check your jeep before renting it out.

Auto Rickshaws

Auto rickshaws are available from many auto stands that are located in and around the towns. These are a good option for short distances and the prices are generally negotiable. Travelling up to 25 km in an auto rickshaw is possible. However, travelers should be prepared for many bumps and jolts. Rates differ according to the towns and it is always advisable to check the rates before boarding. Night fares may also be applicable.

Cruises and Catamarans

Catamarans are available in most beaches during the peak season. Catamarans can be used to travel into the sea for short distances. While this is not exactly a transport option, it is a good adventure ride.

Cruises are available at the River Mandovi. There are two cruises everyday around sunset, at 6 pm and 7.15 pm respectively. They cost around Rs 200 per head.


The very mention of beaches, one thinks of the palm fringed seashore with golden sandy stretches, incessant waves, free flowing drinks and mouth-watering delicacies. The beaches of Goa are the main draw, which attract the tourists worldwide to this small state.

With almost 150 km of seashore stretch one is spoiled for choice in Goa. The fun and frolic is never ending and the variety of adventure and thrill that the beaches promise has to be experience to be believed. Beaches such as the Anjuna, Bogmalo, Calangute, Dona Paula, Colva and Vagator are the equivalents of paradise on earth and the carnival atmosphere that prevails on these locations at any time of the day or night is ample proof of the entertainment and comfort that these beaches offer to the tired bodies and souls.

The recent surge of adventure activities has provided a new dimension to these beaches where apart from the soothing ocean winds and relaxing waves various adrenalin pumping activities such as Parasailing, Paragliding, Water surfing, Banana and Ringo rides, Diving, Dolphin and crocodile watching etc have become a compulsory part of the tour itinerary. The beaches are clean and well maintained and the presence of Life Guards at all times is sure to boost the confidence of the wave watchers.

However, a word of caution here, resist the temptation to stretch your swim too long lest the strong undercurrent drags you into the ocean. Even the strong lifeguards never venture that far without proper protective gears.


A heady mix of delicious sea food and cocktails wafts in the air of Goa and the nights turn colorful and exciting with the steady beats of music ranging from the soft 60s to the wild and rocking trance as well as psychedelic rock. With free availability of liquor and party joints, not to mention the vast shoreline, the nightlife in Goa rocks with every passing moment after sunset. The carnival festivities of the beaches slowly shift to some sophisticated, many conjured up discotheques, clubs, pubs where the din grows and reaches a crescendo till the wee hours of the morning.

Generally, the parties are conceived and decided on the beaches by like-minded groups. Thus, a rave party or a psychedelic party venue is generally under the wraps till a close associate discloses the location to all and the party scene shift. Some of these parties go on for hours and some even for days with a regular shift in venue. The parties are an experience not to be missed, if not for the enjoyment then for the novelty.

However, one must guard self from the rowdies and thugs who are on a lookout for vulnerable targets. As a rule, avoid lifts to strange venues from total strangers. Also, avoid drinks and smoke offered by strangers, no matter how innocent and appealing they look and behave. Ingo's Night Bazaar, Anjuna's Market, Tito's, Kamaki, Mambo's, Congo Lounge, and Geoffreys are some good recommendations to indulge & have a nice time.

Flea Market

Flea markets are what makes your experience in the sandy shores of Goan beaches complete. From the most popular Anjuna Wednesday Market to the popular Arpora Saturday night market & Friday Bazaar at Mapussa - these markets offerings range from rare antiques, junk jewelry, keep sake boxes, beach wear, Tibetan crafts, Kashmiri handicraft, clothes, jhola bags. Bargaining is your best trait while here!
Timings: Anjuna (Wednesday) - 11 am till sunset, Ingo’s Saturday Night Market - 7 pm till early morning, Mapusa Friday market - 8 am to 6.30 pm  

Vagator Beach

Golden sandy shores,strewn with black lava rocks & blue waters make Vagator beach;much sort after. The unique feature of this beach is its huge red cliffs with little springs oozing out - making for nice sight.

Baga Beach

Lip smacking sea food at Britto's,some funky beady bargains,hair braiding,tattooing,the gush of the waves,the buzz of the crowds - all this & more awaits you at the most popular stretch of sandy shores at Baga Beach. Also the home ground for wind surfing enthusiasts & other water sports,Baga is where the best of the best tourists want to be seen!

Calangute Beach

Synonymous with the famous North Goa beaches is the Calangute Beach - home to the happening hippie culture of the 60's & 70's. Among one of the most crowded beaches in Bardez region, its vast stretches of sandy shore lines make sure each tourist has a spot of their own. Christmas & new year celebrations & weekend parties are the most happening here.

Candolim Beach

The serene stretch of Candolim Beach is known for its peace & calm, away from its more commercialized cousins. Lay back & relax on its sandy shores or indulge in some adventure water sports like para sailing & water skiing.

Basilica de Bom Jesus

One of the prime religious attractions in all of Goa,Basillica De Born Jesus, constructed in 1605 is world renowned for hosting the mortal remains of St.Francis Xavier. Once every decade the body is taken out for public display which attracts thousands of followers.Its Portuguese architectural style is simply magnificent.
Timings: Sunday : 10.30 to 18.30 hrs. Weekdays : 9.00 to 18.30 hrs Masses: Sundays : 08.00 & 9.15 hrs. Weekdays : 7.00 & 8.00 hrs.  

Church & Convent of St Francis of Assisi

Created in 1517 by the famous eight Franciscan Friars, this convent started off as a small chapel until 1602 when a church was built here. A museum of the Archaeological survey of India boasts of some of the best collections of artifacts,sculptures & paintings.
Timings: Church Open 7.30 am - 6.30 pm Archaeological Museum is open from 9 am to 12:30 pm and 3 to 6:30 pm except on Sundays  

Fort Aguada

Located around 22 km from Bardez, Fort Aquada boasts of the first ever light house in Asia. Constructed in 1912, it has been witness to several historic battles.The tower bell here has been installed in the Church of Lady Immaculate Conception. A must visit place for a dose of history & spectacular views.

Se Cathedral

An imposing structure which was commissioned in 1631 the Se Cathedral is dedicated to St.Catherine of Alexandria since the Portuguese sailor Alfonso de Albuquerque believed that he could defeat the Muslim armies in 1510 on the feast day of the saint since the Portuguese army had the Saint’s blessings. The striking feature here is the "Golden Bell" in the south tower.
Timings: 7.30 am - 6 pm daily  

Shri Mangueshi Temple

Legend has it that under the fear of destruction by the Portuguese, the Mangueshi temple was shifted from Kushasthali to Pirolim where it stands today. After numerous repairs, the temple hold strong influences of the Mughal, Portuguese as well as Hindu architecture. The sanctum has the idol of Lord Manguesh enshrined.


