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The Ancient Temples of Halebid  by Madhav Srinivasan

Halebid, which literally means a ruined city, is a small town located in the Hassan District of Karnataka. Halebid is a home to many strikingly beautiful Hoysala temples and Jain shrines which are epitome of the sculptural marvels and stone carvings.

Experience More in Madurai  by Madhav Srinivasan

With magnificent temples dotting its landscape, it’s no wonder that Madurai has come to be known as the temple city. But it’s not just all temples – there is much more that you can experience in Madurai.

The Sacred Town of Mathura  by Madhav Srinivasan

Located in the North Indian State of Uttar Pradesh, Mathura held a lot of historical and economical importance in the ancient period. Its place in the Indian epics is unparalleled and the place narrates stories of Indian history and culture…

Pay Homage at the Temple Town of Vajreshwari   by Madhav Srinivasan

The Vajreshwari temple located near the city that never sleeps, Mumbai, is an ideal spot for tired tourists who’re looking for a spiritual break for their monotonous life. The region also houses a fort that can enthral the not-so-religious...

Silken Times in Kanchipuram  by Madhav Srinivasan

Kanchipuram, the temple town, instantly evokes memories of a bygone era in tourists and is mainly popular for this very reason. With its quaint old buildings and bustling culture, the place is an ideal spot for historians, pilgrims and shoppers alike.