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Yuru Kabgyat

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Yuru Kabgyat is a colourful festival usually held in the months of July and August according to the English Calendar year. The festival is considered an important for the followers of Buddhism, thus witnessing a huge participation from Buddhist monks from far and wide. Monks from countries like Japan, China, Tibet, and Korea make a beeline to Lamayaru, which is approximately 127 km away from Leh, in the picturesque state of Jammu.


Buddhist Monks dressed for the occasion celebrate this festival with zeal, pomp and enthusiasm. Yuru Kabgyat is essentially a dance drama that consists of Chhams in which the Lamas dance in the form of a circle adorned with bright and colourful masks. The masks are usually made of paper Mache with a thin quote of plaster enveloping it. The circular dance movements are accompanied by the beats of the drums, long pipes and cymbals.

The main figures usually portrayed in the dance drama are Yama or the Lord of Death and Padmasambhava or the Second Buddha, who is also known to be the protector of horses and animals (which also includes the human race) and also regarded as the Lord of Wealth. The festival culminates with sacrificial offerings and rites performed.

Tourist Essential

Tourists can learn more about the religion of Buddhism. This festival is also a good opportunity to understand more about the teachings and philosophies of the Buddha and marvel at the dance drama being enacted at the picturesque locations of Leh and Ladakh.


by Kapil