Tito's established in 1971 on the famous stretch of Baga Beach is a modern, well equipped & acoustically aesthetic discotheque. As many ardent Tito fans say "A trip to Goa is incomplete without a visit to Tito's" sums up its popularity for its service, food & ambiance.
Timings: 10 pm to 3 am  Charges: Rs 1500 to Rs 2000 per couple including drinks  


Whisked away in the wind as the motor boat leaves you high in the air while you are firmly attached to the sail - para-sailing is the most thrilling among other water sports.It can be enjoyed on Dona Paula, Majorda, Oberoi Beach resorts and Anjuna, Bogmalo, Calangute, Colva, Candolim and Vagator beaches.
Charges: Rs 800/- to Rs 1000/- for 5 mins  

Anjuna Beach

Jaggered laterite boulders,sun kissed sandy shorelines, incessant waves & swaying coconut palm trees,lip smacking sea food delicacies & heady nightlife - are just the elements you can enjoy at the exciting Anjuna Beach.

9 Bar

The treasure chest of Vagator beach is pepped up each evening when the sound of the music resounds, creating the perfect party atmosphere. 9 Bar attracts some of the most hip, happening & fashionable crowd of Goa. So be here to see, be seen & dive in to the revelry.

Ancestral Goa Museum/Big Foot

Located around 10 km from Margao, Ancestral Goa museum, also known as Big Foot in Loutolim is an open-air museum-cum-parkland covering an area of about 9 acres. The first of its kind in India, this museum showcases large life size statues and structures depicting culture and tradition of rural Goa around 200 years old.
Timings: 9 am to 6 am daily  Charges: Rs 50  


Popular for its party scene on the Cavelossim beach in Mobor lies the upscale & chic party hangout - Aqua Bar. With a heady mix of cocktails, trans & techo music with the zing of Goan cuisine, it sure makes for a happening evening.

Banana Ride

Banana rides are popular on the beaches of Goa.Riding along the choppy waters on a giant size inflated banana, get ready for your sudden tumble into the water!
Charges: Rs 200/- (15 minutes)  

Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread across 240 of verdant forests & intermittent tribal settlements, the Molem Village of Goa plays host to the largest Wildlife Sanctuary in the state. Home to a host of animals like the spotted deer, Indian bison, jungle cats, leopards, pythons, cobras and monkeys, the park is one of the major attractions for tourism in Goa.
Timings: 8 am to 5 pm  Charges: Entry Adults: Rs. 20/-, Children: Rs. 5/- Camera Still: Rs. 30/-, Video: Rs. 150/- Vehicles Two wheelers: Rs. 40/-, Cars: Rs. 120/-, Mini buses/ Vans: Rs. 250/-  

Cafe Mambo

Located on one of the most happening beaches of Goa is Cafe Mombo which has gained great popularity in the recent past. The hip place boasts of some happening music dedicated to different genres of music almost everyday of the week. With some of the best DJ's around & special guest DJ's on weekends this is the place to be!
Timings: 6 pm to 3 am on all days  Charges: Rs 500 - Rs 800 per couple  

Calangute Road

One of the most happening regions in all of Goa is the Calangute Beach Road stretch with its wide variety of shopping options, restaurant & bars, popular beach resorts & some of the most fashionable local & tourists seen people around - Calangute Road is a must visit while in Goa.

Cansaulim Beach

The shaded shoreline with its perennial green roof, is the longest stretch of beach in India all the way from Arossim & Cuelim. An ideal beach to enjoy your secluded beach holiday this is just the place for the relaxed traveler.

Caravela Casino

The idea of being in Goa aboard a 215 ft cruise ship in the lap of luxury - is the ideal setting for gamblers galore. Aboard the Caravela Casino, docked permanently at the Panjim Port; promises an eventful evening offering a plethora of games against the backdrop of the azure ocean waters.

Chapora Beach

The Chapora beach lies amongst some of the most well known places in Goa and that maybe exactly the reason why it has been reclusive for such a long time and neglected by general tourists. Flanked by Vagator, Anjuna, Siolim and the Old Portuguese Fort, Chapora beach holds its own charm with clean and tidy white and golden sea beach and verdant green foliage of palm groves along the stretch.

Located at a distance of 8 km from Mapusa, the Chapora beach has been relegated to back room due to its more illustrious cousins alongside. However it has made its presence felt and it is possible to see many tourists enjoying the isolated charm of this beach which also takes care of all logistic requirements through the well maintained hut and shack restaurants.

Chapora Fort

Located 12 km from Mapusa, lies the Chapora Fort,who's rise to fame was the shooting of the bollywood movie "Dil Chahata Hai". This history packed Fort offers a bird's eye view of the surrounding ocean & shoreline.

Church and Monastery of St Augustine

Built in 1572 by a group of 12 Augustinian friars when they arrived in Goa, the church was abandoned in 1835 under the orders of the then Portuguese government. What remains of this ancient church is the Bell which presents a picture of its past.

Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

Known for its amalgamation of Indian & Portuguese architecture,the Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, located in the main square is the central place of worship for locals. Modeled as per the Church of Reis Magos, it is dedicated to 'Nossa Senhora da Imaculada Conceicao'.
Timings: Open 9 am - 12.30 pm, 3.30 - 7 pm  

Church of Our Lady of the Rosary

Believed to be the place where Alfonso de Albuquerque the Portuguese sea farer led his sailors to a grand victory in 1510 - the Church of Our Lady of the Rosary is perched atop the Holy hill / Monte Santo, which provides magnificent views of the River Mandovi & Divar Island below. The place is revered by many since it is believed that it was here that St. Francis Xavier was known to have taught catechism to the common public every evening after sounding a little bell.
Timings: 9.30 to 5.30 on all days  

Club Cubana

A legend in its own right, Club Cubana owes its popularity to the local loyal customer base. With a blend of peppy ambiance, innovative party ideas, foot tapping music & top notch DJ's you are sure to have the time of your life!
Charges: Pay anywhere from 500 - 1000 Rupee for a couple entry (stag entry is not allowed) and pay no more for the rest of the night.  

Club West End

As the sun sets on Saligoa, Club West End comes alive with head banging, foot tapping music & free flowing alcohol. With some of the best DJ's playing each night it is the best way to end your day in this happening beach town.

Colva Beach

Shallow shores, shopping, sumptuous Goan food - all this & more can be enjoyed at the Colva Beach. Located in the quiet South Goa region this is an ideal for families & couples alike. With life guards on the watch you are sure to feel safe. Building castles on its vast shoreline, playing beach football or taking a walk along its shores are some of the things you can enjoy while here.


Congo Pub on Candolim Beach is just the right combination of alcohol, barbecued meat snacks all gulped down with some great music - against the backdrop of the serene beach!

Curly's Beach Shack

The North Goa stretch all the way from Baga-Calangute-Candolim to Anjuna is one of the most happening parts of Goa. With several beach shacks dishing out their specialty Goan cuisine, the Curly's shack leaves most other behind with their soothing ambiance, set against the calm waves & foot tapping music; which makes for a complete Goan experience.

Dolphin Trip

Goa offers a host of activities and Dolphin sighting is one of the popular and fun activities enjoyed by both adult and children with great enthusiasm. This activity is conducted on all the well-known beaches of Goa, among which the beaches of Cavelossim and Varca are the most popular ones.

Dolphin sighting trip is carried out on the beaches of Goa like Calangute, Agonda, Candolim, Palolem, Miramar, Baga, Vagator and Anjuna. Aside from the beaches, dolphin sighting can also be enjoyed on the Goa’s rivers like Mandovi River, Zuari River, Sal River and Chapora River.

