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Trekking in Uttaranchal - Pave Way to the Unexplored Paths

by afiatajdar 6 year, 2 months ago

On the adventure holiday in Uttaranchal, take up trekking tours and explore the narrow and less travelled roads that always offer something surprising to the trekkers.

Uttaranchal is famous all over the world for the excellent trekking routes that are way to some of the most remote and exotic attractions. While on trekking tours of Uttaranchal, tourists are in a much better position to enjoy the beauty of nature from much proximity.

Famous Routes to Trek

There are numerous trekking trails in Uttaranchal, all revealing some of the most exuberant sights and thrilling attractions. Trekking along with camping is one the most thrilling adventure one can savour in Uttaranchal tours in North India.

The Pari Tibba Ridge Circuit - This day trek that begins from the bypass road at Woodstock and crosses the destinations of Dhobhi Ghat, Chamalsari, Company Bagh, Pari Tibba. The trek is categorised as easy and the best time to go is from the months of October to April. The trek is around 12-15 kms long and takes about a day to complete.

Nag Tibba - This is a moderately graded trek that covers the distance of 70 kms for a round trip from Mussoorie and takes about 2-4 days to complete. Enjoy this trek during the months from October to April. Beginning from Mussoorie, the trek commences in the following manner -
Day 1 - Mussoorie to Aunter Campsite (25 kms) is easy to trek and takes around 8-9 hours. On this route tourists can visit Woodstock Estate and enjoy a panoramic view of the Doon valley. The beautiful village of Deolsari is also a must visit.
Day 2 - Aunter Campsite to Nag Tibba and back to Mussoorie. This trek takes about 5-7 hours to complete and the main attraction the tourists can encounter are Nag Devta Temple near Gujjar Campus.

The Benog Tibba Circuit - Commencing from Library in Mussoorie, this is a 15-20 kms long trek that can be completed in 1 day. This trek can also be classified as a heritage trek where tourists can enjoy great historical, botanical and natural insights. The destinations covered during this trek are Cloud’s End, Benog Temple, Mountain Quail Sanctuary, Dhobi Ghat, Murray Pumping Station, Tibetan School and then back to the library. In order to check the duration of the trek, tourists can avail transportation to and from Cloud’s End. Some of the popular attractions tourists can enjoy on the trek includes Company Bagh, a former botanical garden, Happy Valley Tibetan Monastery, a spectacular view of River Yamuna from Benog and the big Tibetan settlement at Tibetan Central School.
The trek is classified as a mix of easy and energetic and can be undertaken during the months from October to April.

Bhadraj Forest and Temple - Also called as the ‘Milkman’s Trail’, this is one of the moderate treks that starts from the Library at Mussoorie and ends at Could’s End. This trek takes around 1-2 days to complete and can be best enjoyed during the months from April till post monsoon in October. The trekking route is as follows -
Day 1 - Mussoorie to Cloud’s Inn Via Benog Tibba. This 12 kms long route begins from Mussoorie and covers Everest Estate and Benog Tibba in just 2 hours. Further three hours trek will lead to Cloud’s End, where tourists will halt for the night. The level of this trek is easy.
Day 2 - Dudhali to Bhadraj Temple and back to Dudhli. To cut the trek short, trekkers have the options of taking a a taxi from Cloud’s End till Dudhli. The trek is classified to be moderate.

Ruinsara Tal and Har-ki-Dun - This is a long trek lasting from 6 to 10 days and is categorized as a mix of easy and moderate trek. The trek begins from Sankhari at the north of Dehradun and ends at Taluka. This trek can be enjoyed from May to Mid June and again from mid September to mid October.
Day 1 - The trek begins from Sankhri and takes about 5-6 hours to cover the 20 kms distance to Taluka.
Day 2 - The second day trek continues from Taluka and ends at Osla, also called as Seema. The trek is claimed to be moderate and takes approximately 6-8 hours to cover the distance of 12 kms.  
Day 3 - The third day trek begins from Seema and trekkers need to travel around 8-10 hours to cover the 14 kms to Ruinsara Tal. The trek is moderate and includes tourists are advised to take a biscuit break at Ruinsara bridge and enjoy a wonderful experience.
Day 4 - Thetrek continues from Ruinsara and ends at Debsu Thach. This is an easy trek that takes about  5-7 hours to cover the 12 kms long distance.
Day 5 - Debsu to Har-ki-Dun. This trek is a mix of easy and moderate and tourists require to covers a distance of 12 kms. Approximate time is 7-8 hours.
Day 6 - After enjoying a scenic day at Har-ki-Dun, head towards Jaundar Glacier which is 4 kms and takes about 2-3 hours to reach. Though the trek is categorised as moderate but trekkers may encounter some steep and stiff climbs.
Day 7 - From Har-ki-Dun to Osla, Sankhri and Taluka. From here onwards trekkers need to return the same way and this trek takes 2 days.

Dodital Trek - This trek is an absolute indulgence for anglers. The trek lasts for 4-8 days and can range from moderate to tough. The apt season for the trek is March to October and from June to July. The location of the trek is between Asi Ganga and Hanuman Ganga along the Yamuna in Uttarakashi.
Day 1 - The trek begins from Sangam Chatti and covers the 6 kms long distance to Agoda in 3 hours.
Day 2 - The trek continues from Agoda and goes till Dodital. The distance of 16 kms is covered in roughly 6-8 hours and the level of difficulty is moderate. Angling can be enjoyed here.
Day 3 - The trek continues 16 kms further till Darwa Pass and further till Sima is an approximate time of 6 to 7 hours.
Day 4 - The nest day the trekking troop will reach Hanuman Chatti in 4 to 6 hours by covering an easy trek at a distance of 18 kms.
Day 5 - Yamunotri is the next stop. Trekkers need to undertake 13 kms trek from Hanuman Chatti in order to reach the town.
Day 6 - The 6th day covers the destinations of Saptarishi Kund and back to Yamunotri. The distance is 7 kms can can be covered in 10 hours. The trek is categorised as difficult.
Day 7 - The trek accomplishes at Hanuman Chatti. This is an easy trek and takes almost 4 hours to cover the 13 kms long journey.

There are numerous other trekking routes that can be enjoyed in Uttaranchal. The  Gangotri-Gaumukh trek covers the destinations like Gangotri - Chirbasa - Bhojbasa - Gaumukh - Tapovan - Bhojbasa - Gangotri. This 5 day trek is classified as easy to tough and can be undertaken from May to October.
The Triyuginarayan to Panwalikantha trek lasts for four days and takes the route of Triyuginarayan-Maggu Chatti-Panwali-Kinkhola Khal-Triyuginarayan. Monsoon in the ideal time for this trek. The best way to reach these regions will be by taking up tour packages from Delhi.
Other long distance trekking routes in Uattaranchal are Tanganath-Chandrashila Peak, Rudranath and Kalpeshwar, Bedni and Ali Bugyals, Almora to Jageshwar, Pindari and Kafni Glaciers, Milam Glaciers and Darma Valley.
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