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Mango Festival

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The International Mango Festival is organized annually in Delhi during the summer season. It is celebrated for 2 days and has been held since the year 1987.The festival is celebrated in the month of July at the Talkatora stadium in Delhi and is organized by the Delhi Government in collaboration with the Delhi Tourism Board.


More than 550 cultivars and varieties of mango are showcased in the festival for the visitors to have a look and taste. Some of the different varieties of mangoes featured in the festival are Mallika, Maurya Alphonso, Himsagar, Amrapalli, Balia, Malda, Fazia, Dhoon, Chorasya, Gelchia, Ruchika, Nigarin, Fazia, Shamasi and Dhaman. Renowned chefs from the Taj Mahal Palace, Maurya Sheraton, Mariott India, Inter-Continental Hotel, Claridges and Qutub Hotel are invited to the festival to demonstrate various recipes that are made with mango.

This festival also attracts many agro-industries and food processing industries to display their products such as fruit juice, pickles, canned fruit and jams. The mango festival is also celebrated in cities like Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Pinjore, Pune, Mumbai and Chandigarh. There are more than 1,365 species of mangoes in the world and India alone cultivates more than 1000 varieties of the fruit.

Tourist Essential

The festival has a lot of engaging activities such as the Mango quiz, sale of fresh mangoes, mango eating competition, sale of processed mango products like chutney, pickles, juice, mango pulp, aam panna and jams. Tourists can also binge on the fruit in the free mango stalls or buy mango saplings in the festival. A major attraction in the festival is the mango eating competition for women and men. A lot of people participate in this event and enjoy the fun. Other events conducted in the festival are mango slogan writing, magic shows and demonstrations of mango carvings.


by Kapil
by Kapil