The best time to go for dolphin sighting trip is during the months between October and May when the weather is nice and enjoyable.
Charges: Rs 300 per person for 1 to 2 hrs  

Dona Paula Beach

Shimmering stretches of sun kissed sandy shores, incessant waves & several legends attached with its name are some of the intriguing reasons you must visit - Dona Paula Beach.

Elephant Ride & Splash

An adventure activity that can be enjoyed while in Goa would be an elephant ride and splash. Like humans, elephants love to splash in water, and with a small fee you can enjoy elephant ride and splash during your trip to Goa.

In Goa, elephant ride and splash are available at Sahakari Spice Farm, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary & Tropical Spice Farm. Indulge in an adventurous elephant ride and splash, and spend some delightful moments of your life.
Timings: 8.45 am to 5.30 pm (Sahakari Spice Farm), 9 am to 5 pm (Tropical Spice Farm).  Charges: Rs 300 per head for both Sahakari & Tropical Spice Farm (inclusive of farm tour, snacks and lunch), Elephant ride and splash – Rs 500 to Rs 600.  

Go Karting

Drive past the fastest lane in the Goa Karting race track here in Goa. Located in South Goa it is supposed to be one of the best in the country. The 482 m track is a thrill for racing buffs.
Charges: Rs 150 to Rs 200 for 10 laps  

Hacienda de Oro Casino

With its multitude of choices from drinks, gambling, lip smacking cuisine complete with 15 slot machines, health club facility, 3 bars, kids park and restaurants makes the Hacienda de Oro, located in the Holiday Inn Resort, an irresistible place. Party zone and Saturday discotheque are additional attractions of this Casino which is located 38 km from the Goa airport.

Ingo's Night Market

Music, gossip, beer, food & a whole line up of hundreds of stalls selling everything from bags to beads, antiques to anklets, junk jewelry to funky keep sake boxes, beach wear to bejeweled handicrafts - Ingo Night Market is a shopaholics piece of paradise!

Jet Skiing

The beaches which offer the thrilling experience of zipping across the choppy Goan waters are Colva, Calangute, Candolim, Mobor, Miramar and Rajbaga beaches. With life jackets & wet suits in place you are safe on this 1250 hp engines as they drag you on your ski behind the boat.
Charges: Rs 1,000/- (10 Minutes)  

La Plage

There are few pleasures that equal the experience of lying under a starry night listening to a cool dude strum his guitar and sing your favourite song while the bonfire crackles and barbecue steak smells exquisite. The beach shack of La Plage tucked away in a corner of Anjuna beach, promises you just that and much more.

Liquid Lounge

Liquid Lounge Pub near Mobor Beach, true to its name is just the place for an evening of drinks,dining,dancing & good music.

Loekie Cafe

Like the charm of Old Wine, Loekie Cafe has a history of being in service to its people for 14 years now. With its upgraded new look you will indeed "Experience Bliss" - true to its logo. Located in the heart of the city near Arambol beach - its a place where old timers feel at home & guests sense its old world charm.

Majorda Beach

Magnificent Majorda Beach is one of the most beautiful,secluded beach with its multitude offerings from sumptuous food,water sports & evening parties.Legend has it that Lord Rama visited these very shores as a child as well as when he was in search of his wife Sita Devi.

Miramar Beach

The River Mandovi traverses the lands of Goa and finally descends into the great Arabian Sea forming a marvelous spectacle. The Miramar beach is a silent spectator to this beautiful union and provides an opportunity to its visitor to enjoy the same.

Situated in Panjim, Miramar offers pristine white sandy beaches, beaming sunshine lined with a canopy of palm and coconut trees. A stroll down the beach is sure to set tingle your taste buds with the aroma of food, drinks and an amazing blend of crowd! The view of the setting sun from Miramar beach is stunning and is not to be missed.

A word of caution however, it is safe to be on the beach than waters due to the strong undercurrents.

Morjim Beach

Situated at the mouth of the Zuari River which joins the Arabian Sea, the Morjim Beach opens up its vast expanses & embraces travelers looking to getaway from the holiday crowds. Known as the breeding ground for Olive Ridley Turtles the beach is a haven for naturalists.


Located on the Miramar Beach at the Marriott Hotel, this modern bar with its creatively carved out space, vivacious guests, heady mix of cocktails & good music - are all the elements of a perfect night out here!

Paraiso de Goa

The swinging trance bar of Paradiso de Goa located atop a hill overlooking the beach is your ideal evening out - as you watch the waves & wash down yummy nibbles with your pint beer. Great music & intoxicating cocktails set the tone for the evening.

Rio Rico Bar

Rio Rico bar on the top floor of the Mandovi hotel, located in a scenic spot is just the night out spot to be in. A popular hang out among locals & tourists alike with spectacular views of the Mandovi river combined with great music & good food are perfect for party night out.

River Cruise (on Mandovi River)

Goa, aside from its golden beaches has many things on offer. The place has many scenic rivers making it a perfect location for long river cruises. A must do while in Goa is to take a river cruise tour, which in fact is a major attraction of the place.

River cruises on the Mondovi River run by Goa Tourism Development Corporation (GTDC) are a must for tourist’s itinerary in Goa. One can choose from the variety of cruise options available - sunset, sundown and full moon cruise from Panaji jetty. Sunset and sundown cruise runs daily but full moon cruise, as the name suggests are conducted only on full moon nights.

GTDC also operates Santa Monica, a luxury cruise liner which can accommodate up to 200 people at a time. The live cultural programs performed on the cruise make it more colorful and exhilarating experience at Santa Monica. On hourly basis, this luxury cruise is also available for special parties.
Timings: Sunset cruise (6 pm daily for 1 hr), Sundown cruise (7.15 pm daily for 1 hr), Full moon cruise (8.30 pm for 1 to 2 hrs).  Charges: Rs 150 per person.  

Rock Your Blues

Housed in the very famous & posh hotel of Taj Aguada - Rock Your Blues Pub is a major draw among the posh & affluent society. With its spacious dance floor, contemporary decor & ever smiling staff - accompanied by one of the best DJ's; this pub is sure a class apart!

Royal Chapel of St Anthony

Situated opposite the dilapidated Church of St.Augustine, the Royal Chapel of St.Anthony is considered to be one of the first churches to be constructed by the great Portuguese warrior Alfonso de Albuquerque. The chapel was rebuilt & renovated in 1961 by Vassalo de Silva after it was abandoned in 1835.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary

Cloaked with a green blanket of mangrove vegetation & watered by several mini streams,tributaries, the Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is home to several feathered beauties ranging from kites to kingfishers & cormorants to coots! Located on the scenic Charao islands it adds to the nature experience.
Timings: 6 am to 6 pm  Charges: Indian: Rs 10/-, Foreigner: Rs 100/-, Light vehicles: Rs 25/-, Heavy vehicles: Rs 150/-, Camera: Rs 25/- (still), Camera: Rs 150/- (video)  

Savoi Plantation

Goa, with its exotic beaches, churches and pulsating nightlife has a lot more to offer. The spice plantation in rural Goa, which claims to use organic methods of cultivation and farming, is worth exploring. Located around 15 km from Ponda in Goa, Savoi Plantation is a great place to visit.

