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Feast of St Anthony

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The Feast of Anthony is celebrated by the St Anthony’s Church in Goa with much fervor and aplomb. The church is located in the village of Siolim, which is located about 7 km from Goa. It is beautifully built in the Corinthian style, which houses a statue of St. Anthony with a serpent dangling on a rope in his right hand. The feast is generally organized in the month of July.


The festival celebrates the onset of monsoon. There is a common belief among the people of Siolim that if the monsoon hasn’t arrived, lowering the statue of St. Anthony will bring rains. St. Anthony was a great preacher and priest who worked miracles.

A large number of devotees pray to this priest for miracles; he was born in Lisbon and his death place is Padua. The saint’s statue with a serpent in his hand is a unique representation of him found only in Goa. Each year, on the eve of the feast, the statue of the saint is taken to the door of the department of treasury, where the treasurer places the salary according to his rank in the priest’s hands.

Tourist Essential

During the festival, the church is beautifully decorated, and it bears a festive look. The market and streets adjacent to the church look vibrant and colourful with cheerful people and festivities. There is a grand celebration in the Chapel of St. Anthony at Goa Velha. Even people of different faiths enjoy this festival every year and celebrate it with equal fervor.

A number of devotees consider St. Anthony as their savior during their bad times, and hence, the feast is celebrated by many people.


by Kapil
by Kapil