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Cheti Chand

The Sindhi community celebrates their New Year on the second day of Cheti month which is the Chaitra month according to the Hindu calendar and this day is known as Cheti Chand. The festival is celebrated to mark the birthday of Sindhi saint Jhulelal. Sindhi people consider this day to be very auspicious and celebrate it with pomp and happiness and also worship water. This day is believed to mark the birth of Lord Varuna, the God of Water, who is believed to have incarnated as Jhulelal. According to legends, on the first day of Chet month, Varun Dev appeared as Jhulelal to save Sindhis from the torture of the ruler who was against the Sindhi culture and Hinduism. This is the most important day for the Sindhi community and people celebrate it with great enthusiasm.


The main festival commences with worshiping Jhulelal and Bahrano. Sindhis take Baharana Sahib, which consists of oil lamp, crystal sugar, cardamom, fruits, water jar, coconut, cloth, flowers and leaves, to a nearby river or lake. There is also an idol of Jhulelal Devta. During this procession of Bahrano Sahib, people of all age group perform traditional Sindhi folk dance “Chhej” in honor of their deity. All Sindhi organizations or institutions celebrate this festival with great grandeur. Shops remain closed on this day and Sindhis do not even cook food at home.

Tourist Essential

To experience the beauty and enthusiasm of Cheti Chand festival, people should visit cities like Ulhasnagar, Ahmedabad, Ajmer, Indore, Kolhapur, Jaipur, and Surat, where Sindhi people gather in large numbers to take part in the celebration. Tourists visiting Rajasthan must check out Shakti Nagar, where they will find a temple of Jhulelal Sahib. Every year during Cheti Chand festival, a fair is organized by the community people.