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May Day

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Every year, May 1 is observed as a national holiday in more than 80 countries of the world, and in some countries, it is celebrated unofficially. May Day, also known as International Worker’s Day, is marked to celebrate the International Labor and Left Wings Movement. May Day is also a celebration of spring season and political protests. On this day, people come on the road and organize street demonstrations and marches in a peaceful manner. These demonstrations and marches are carried out by the employed people and their labor unions.

The meaning of May Day is different in different parts of the world. Every country and every working group has its own way of celebrating it. In countries where socialist government exists, May Day is a festival celebrating workers. However, in North America and Europe, May Day is celebration of the arrival of spring season. Like Labor Day in America and Canada, May Day is a day for workers, and it is a holiday for them. This is normally the scene in socialist countries and former communist countries.

History has it that it was in the year 1889 that May Day was considered a holiday. During this year, socialist political parties held a meeting and labor organizations held demonstrations because they wanted to win over governments and factory owners. These parties wanted to lessen the work hours to 8 hours per day.


The first day of May is known as May Day, which is an official holiday in most of the countries. It is that time of the year when summer is just round the corner and people celebrate the arrival of summer with different customs and traditions. In Hawaii, May Day is known as Lei Day and people celebrate the culture of their beautiful island. In the United Kingdom, people still practice the ceremony of crowning the May Queen, which is their way of celebrating May Day.

This day is also referred to as Labor Day in many countries because labor union from all over the world get together to celebrate the economic and social accomplishments of workers. In Mexico, May Day is known as Primero de Mayo, and it is a national holiday as a token of respect to the workers. This day is also a day for discussions, which are mainly targeted to May Day. Students in different educational institutions talk on the consequences of politics on this day.

Tourist Essential

Tourists can witness May Day celebrations at its best in the UK. In many UK towns, people can still find Maypoles on May Day. The age-old practice of hobby horses and local people dressed in costumes is still prevalent. Tourists can go around Oxford to see the traditional May Day celebrations. One of the main attractions is the choir of Magdalen College, which performs from the top of the chapel tower.


by Kapil
by Kapil