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Drukpa Teshi

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Drukpa Teshi is a festival celebrated by the Buddhists to mark the event of Lord Buddha turning the Wheel of Dharma. This is considered as his first sermon to his five disciples at Sarnath. This festival marks the event of Buddha preaching to his five disciples about the four noble Truths at the Deer Park in Sarnath. This festival falls on the fourth day (Teshi) of the sixth Tibetan month (Drukpa) and hence this name. It is a one-day festival that is celebrated around July or August.


During this festival, prayers are offered by Buddhists at the Deer Park in Gangtok. On this auspicious day, in line with Buddha’s first sermon to the disciples, Buddhists in Gangtok offer their prayers for international peace, happiness and fraternity at various ‘Gumpas’ (fortifications of learning like a monastery); some of the important Gumpas are Chorten at Deorali, Chuklakhang, Manilakhang, Enchay Gumpa, and Gour Gumpa. Buddhists in Sikkim light butter lights to celebrate this occasion and pay homage to Lord Buddha and Guru Rimpoche.

The same festival is celebrated in Muguthang, an isolated village to the north of Sikkim. A Yak race, which marks the occasion, is conducted to add to the usual festivities of the festival.

Tourist Essential

There is no restriction on the tourists to participate in this event. Tourists can try the local cuisine, which includes dried fish, yak's cheese (Churpi), and yeast for making the local beer (Tomba). This event is celebrated all over Sikkim. However, Gangtok is the ideal place for tourists to visit, especially the local Gompas, where additional festivities such as complete reading of Ka-Gyur (translation of religious scriptures) and celebrations to mark Guru Rimpoche’s Trhungkar Tshechu could be witnessed.


by Kapil