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Ki Chaam Festival

(Ki Chaam Festival is also known as Chaam dance festival)
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The Ki Chaam festival held every year anywhere in the month of January and February in Enchey Gompa monastery in Gangtok, capital city of Sikkim last for 2 full days. Popularly referred to as the dancing festival, Ki Chaam witnesses the monks of Enchey Gompa enter into masked dancing every year.


The festival of Ki Chaam is marked by dancing undertaken by the monks of the monastery. The monks undertake masked dance to the sounds of beating drums and Tibetan long horns. The dance lasts for around 2 hours. After the dance, the procession leaving the courtyard and countless Buddhists prostrate as the procession moves out. The dance ends with a senior monk delivering a prayer to Lord Buddha. The festival sees countless Buddhists devotees throng the monastery for the day long celebrations.

Tourist Essential

The tourists get to witness the otherwise austere monks perform masked dance, which is marked by fast rhythmic movements to the sound of beating drums. The onlookers get to be a part of this dancing ritual and partake off the energy and gusto with which the monks perform the dancing ritual. The streets are crowded with worship flags, masks and prayer wheels, which tourists can buy and use to blend with the crowd of Buddhist devotees.


by Kapil