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Tamil New Year

The 13th of April is the beginning of the first month Chittirai of the Tamil year, which is celebrated as the Tamil New Year and also known as "Chittirai Vishu". The first month of Tamil calendar is Chitthirai month, which is also known as Varushapirapu and falls during mid-April to mid-May. As per legends, it is said that on this day, Lord Brahma started the creation of the world. Another belief is that on this day Goddess Meenakshi got married to Lord Shiva. Tamil New Year is an auspicious festival for people of Tamil origin living anywhere in the world. On this day, people greet each other by wishing “Puthandu Vazthukal”, which means Happy New Year.


On the day of Tamil New Year people start their day early and perform the ritual “Kanni”. People believe that performing this ritual brings good fortune throughout the year. Gold and silver jewelry, betel leaves, nuts, fruits and vegetables, flowers, raw rice, coconuts, etc are components for Kanni. After this ritual, people take bath and visit temple to pray for a booming and happy New Year. To bring light and prosperity to the house, people place a decorated lamp in the centre of Kolam. A very integral part of Tamil New Year is the offerings made to the deities, which consists of food, flowers and fruits.

Tourist Essentials

On the day of Tamil New Year, fairs and cultural programs are organized all across the state. A must watch for the tourists is the grand Car Festival, which takes place every year on April 14 at Tiruvadamarudur. People can visit Madurai during this time of the year to witness the marriage of Goddess Meenakshi Parvati to Lord Shiva.