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The Dosmoche festival is celebrated in the month of February in Ladakh. The festival is famous for its masked dances in the royal courtyard. This festival was initially started by the Kings of Ladakh and has been celebrated sine with a lot of fervor and zeal. The courtyard in the chapel comes to life with drums being played and the thumping of feet by the masked Lamas.


These Lamas come from several monasteries to perform the sacred dance and drama. They consecrate, prepare and finally destroy the sacrificial offerings as the climax in their dramas and dances. Thakthok Monastery is the only monastery in Ladakh where the Lamas are experts in tantric practices. They prepare the thread crosses, which are supposed to enslave evil spirits, demonic forces and hungry ghosts.

Tourist Essential

The main offering is carried along with ten other offerings in different sizes. These things are carried in a procession from the main venue through the market. There are unique cultural events such as clack hat dancing, followed by the performance by the lamas. Musicians and orchestra perform in the festival; the offerings are burnt outside the town to ward off evil spirits.


by Kapil
by Kapil