Around 200 years old, Savoi Plantation is owned and managed by the Shetye family. It spreads over an area of 100 acres and flaunts of a purely organic and natural surroundings. It is an ideal place where one can enjoy nature at its best.

Visitors are taken 30-45 mins plantation tour to experience the spicy world and fruity environment. Enjoy typical Goan cuisine served in mud pots & banana leaf plates with seasonal organic fruits. The pond inside the plantation also attracts many birds, making bird watching worth enjoyable simultaneously as they explore spices in the Savoi Plantation.
Contact: (0832) 2340272/ 2340243  Timings: 11 am to 6 pm  Charges: Tour fee: Rs 300 per head (inclusive of 45 mins plantation/farm tour, welcome drink, snacks and lunch).  

Shore Bar

One place which remains most popular on the North Goa beach stretch is "Shore Bar" - known for its beautiful setting, great ambiance, funky decor, great music & lip smacking Goan delicacies are just the elements that makes the place what it is.

Speedboat Rides

Speed thrills along the surface of the water as you are tossed up & down by the waves is an exciting experience while on a speed boat ride. The boat is at very high speeds & seats groups of 3-6 members. Some of the beaches where you can enjoy this activity are the Calangute, Arossim, Colva, Candolim and Mobor beaches among others.
Charges: Rs 150/- to Rs 400/- (Per Head)  

Splashdown Water Park

Located at Anjuna, around 18 km from Panaji, Splashdown Water Park is one of the popular water parks in Goa. The park is an ideal place for kids and grown-ups to have lots of fun. Splashdown flaunts of having 5 pools, a wide range of slides, flumes and other interesting features.

It is truly a place where you can re-discover the child in you and experience plenty of fun. The Park offers something to do regardless of all ages, making it a perfect place to spend a quality time with family and friends.
Contact: 91-9637 424 023/ 024, +91-832 227 3008,  Timings: 10.30 am to 6 pm on all days  Charges: Rs 220 per person (Monday to Friday, except holidays), Rs 260 per person (Saturday, Sunday & holidays)  

The Secretariat

One of Goa's oldest buildings,the Secretariat in Panaji located along the riverside is one of the most striking monuments in the area.Once the palace of the Muslim ruler Adil Shah of Bijapur,the monument is a beautiful blend of Islamic & Portuguese architecture.

Villa Sol

Known for its hospitality, pleasant staff, soothing ambiance & tasteful decor - Villa Sol has a distinct character of its own. Dishing out Goan & Western cuisines with equal panache - it is well equipped with a cool bar, Swimming pool, Billiards area, Barbecue area & a lot more.

Water Scooter

Goa with pristine beaches is also well known for exciting water sports. While in Goa, tourists can enjoy various thrilling water sports. One of the latest additions to the adventurous water sports in Goa is water scooters. Water scooter ride is extremely exciting sport that should not miss in Goa.

The electrifying ride can accommodate two people at a time, letting you to experience like a motor bike ride and at the same time making you feel the softness of the seawater.

This action water sport can be enjoyed at Dona Paula jetty, Cidade de Goa, Oberoi and beaches such as Baga, Calangute, Majorda and Candolim in Goa.
Charges: Rs 100 per head  

Water Skiing

Gliding over the surface of the ocean waves at high speeds is an adrenaline rushing experience while water skiing. Some of the beaches which offer this sport include Calangute, Mobor, Arossim & Candolim among others. The operators provide equipment, teach hand signals & give instructions to make sure you are safe.
Charges: Rs 400 to Rs 1200, depending on the length of the ride and operator.  


Windsurfing is a high adrenaline sport in which the surfer has to fight the power of the wind as you sail through the choppy waters. Colva, Calangute, Baga, Vagator, Dona Paula beaches offer this activity. The operators ensure proper training and the right equipment for the enthusiasts.
Charges: Rs 400/- to Rs 600/- (Per Hour)  

10 Downing Street

Elegant interiors, lots of open spaces, heady mix of cocktails & foot tapping music - 10 Downing Street is all this & more! Ideal for group parties & couples too, 10 Downing Street is the place to be. Add the benefit of discount and merchandise for sale and it adds to the mounting excitement.

18th June

18 Jun Street is the main shopping arena for the Goans. It holds great importance in the lives of Goans, as this was the day Goa was liberated, hence you find the date stamped on important streets, hotels, restaurants, boats & even football teams. Shopping for artifacts, handicrafts, textile items & liquor are some of the high's on this street.

Agonda Beach

A beautiful secluded 3 km stretch of sun,sand & pristine shoreline is what Agonda Beach has to offer, away from the tourist crowds.

Aguada Beach

Located in the northern part of Goa, this beach is around 14 km from Panaji city. This well preserved sand covered beach is visited by a number of tourists. The magnificent Fort Aguada, placed near the beach is the major attraction. From this fort, one can have an excellent view of the ocean. Besides, the beach offers various adventurous yet fun water activities.

Apna Bazaar

The multi-storied market in Vasco - Apna Bazaar literally translating into "Our Market" has been the shopping hub for Goans. From daily goods to designer items, this market has it all.

Arambol Beach

One of the more secluded & calm sandy stretches is the Arambol Beach which is best for relaxed travelers looking for some tranquil time away from the maddening tourist crowds.

Arossim Beach

A perfect beach for leisure travelers, party hoppers & adventure seekers is the beautiful Arossim Beach. Activities like surfing & sailing can be enjoyed here - the best season to enjoy these activities is from October to March every year.

Ashwem Beach

Long stretches of undulating sandy stretches, interspersed by a few shacks serving lip smacking continental food - is Ashwem beach for you;located south of Arambol Beach. Replete with swaying palms forming a green canopy along the shore, its waters are ideal for swimming & can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Babylon Beach

Beautiful Babylon beach attracts numerous party goers for its charming & fun environment. With scores of happening clubs, soothing trance music, free flowing cocktails & sumptuous food - this is perfect beach to transform your evening from subdued to hip & happening!

Baina Beach

Considered one of the best beaches in the port town of Mormugao,Vasco - Baina beach is ideal to enjoy a relaxed evening walk, feel the wind in your hair & enjoy its scenic location amid the Zuari Nagar hills & the Dabolim plateau. Enjoy the wide variety of water sports here from Kayaking to wind-surfing & its unique underwater sea-walk offered here. A rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage is just the perfect way to end your day here - after all the adrenaline rushing water sports.

Bambolim Beach

The multifarious joys of Bambolim Beach range from long walks, a game of beach volleyball, jet skiing, scuba diving, enjoying a relaxing Kerala Ayurvedic massage & many more!

Benaulim Beach

Benaulim beach is one of those out of the Hollywood flicks beach which boasts of long stretches of silver sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, bright sunshine & a green canopy for some respite during hotter days.

Betalbatim Beach

Situated 8 km from Margoa, Betalbatim Beach is known as the sunset beach - ideal way to end a fun evening at Goa. There are shacks lined on the beach serving delicious Goan cuisine. Lined with pine trees & home to the St.Thomas Church, this is a beach with a difference.

Betul Beach

Shimmering ocean waters, a ship sailing in the distance, green canopy of swaying palms & the sight of fisherman keen on their catch are just some the pleasures of the beaches of Goa. Well Betul Beach boasts of something more, the Sal River criss-crossing to meet the Arabian Sea near Betul is a sight to behold.

