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Udupi Paryaya

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The ritual of Udupi Paryaya is celebrated every alternate year in the town of Udupi in the state of Karnataka. The ritual takes place on 18th January of every year ending on an even number in the renowned Krishna Matha. The worship to Lord Krishna is undertaken by the eight temples, called the Astha Mathas. Paryaya sees the pontiffs of the Krishna temple offer their prayers to Lord Krishna and engage in official transfer of the rights and duties to manage the main temple from one Matha to another.

Paryaya derives its meaning from a Sanskrit word meaning ‘alternative’, a reference to its alternate year celebration.


The festival sees the transfer ceremony amongst the eight Mathas, the delegation of duty and the accompanying worship of Lord Krishna. It is during the festival of Paryaya, the management of the Krishna temple is handed over to another Matha. The Paryaya allows smooth cyclical rotation of managing the temple duties for 2 years amongst the eight Mathas. The preparations for the festival begin on the night of 17th January by the outgoing Swamiji.

Hordes of Krishna devotees from across the world throng the streets of Udupi to mark the celebrations and worship of Lord Krishna.

Tourist Essential

The festival sees massive decorations of streets and processions undertaken by the Mathas. The tourists enjoy the festivities surrounding the Paryaya. The streets are filled with local roadside vendors selling idols of Krishna. Stalls selling local dishes, sweets and coconut water crowd the streets giving a taste of Udipi to the tourists. Besides, tourists get to witness multiple musical concerts and orchestra.


by Kapil