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Rural Sports Festival

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Every Indian state has its own unique local sport that is popular among the residents. Such sports festivals are held usually during the harvest season, like the famous ‘Jallikaattu’ of Tamil Nadu. Kabbadi, cock-fighting, bull-fighting, wrestling and bullock-cart racing are very popular among the rural population around the country.

In Haryana, the popular rural sports like kabaddi, bull-fighting or cock-fighting where household pet animals fight each other and wrestling have always held sway over the rural populace, apart from races run by camels, horses or bulls and dogs. Bullock cart races have also been held across the length and breadth of the country for hundreds of years.

In recent years, many state governments have made concerted efforts to popularize other modern sports amongst the rural youth population. To this end, the Haryana Sports Department has organized a half-marathon from the famous Rohtak Pass in recent years. The marathon is organized in the first week of the month of February every year.


The Rural Sports Department of the Haryana Government also organizes a rural sports festival in the month of December. The organizers hope to cash in on the popularity of traditional games like Kabaddi during these festivals and to interest the youth in sports that are less aggressive in nature. Wrestling, boxing and cricket are some of the most popular sports amongst the rural youth of Haryana.

The Haryana tournament for the young is held in the month of October in Chandigarh annually. Many teenage boys from across the state participate in the tournament and compete in games like cricket, football, hockey, volleyball and Kho-Kho, apart from traditional sports like Kabaddi, wrestling, boxing and archery.

Tourist Essential

In the last few years, the state government has done much to promote modern sports amongst the rural youth and to engage them in active sports like football, volleyball, athletics and gymnastics by building sports stadia across the state to provide easy access for the rural populace to such facilities. The tourists can join the local sports festival as spectators and cheer for the participants.


by Kapil