Bogmalo Beach

An ideal beach for both adventure & leisure the Bogmalo beach located near the airport is a nice stretch of sun & sand. Water sports & the presence of a mini diving school is a push for first timers to take the plunge. Tired after a dive (?), you can savor some lip smacking Goan dishes on the shacks lined up along the shore!

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary

Nestled in the lap of nature - Bondala Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the smallest wildlife sanctuaries in Goa, spread over an area of 8 The sanctuary houses a mini zoo, safari park, eco-tourism cottages & a botanical garden. The park is popular among kids for its elephant rides.
Timings: Opens 9 am to 5 pm, except Thursday  Charges: Entry - Adults: Rs 5/-, Children: Rs 2/- Elephant ride: Rs 80/-  

Butterfly Beach

The scenic Butterfly Island is a short 200 m short boat ride from the main land. Its charm lies in its solitude & the little glimpses of the acrobatic dolphins which are in the waters around the island.

Cabo Chapel

The Cabo Chapel dedicated to Our Virgin Lady of the Cape (Nossa Senhora do cabo) has been placed near the end of the Governors mansion which was once the Cabo Fortress that hosted the Franciscan Monastery at one point. The fortress & the Chapel's surroundings offer splendid views of the ocean, Mandovi River Bay & Fort Aguada in the vicinity.

Cabo De Rama Fort

True to its name Cabo de Rama Fort has a history of the Hindu Warriors who surrendered to the might of the Portuguese in 1763. Grand views of the Colva Beach & Canacona stretch can be enjoyed from here.

Canaguinim Beach

A serene silent stretch of beach untouched by the commercialization of its more popular cousins is the Canaguinim Beach which lies south of the Betul Beach. A combination of a green canopy, crystal clear waters & pristine environment make this beach a class apart.

Cansaulim Church

Replete with religious places of worship both temples as well as several churches - some of them hold great historic & religious importance. The Cansaulecim church is one such majestic monument & house of Christ, founded way back in 1581 which stands out for its ancient history & Portuguese architectural style.

Caranzalem Beach

A safe & serene beach which is free of undercurrents is the Caranzalem beach which is a heavenly white sandy stretch of 3.5 km, lying between Miramar and Caranzalem. A well maintained beach offering water sports & Goan food makes for a perfect family day out in the sun!

Catamaran Sailing

Catamaran sailing more popularly known as Hobie Cats Sailing, is made by joining 2 different boat hulls. The hulls are tied together with a trampoline & a mast is attached on the top for sailing. Four people can be seated on it & the catamaran sails under the guidance of a coxain. Benaulim, Calangute, Colva, Dona Paula and Utorda beaches offer this facility.
Charges: Rs 1,500/- (1 hour)  

Cavelossim Beach

Located along the peninsula is the white sandy beach of Cavelossim strewn with black lava rocks all along. Dolphin watching remains the main activity along this stretch of beach.

Chapel of St Catherine

The chapel of St.Catherine was erected on the same site where Alfonso de Albuquerque conquered Goa on 25th November 1510. An area steeped in history & remains of the Portuguese rule, it is a must visit for the religious as well as history buffs.
Timings: Open 6 am - 6 pm  

Chapel of St Lawrence

The Chapel of St Lawrence situated in Cansaulim was constructed and founded in the year 1598 by Father Gonsalo Carvalho S.J. who was the second vicar at the St. Thomas Church, Cansaulim. Built in Portuguese architectural style, the chapel has been renovated in 1783 & expanded in 1863 & 2001.

Church of Holy Spirit

The Church of the Holy Spirit, is one of many historic as well as religious monuments of Goa. Constructed in 1564 by the Jesuits, the architectural style has resemblance to Indian style. Surrounded by verdant greens, serene surroundings, provides an idyllic backdrop to the Church.
Timings: Open 9 am - 12 pm, 4 - 7 pm  

Church of Nossa Senhora de Monte

Standing tall with its most striking feature being its Gothic Styled exteriors - the Church of Nossa Senhora de Monte at Saligao was constructed in the 19th century. With its creative design, it is popular as a monument of the modern era with plush interiors with intricate wall frescoes depicting nature and religion.

Church of Our Lady of Divine Providence

The Rua Direita road is home to the Church Our Lady of Divine Providence. Built by Italian friars in 1640, the church still stands tall and speaks volumes about the magnificent architecture. The church modeled as per the Basillica of St.Peter's Rome - is 121 feet tall & 81 feet wide & built in Corinthian Style.

Church of Reis Magos

Situated in the village of Verem, the Church of Reis Magos was constructed in 1555 in the memory of the "Three Magic Kings". The most revered day at the church is during the feast of Reis Magos on 6th January each year.

Coco Beach

The bridge joining Candolim & Nerul is often called the gateway to heaven - Coco Beach. The beauty of the region is accentuated by the verdant greens, bay near the village & boat rides to the Mandovi River are the main draws here apart from the typical Konkani & Goan cuisines served at the shacks.

Convent of Santa Monica and Chapel of Weeping Cross

Holy Hill houses the Church and Convent of St. Monica. The Chapel and Convent were constructed in the year 1606. The striking feature here is the royal monastery which is a large multi-storied palatial house of laterite, whose walls were originally plastered with lime & later replaced with cement.

Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary

The Cotiago Wildlife Sanctuary, bordering the states of Goa & Karnataka - offers a unique opportunity to visitors to watch the animals up close from the watch towers/ Machan, from where lovely views of the forest & wildlife can be enjoyed. With numerous water holes, 30m high trees, 18m high treetop access ladders - this sanctuary is surely a different experience one cannot miss.
Timings: 9 am to 5 pm  Charges: Entry: Rs 5/-, Camera: Rs 25/-, Camera: Rs 100/- (Video), Bike: Rs 10/-, Car: Rs 50/-  

Dias Beach

With magnificent views of the Aquada Fort in the vicinity, the Dias Beach was earlier renowned as "The Gasper Dias Beach". The natural beauty & clean shoreline are the main draw here.

Dudhsagar Waterfall

Located on the edge of Goa in Sanguem district, about 60 km away from Panaji, this waterfall is one of the attractions of the region. Relatively an un-spoilt spot, it offers breathtaking views of silvery water pouring down from the green hills. About 310 m in height, the waterfall is listed among the highest waterfalls in India.

Vajra Sakala Falls is the name called by the locals, but most of the people know this waterfall as Tambdi Surla Falls, since the hike to get to it starts out from the lovely 12th century Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple. It is not a long hike but it can get steep, which may be a little difficult for inexperienced walkers.

Tourists can reach Dudhsagar Waterfall by hiring taxis or taking a bus from Panaji or Margao. Tourists can also enjoy swimming in the calm water. Moreover, jeep safari to Dudhsagar Waterfalls is also possible.


Sea fishing in Goa is slowly catching up as a sport & you can spot many enthusiasts hurling their fishing hooks while waiting for that tug! Deep sea fishing can be rewarding with catches like the jackfish, tuna & kingfish, apart from the smaller varieties. The Fisheries department of Goa provides Fishing permit required for fishing.
Charges: Rs 500/- (Per Hour)  

Friday Bazaar

Mapusa Friday Bazaar attracts scores of locals from nearby villages & curious tourists as well. The central market place is abuzz with vendors selling everything from cute curios to household items, funky jewelry, handicrafts & electronic items too. Be sure to bargain with all your might!

