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Laksha Deepotsava

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In the Hindu culture, there are various deities ascribed with various processes of nature and various aspects of life. One such aspect of the Hindu religious culture is astronomy and astrology. In ancient times astronomy was a part of religious studies and Hindu scriptures bear a fair evidence of that. The concept of Navagrah or the Nine Planets is one such aspect. Hindu scientists were able to spot 9 planets and also could determine their speed of revolution around the Sun. That is how they came to conceptualize Shani Grah, which corresponds to the planet Saturn.

Shanaischar or Shani Deva is a name that denotes slow moving since Saturn takes 30 Earth years to travel around the Sun. Shani is the son of the Sun God and is considered the God of punishment and reward. Shani Deva is hence worshipped very carefully so as to not rile him or he may bring 7 years of misfortune. Many rituals are held where oil and black sesame seeds are used as offerings. Moreover, for worshiping Shani Deva, it is mandatory to light lamps. From this comes the festival Laksha Deepotsav or the Festival of a Hundred Thousand Lamps.


During the festival, devotees come from far and wide and visit the Shani temple and help light up one hundred thousand lamps to please Shani God. There is also a chariot procession in reverence of Lord Shani. This festival takes place at the Shani Temple at Nerul in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. This festival takes place on Shani Jayanti.

Tourist Essential

Tourists can always enjoy the grandiosity of the rituals and witness the lighting of hundred thousand lamps, which is done by thousands of devotees and a spectacle in itself. The procession is also something that should attract the tourists.


by Kapil
by Kapil