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International Himalayan Festival

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The International Himalayan Festival is celebrated in the district of Kangra in Himachal Pradesh during the month of December. The festival is celebrated to commemorate the occasion when His Holiness The Dalai Lama was awarded Nobel Peace prize in the year 1985. This occasion holds a lot of significance as it symbolizes the Dalai Lama’s peace initiatives. Indo-Tibetan Friendship Society sponsors the Global Himalayan Festival in collaboration with the Central Tibetan Administration and the Himachal Pradesh tourism department.


The festival lasts for three days and is started off from the shrine at McLeodganj. It aims at strengthening the ties and bringing out communal harmony among the Tibetans dwelling Himachal Pradesh and the natives. The festival is also known as Global Himalayan Festival and includes cultural performances by the dancers and musicians of the Tibetan School of Doing Arts. Several local cultural troupes, native artists, college youngsters and skilled performers take part in this festival. It also serves as a key attraction for all the tourists visiting the state.

Tourist Essential

The festival is celebrated in the second week of December during the onset of the winter season when the anglers shift to the Pong dam. An important event carried out during this festival is the ice skating competition.


by Kapil