Galjibaga Beach

From what looks straight out of a Hollywood beach scene, the secluded beach of Galjibaga presents the ideal setting for couples looking to spend some quality time. Wedged between the Galjibaba & Talpona River, the lush green village of Galjibaba, sans all commercial activities is your sweet spot in Goa to soak in the beauty of the beach & enjoy its serenity.

Gateway of the Palace of Yusuf Adil Shah

The "Gateway of the Palace of Yusuf Adil Shah" is all that is left of the beautiful palace constructed by the Muslim ruler Adil Shah, until the Portuguese arrived to Goa & destroyed it. The palace, prior to destruction, was the residence of the Portuguese Governer until 1696.


A popular pub among old timers known for its rocking 80's music - Geoffrey's Pub is one of those few pubs which has maintained a steady identity since its inception. Goans as well as the visitors who come here just to enjoy a calm evening to tipple with some memorable music.

Government Emporium

With Portuguese influences blended with Indian styles - the art form & artifacts of Goa portray a smooth blend of the two. The Government Emporium displays beautiful artifacts like, colorful masks, wooden toys, cotton and shopping bags, table mats made from sisal, coconut or pineapple raw fiber, terracotta and brass items, Crochet and embroidery, Batik prints, stone carving, Coconut shell carving, metal embossing, cotton dolls, woolen tapestry, Brass Metal Ware, Wooden Laquerware/Wood Turning, Crochet & Embroidery & Bamboo Crafts.

Grey Girls

The setting sun on the Calangute Beach livens the popular Grey Girls Pub. The party crowd gathers against the dusk sky to enjoy the great music & electric ambiance & acrobatic bartenders entertaining guests with their tricks! Many regulars travel from across the country just to attend special party themes at the pub and meet some old mates.

Hansa Beach

As attractive as this stretch of uninhabited secluded beach located en-route from Sancole beach towards Campall looks - Hansa Beach sadly cannot be visited as it is owned by the Indian Naval Unit - INS Hansa. One look at this unspoiled beach & you fall in love with its solitude, peace & calm.

Hawaii Beach

If a calm & peaceful beach - is your idea of beach day out, then Hawaii beach is the place for you. Untouched, unexplored & unspoiled - ideal way to spend your day here is lay on its sandy shores, watch the playful dolphins play peek-a-boo & end your evening watching the sun go down as you savor some authentic Goan food.

Holiday Street

Running parallel to the Calangute beach is the bustling Holiday Street with its several small shacks & stalls, selling everything from authentic Kashmiri shawls and woolens, handicraft articles, Himalayan curios as well as junk and silver metal and jewelry. Many foreigners have also set up small shops for selling their goods and making some quick buck. This street is a shopaholics paradise!

Issorcim Beach

Just the perfect place to relax & unwind away from the noisy holidaying crowds is the - Issorcim Beach; a peaceful stretch of clean white sand & soothing environs ideal to unwind.

Kalacha Beach

A walk along the Querim beach, brings you to the palm fringed shore line of Kalacha Beach. With its silver shimmering sands & swaying palms it sure paints a pretty picture on the canvas of your mind for a long time to come. Enjoy its serenity at the fresh water lagoon at the end of sandy stretch & thank god for the Hippies who discovered this sandy stretch way back!

Kegdole Beach

Located strategically at the mouth of the Mandovi River, known for its natural beauty - the Kegdole beach is located at the base of the hillock which holds the Naval Academy. With the wide ocean on one side & the Reis Magos Fort on the other, the views are mesmerizing. For all your hunger pangs there are shacks serving up nibbles & beer!

Keri Beach (Querim Beach)

The northernmost tip of Goa unveils the treasure of Keri or Querim Beach. Located 28 km from Mapusa, it is famed to be one of the steepest beaches in Goa. Do check with locals & the life guards on watch before you take the plunge. A ferry ride across the waters can be enjoyed, but make sure you check the weather for low tides before you set out.

Knee Boarding

Known as a more adventurous & modern cousin of water skiing - Knee Boarding enthusiasts say that it is much simpler than water skiing. The board used for knee boarding has slots for holding the knees and this reduces the necessity to focus on holding a grip on the board or balancing the board.
Charges: Rs 1,000/- (10 Minutes)  

Laxmi Narasimha Temple

Dedicated to Lord Vishnu & his wife Lakshmi, the Lakshmi Narayana temple is an exquisitely carved stone & wooden shrine. The annual Jatra held year is an event one must witness.

Mahadev Temple

Located along the banks of the Surla River at Tambdi Surla in Sanguem - the Mahadev temple was constructed in the 13th century. Built in the Kadamba style of architecture using black basalt from the Deccan Plateau. Exquisitely carved interiors, the temple peaks have Lord Brahma facing South, Lord Vishnu facing West and Lord Mahesh / Mahadev facing North as its key feature.

Mandrem Beach

An idyllic setting for honeymooners away from the crowded beaches & parties - is Mandrem Beach where couples can enjoy candle lit dinners, star lit nights, long walks on the beach & relax amid the crystal clear waters.

Mango Tree

Situated on Vagator Beach, the Mango Tree boasts of being one of the best bar & restaurant in the area. Known for its calm ambiance & lavish interiors, it is decked with cozy cushions to make you feel at home. A game of pool & a platter of diverse cuisines including Chinese, Continental & the quintessential Goan cuisine, sets the right mood to indulge & have fun!

Margoa's Municipal Market

Margoa or Mudgaon is one bustling city which is known to be a busy railway junction - which brings in a huge influx of tourists. So, it comes as no surprise that the Municipal Market located near the station is one of the busiest spots selling everything from daily commodities, local handicrafts & unusual buys too!

MG Road

The festive atmosphere and availability of countless shopping avenues are the main attractions. The M.G. Road in Goa is no different and is like a central location in Panjim starting from Panajim (Ribander) and literally circles Panjim right upto the Campal. Famous for numerous shopping arcades and stalls the MG Road presents an opportunity to the tourists to procure some of the typical Goan artifacts and memorabilia.

Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Sanguem taluka close to Valpoi town, this wildlife sanctuary is a place of tourist interest in Goa. It spans an area of 208.48 sq. km, covering the north-eastern parts of Goa and is linked with the Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary together with Netravali Wildlife Sanctuary covers a total area of 420 sq. km.

The sanctuary houses a wide range of wildlife along with a variety of bird species making it a bird watcher’s paradise. Well known for its semi green and evergreen forests, this protected wildlife region of Goa is an adventurous place to pay a visit.

Microlite Flying

Enjoy the feeling of flying high in the air & looking down at the unique facets of nature. This exhilarating Microlite Flying operated by a motor machine with 2 wings spanning 40 feet, accommodates 3 people including the operator. The Calangute Beach was the first one to start these facilities & it became an instant hit with excited locals & tourists alike.
Charges: Rs 1500/- (Per Person for 15 minutes)  

Mobor Beach

The merging of the Sal River with the Arabian Sea sure makes for a sight to behold. Along the beautiful Mobor Peninsula is the Mobor Beach - a long white sandy paradise. Flanked by the open sea & the verdant greens, it is overlooked by the Betul Hillock.

