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Champakulam Boat Race

(Champakulam Boat Race is also known as Champakulam Moolam Boat Race)
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This boat race happens on Moolam day of Midhunam every year, one of the Malayalam months, at the Champakulam Lake. This month falls on late June or early July. The celebration dates back to the time when the king of Chempakasseri, Maharaja Devanarayana constructed a shrine at Ambalappuzha on the instruction of the royal priest. However, at the time of deity installation, the king was told that he has an inauspicious idol.

His minister gave an idea to the king to bring Shree Krishna’s idol from a temple in Kurichi named Karikulam temple. The king’s minister with few other people performed the task of getting the idol. On their way back, they had to stop at Champakulum to offer prayers to a deity. Seeing this, people from the entire region assembled to bring the idol for establishment in the temple through the Champakulum Lake. They made it a colorful and ceremonial procession.


This festival is also celebrated to mark the harvest season. In this festival, you can see decorated boats and water floats and listen to the song of the oarsmen known as ‘Vanchipattu’, and also enjoy the boat race. The race takes place in a special form of boat known as Chundan. These boats are 100-feet long and have raised prows resembling snake. Other types of boats taking part include Iruttu, Kuthi, Veppu and Churulan. Local people throngs in groups to enjoy the event.

Tourist Essential

The tourists are welcomed to view the extravaganza. This is the reason you can see many people from all over the world visiting Kerala during this time. The rush during this season instigates people to book in hotels and guesthouses in advance. One can enjoy different types of south Indian delicacies during this festival.


by Kapil
by Kapil