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Puri Beach Festival

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The Puri Beach Festival is one from the myriad of Indian occasions that brings with itself a rich legacy and historical tradition. It has a splendid following and devotes flock from across the globe. For practitioners of the Hindu religion, it is one of the four sacred pilgrimages that one needs to complete in his lifetime.

Held over five eventful days the month of November is reserved for most of its followers. As such there is a humongous gathering that witnesses crowds swelling into lacs. It is by far the most recognized and popular state festival and one that has managed to put its home state of Orissa on the international map and calendar.

Over the centuries that have been witness to an enormous change in styles of celebration and attitude with a lot of discipline and technology overtaking the conservative mindsets of the local fervor, the Puri Beach Festival is truly a national event. The holy enigma of this millennium old celebrated pilgrim site is well reflected in the class of celebration that involves the local inhabitants and visitors alike.


The mood becomes electrical and people rejoice in the religious sentiment. It is common to see all tourists blend effortlessly with the festive frolic. No wonder then that the Puri Beach Festival commands such a fantastic and voluminous participation from across the length and breadth of devotees.

It is not an exaggeration to state that this event encompasses the cream of skills and talents from eastern India. Celebrated singers and performers wait for the entire season in gearing themselves up in their peak forms for this Puri Beach Festival. Famous for its jaw-dropping finishes that evoke wonder from one and all are the sand sculptures that have attained a hallmark status and has come to be recognized as a symbol of brand Odisha.

In addition fashion shows and both classical and modern concerts create the perfect ambience of national integration and intra-cultural fusion. Initially a local celebration this has readily been transformed into an international phenomenon of sorts with its bulging following.

Showcasing special talents from across age groups, the style and mood of celebration has also seen adaptability to the changing times. A non-stop extravaganza of dance and folk music, it comprises all tastes ranging from hard metallic presentations to age old folk performances from the Lepcha and Lambadi communities.

Tourist Essential

The tourist’s excursion is brought to a full circle with their unique shopping fiesta in local handiwork and rare crafts. They are treated to some of the famous artifacts and memorabilia that can last for lifetime with vivid memories. Finally the major human yearning for quality cuisine and locally prepared gourmet is also consummated with gay abandon and thorough indulgence. The week long carnival experience is stamped in total enjoyment and satisfaction.

The value of all its touring crowds is lavished to some excellent hospitality in the form of deluxe accommodations. Available in all classes and levels of affordability the Ministry of Tourism in Orissa makes special arrangements by adding subsidy and tax relief to its organizing committees.


by Kapil
by Kapil