Odxel Beach

Unlike its popular cousins, the Odxel Beach located in the Bainguinim town dotted with several fishing villages remains tucked away safe from commercialization & hawker mania! A perfect beach for loungers & people looking to soak in the serenity & calm of nature.

Olive Ridley

The shores of Goa's beaches is home to the rare Olive Ridley Turtles - who make these shores their breeding ground in the months of Oct to March. Visitors can catch a glimpse of these olive green beauties at the Morjim, Agonda and Galibag beaches.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel Curch

The Church of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, which is perched atop the hillocks which are situated in front of the Se Cathedral. A series of neatly laid stone steps take one to the top. the hillocks presents panoramic views of the surroundings and a nice quiet place to relax.

Outback Bar

The zing & festivity on the Goan beaches reaches its pinnacle each evening & Outback Bar on Colva beach is hot spot in the region of South Goa. Popular for their amazing selection at the bar, bartender twists & turns & retro music - this place sure promises a night of fun & revelry!

Ozran Beach

Famed for the shooting of the Bollywood movie "Dil Chahta Hai" - this region which was mostly reclusive except to a bunch of exploring foreigners came to light recently. The Ozran Beach, almost hidden by the hillocks, the Chapora Fort in the vicinity it is one of the most traversed & trekked areas in Goa.

Paliem Beach

Surrounded by sandy stretches & volcanic rocks, this serene shimmering piece of sea & sand called Paliem Beach is peaceful. Viewed from atop the Waghcolomb Hill, the beach is a pretty sight. Popular for playful dolphins popping in & out of the choppy waters, adventure sports like kite surfing and paragliding can be enjoyed here.

Paliem Lake

With magnificent views from the surrounding Waghcolomb Hill, replete with greenery & silvery sands is the small stretch of beach & fresh water lake of Paliem. Located amid scenic environs, visitors can swim in it waters or relax at the nearby beach. You can also visit the Vittal Temple nearby.

Palolem Beach

Chaudi the southernmost town of Goa is home to the most beautiful serene beach in Goa- Palolem Beach. The village lying in the lap of lush greens, shimmering sands & azure waters is a peaceful beach. Watching the dipping & dancing dolphins is a nice experience to sit back & enjoy. The butterfly island lies in the vicinity & can be reached by a paddle boat.

Pandava's Drum

The land of Goa has historical connection right upto the Ramayana and Mahabharata periods. If Lord Rama is supposed to have visited the Cabo de Rama Fort then the Pandava’s drum situated near Intercontinental Grand Resort traces its origin to the visiting Pandava brothers.

The Western Ghats and valleys provide an ideal backdrop for this historical association where a cup shaped rock amazes the visitors by creating strange echoes when pelted upon at some points.

The southern end opens up to a stream of water, which flushes out into the great cup, shaped valley where the brothers have supposedly stayed during their visit.

Patnem-Colomb Beach

Situated close to the Palolem Beach are the twin beaches of Patnem-Colomb beach. The curving beaches form a horseshoe shape, fringed by palm groves which are encroached by the sea during high tide. Its clean waters & safe to enjoy a swim. Lined by a few shacks, travelers can grab a bite here. Ideal for people looking for some peace, privacy & pondering.

Pine Shack

An ideal place for the relaxed traveler looking to kick back & have a good time - Pine Shack offers a unique experience. You can lie on the cot beds laid outside the shack & enjoy live guitar strumming, sumptuous beach barbecue & the shimmering warm bonfire in the background - all while gazing at the star lit sky.

Polem Beach

Located a few miles away from the bordering Karnataka, the Polem Beach remains unexplored by travelers. Its silent, soothing environs with the sound of the incessant waves, is dolphin friendly & makes for a perfectly relaxed day on the beach.

Primrose Club

Very popular among regular party goers - the Primrose Club was once a small tea stall in the past which came to light when hippies made this place their second home. Green lawns, tall trees, a huge dance floor, neon lights, heady cocktails & posh party hoppers, make this place hip & happening.

Rajbagh Beach

The Rajbagh Beach prides itself as one of the most tidiest beaches in all of Goa, located at the backyard of the five star Rajbagh Resort - which has taken the onus to maintain this stretch of sun & sand. Located 12 km from Palolem Beach, green palms & coconut trees create natures canopy; where you can lay back & watch the incessant waves hit the sun kissed shores.


Goa plays host to numerous rallies wherein vehicles as per their categories participate in the fun revelry and compete for coveted trophies and prize money. Huge crowds surge near the rally zone to cheer the contestant and enjoy the atmosphere. Cars, autos, bikes and even bullock carts in rural Goa, participate in these rallies, which signify the carnival atmosphere that Goa is all about.

Reis Magos Fort

Constructed in 1551 against the picturesque surroundings of the Mandovi River, the Reis Magos Fort was constructed to protect entry of sea faring vessels into the river - during the Portuguese rule. The ruins of the fort was renovated later & this can be viewed from the nearby hills along with beautiful views of the Mandovi River.

Ringo Ride

The Ringo rides are for individuals riding in inflated rings which are left adrift in the waters. The twists, twirls and bottoms up are sure to thrill adventure enthusiasts leaving them asking for more.


Located in an idyllic locale - the lifestyle store "Rust" is a unique offering to locals & tourists alike. With its magnificent collection of furniture, antique telephones & decorative artifacts all at reasonable prices - this place is a must visit for shopaholics & antique fanatics!

Sao Jacinto Island

The tiny island of Sao Jacinto lies on the Mormugao Bay & can be approached by boat from the Bagmalo Beach. The island is blessed with natural beauty & a solitary ancient chapel enhances the beauty of this island.

Scuba Diving

An exciting water sport, scuba diving lets you have an underwater diving experience, giving you a chance to see & experience the magical aspects of under water marine life. Some sites you should definitely visit for scuba diving in Goa include the Grande Island, Devagh Island, Pigeon Island, St.George Island and Malvan Shoal.
Charges: A single dive can cost Rs 2000 to Rs 3000 (2,500 per diver for Grande Island, inclusive of two guided dives, full equipment and snacks) Courses can cost anywhere between Rs 4000 to Rs 20,000  

Sernabatim Beach

The scenic beauty of the beach is enhanced by the gorgeous sunset which can be enjoyed each evening. The beach famed to be tidy, calm & peaceful is isolated from several other busy beaches is an extension of the beautiful Colva beach.

Shantadurga Temple

Located amid dense forests, against a serene backdrop is the Shanta Durga Shrine, with its intricately carved interiors & marble and glass chandeliers. The sanctum houses idols of Devi Shantadurga flanked by the Lords Vishnu and Mahadev on either side. The 8 day long Jatra (procession) on wooden chariots is a must see attraction of the temple.
Timings: Open 7 am - 9 pm  

Sinquerim Beach

Straight out of a movie scene where sea wanderers hit an unknown piece of land with a vast shoreline, continued further by lush green forests & hillocks surrounding it - sounds enchanting? Well, this is just what is waiting for you at the Sinquerim Beach.


