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Tips for Choosing a Good Hotel

by afiatajdar 1646 days ago

On a holiday, getting a hotel of your choice can be a challenge! So keep these tips and points in mind while choosing a hotel to enjoy a hassle free holiday.

You have to think about pricing, comfort, reviews, photos, deals, discounts - it can be extremely overwhelming. Here are a few tips that can help you finalize your hotel.

1. Price

Book a hotel which fits your budget. Gone are the days of calling each and every hotel for getting price. With internet, you can browse various websites to find out the exact price of any hotel easily. Hotels provide various discounts and special holiday packages (like 1 night free stay etc) during the festive season as well as the off-season to attract more customers. Make sure you enquire about any promotional offers beforehand. 

2. Location

In addition to price, location also plays an important role in selecting a hotel. Depending on your trip, you may want to choose a hotel within the city or maybe secluded location, or maybe you want one on the beach. Decide what kind of property you are looking for and do a thorough research for hotels accordingly.

3. User Reviews

No matter how much research you do, nothing replaces feedback from past guests of hotel. Make sure you go through the reviews and feedback of the hotel from the people who have stayed at the place. Instead of going blindly by the review posted on the website of the hotel, go to website like for valuable information on the hotels from the other travelers. However, internet is full of fake reviews - use your judgement and past experience in trusting user reviews. Thumb rule is to trust reviews for hotels which are larger in number and then plan your holiday in North India, or any place of your choice.

4. Cancellation / Refund Policy

Emergencies might happen anytime, which might lead you to cancel or postpone your trip. Be sure to check the cancellation policy of the hotel which varies from one hotel to another. So it is recommended that you go through it before booking the rooms.

5. Check in and Check Out time

Although most hotels have standard check in and checkout time, be sure to find out the exact timings to avoid any last minute surprises. Staying beyond regular checkout timing might attract extra charges.

6. Amenities

Many hotels offer numerous amenities like in-house restaurant, gym, swimming pool etc. The amenities offered by the hotels also play a major role in determining the star rating of the hotels. Before booking the hotel, compare the amenities and select the one that fulfills most of your requirements.

Not all the hotels provide various indoor as well as outdoor facilities like bon fire parties or others. If you are planning to arrange something like this on your honeymoon trip then make sure you ask the hotel management for the same in advance. Party halls, children play area and outdoor swimming pools are some of the outdoor facilities provided by the hotels for the use of its guests.

7. Type of Holiday

The type of holiday you are looking for also determines the kind of hotel you should stay in. If you are on an adventure trip then you would do not spend too much on the hotel, as you will not be spending too much time there. For family vacation, choosing a comfortable and good hotel is mandatory.

Other Tips

  • Use the booking engines to garner as much information on the hotel you are planning to book.
  • For details like facilities for the disabled, senior citizens etc, guests should call the hotel in advance.
  • Photos on the website of the hotel can sometimes be misleading. Check reviews from other guests.
  • If your pre-booked facility is not provided, please ask the hotel manager.
  • If you are travelling with family, then you might want to check with the hotel’s family policy. Many hotels often run various deal and promotions for families and also check with the various resorts and hotels before finalizing your tours to Goa or any other place in the country.


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