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Kolayat Fair

(Kolayat Fair is also known as Kapil Muni Fair)
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The Kolayat Fair is also known as the Kapil Muni Fair, and it is the biggest of its kind organized in the city of Bikaner. It is celebrated on the day of Kartik Purnima in the village of Kolayat, which was originally known as Kapilayatan. The village derives its name from Kapil Muni, a great sage who undertook intense meditation for the convalescence of humanity.


The village is located in the banks of the Kolayat Lake with 52 Ghats, which are beautifully lighted up during the festival. Devotees and pilgrims queue up to take a dip in the holy water of the lake and perform the rituals. Sugar drops, prayers, milk pudding, sweet meats and other delicacies are offered to the deity.

Tourist Essential

The festival also has a cattle fair that attracts tourists from different parts of the country to the Kolayat fair. Several oil-lit lamps enhance the beauty of the village at dusk; the scene is a photographer’s delight. A major reason why this festival is witnessed by a range of tourists is its enchanting display of Rajasthan’s culture and traditions.


by Kapil
by Kapil