Home to the erstwhile residence of the Governor Of Macau, the Siolim belt of villages have remained untouched & mostly unexplored by the tourist influx to Goa. The 300 year old mansion is converted into a luxury personal guest house, against the backdrop of verdant green hills.

Siridao Beach

Situated near the Zuari estuary, the Siridao Beach is a pearl & oyster rich shore. With large amounts of rocks & mystic caves - the beach has a unique feel to it. Popular for the Jesus of Nazreth Chapel, the beaches calm & peaceful environs is far cry from its popular cousins.

Sri Mahalsa Temple

The Mahalsa temple in Goa is one with an amazing legend to support. The joint efforts of Gods and Asuras to churn the ocean for Amrit (Immortality portion) yielded results however the Asuras almost won the Amrit pot during war till Vishnu decided to turn out as Mohini and allure the Asuras to hand over the pot to the Gods. The temple is dedicated to Mohini. This temple built in 1567 has a seven storied lamp tower (deep maal) and a deepstambh (Light tower) 12.5 m high and considered to be the tallest in the world is located here.

The temple interiors are intricately carved into wooden pillars. The main hall has painted representations of 10 incarnations of Lord Vishnu. The sanctum boasts of a silver frame doorway and an idol of deity draped in yellow and red silk saree.
Timings: Open 6 am - 9 pm  

Sri Nagueshi Temple

Shri Nagueshi temple is one of the most ancient and most revered temples in Goa. The inscriptions on the temple entrance declare the temple construction in 1413 AD (1335 Shalivahan Shake). The temple dedicated to Naguesh / Lord Shiva has a sculpture of Nandi the Bull vehicle Shiva at the entrance. The worship hall as well as the sanctum have been intricately designed and decorated using wood and carved pillars. The carvings depict stories from Ramayana and Mahabharata.

The five storied lamp tower (Deepastambh) and a water tank (Kund) which displays the reflection of the Lord in the Sanctum when the lamps are lighted. Moreover, being untouched by any invading vandals the temple is also considered as an archeological marvel.
Timings: Open 8.30 am - 12.30 pm, 3 - 8.30 pm  

Sri Ramnath Temple

Believed to be installed by Lord Rama on his return journey to Ayodhya after killing Ravana - as he was repenting killing the Demon King, the Ramnath temple stands tall. A five storied deepstambh and a beautiful shrine welcomes the visitors.
Timings: Open 5.30 am - 10 pm  

St Sebastian Chapel

Located in the quaint village of Fontainhas, the Chapel of St.Sebastian is popular among the masses due to the crucifix, which is believed to be magical. Also known as the Pandava Chapel, its name is derived from the nearby ancient Pandava Caves - where the Pandava;s are believed to have stayed during their visit.
Timings: 0930-1300 hrs and 1630-1800 hrs.  

Sunset Beach

True to its name, the Sunset beach is known for its breathtaking views of the dusk sky as the sun goes down beautifully on the horizon. Located 500 m from the Candolim Beach, this unspoiled beach is waiting to be explored.

Tambdi Surla Temple

Located around 69 km from Panaji, this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Built in Yadava Style of architecture, the temple has a pillared porch and three stepped entrances along with the shrine surmounted by a tower. This 12th century temple is maintained by the ASI (Archeological Survey of India), and regarded as the oldest temple in Goa, which survived from Portuguese as it was placed close to a stream in the centre of the small clearing, hidden in the dense jungle. Mahashivratri festival held during the months of February-March is attended by many devotees.

The Bar

Located on the Calangute beach - The Bar attracts several party goers each evening - who wait for the sun to go down to revel in high spirits. With good music, great ambiance & decor, creative cocktails & lip smacking Goan dishes - this place can indeed make a drab evening fab!

The Gatsby Pub

The Gatsby’s Pub is one of those places where party lovers can shake a leg while enjoying intoxicating cocktails and great music. One of the few pubs which has a discotheque in South Goa, this is the place to be to rub shoulders with the locals & join in the weekly fun!

The Raffles

The silvery sandy beach with a serene atmosphere - Candolim Beach is home to the cozy pub called the "Raffles". Soothing day time out & vibrant evenings is the call of the day here. Artful interiors representing the Goan festive & fun attitude, shimmering party lights & happy hours makes this place worth a visit.

Tiracol Fort

Until 1746 when the fort was captured by the Portuguese, the Tiracol Fort overlooking the Querim Beach & the TIracol River originally belonged to the local king who had constructed it to monitor traffic along the river & the shore. Today the fort has been converted to to heritage hotel that hosts numerous guests.

Toff Toff's

Eclectic night life goes synonymous with Goa's party atmosphere & keeping up to this is Goa's Toff Toff's Bar. Popular among locals for its unique & friendly ambiance, it lures tourists too with its location right in the heart of the popular Calangute Beach. Fill up on heady cocktails & hit the dance floor to move & groove to the DJ's great tunes.


Goa is not only about lazing in the sun, indulging in lip smacking food & free flowing drinks - step aside & you will see a plethora of trekking options which opens your eyes to the serene greenery & different terrains. Treks undertaken at Mollem, Valpoi, Kalen rock in Sanguem and Dudhsagar Falls are a treat for trekkers.

Utorda Beach

Located near the Colva Beach, the shimmering sands of this isolated strip of Utorda Beach - is scenic with its palm fringed shores, colorful beach shacks serving piping hot Goan food while you indulge in a sunbathing experience. With lifeguards on the watch, the waters are safe to take a dip.

Vainguinim Beach

Imagine a small stretch of neat and tidy silver sandy beach which breaks out from a lush green forest and runs down the shore to meet a crystal blue bay of Vainguinim! That’s Vainguinim beach for you. With its sighting of more than 500 odd bird species which can be spotted nearby, a dash of water sports & a Government Emporium for shopaholics - it completes the equation of a perfect vacation.

Varca Beach

A silvery beach with the frothy waves hitting the rocks intermittently is a sight to behold. The Varca Beach with its long stretches of pristine shore line & sightings of the playful Dolphins - makes this beach worth a visit.

Vasco's Municipal Market

The grand Municipal Market lying at the heart of Vasco city is its focal point. A place visited by regular shoppers as well as curious tourists looking to explore the typical Goan markets. Numerous leather, textile and jewelry stores adorn the Municipal market while a long string of eateries and music shops lend their festive side to the place.
Timings: Market timings are 9 am - 6 pm with break for 1 hour at 1 pm.  

Velsao Beach

Relaxing on the golden sands of Velsao Beach, located in the southern tip of Goa near the Bogmalo beach, is a long & lonely stretch of sea shore which attracts local picnickers & tourists alike. With undercurrents its best to check the weather conditions before taking a plunge. Also, the beach is best avoided past dusk.

Velsao Chapel

Known more for the gorgeous sunset views from the Velsao Hills & the feast of "The Three Kings" the Velsao Chapel. is not a very imposing nor elegant structure. A visit during the annual feast is worth your time as watching the locals in full revelry is a sight to see.

Viceroy's Arch

The picturesque road leading from St Cajetan Church right into the River Mandovi passes through the exquisitely carved Viceroy's Arch, built by the Portuguese after gaining a foothold in Goa.The structure that stands today was rebuilt in 1954.
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