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Magh Bihu Festival

Bihu is a festival celebrated in all its glory, and it is the national festival of Assam. The word “Bihu” is derived from the word “Vishu”. The Assamese people celebrate three different “Bihus”: Rongaali Bihu, Kati Bihu and Magh Bihu. Rongaali Bihu is celebrated around the seeding time in Assam, Kati Bihu marks the conclusion of the sowing of paddy and sapling transplantation, and finally Magh Bihu marks the end of harvesting season.


The salient events happening during the Magh Bihu festival is highlighted by feasting and savouring with delicacies as the green lush fields are full of produce. During “Uruka”, which is the eve of Bihu, the men go into the fields and reside in a cottage called “Bhelaghar” made for a makeshift use by means of hay from the good harvest of that season. “Meji”, being the most important event of the night, involves the grand feast. The night is filled with the air of festivity as people sing and dance to Bihu songs with traditional music from a peppy “Dhol” coupled with playing of games as well.

In Magh Bihu, people gather before the Meji and throw cakes of rice otherwise known as “Pithas” as well as betel nuts into the fire, burning it. The God of Fire is worshipped and community celebrations follow the next day.

Tourist Essential

Tourists can witness some communities celebrating Magh Bihu with a Buffalo Fight, which is quite to the Spaniards. The culture and tradition of Assam can be witnessed in its entirety during Magh Bihu, making it an audio-visual treat for tourists. The festival is incomplete without its gastronomically delightful dishes, which the tourists can feast on to learn and unravel the marvels of the Assamese cuisine.