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Snowfall in the North  by Madhav Srinivasan

People who want to experience the magic falling of snow have to head for the northern parts of India as the months of November to February are the periods within which the northern regions of India experience snowfall in bounty.

Skiing in Uttaranchal - Enjoy the Snow   by Afia Ahmad

Take up skiing tours of Uttaranchal and be a part of the Himalayas to experience some of the most sought after winter sports.

Skiing in Himachal - Raid the Celestial Snow Mountains  by Afia Ahmad

Skiing and Heli skiing are the most popular winter sports that tourists can enjoy in Himachal Pradesh. Read below to find information on where to ski, when to ski and all the nuances related to skiing and heli skiing in Himachal Pradesh.

Skiing – slide down with a rush of adrenaline  by Karan Sakhuja

The height of the snow clad mountains and the rush you feel while skiing, is surely gonna get you addicted to this sport!

Kufri - The Land of Virgin Snow  by Akshay Balraj

Kufri is the only tourist place where you can roam around in a nature park on a Yak! Sipping hot chocholate during cold evenings, sitting in the midst of snow can bring out the love in you.

Leh - City of Gompas  by Akshay Balraj

Leh: A place where adventure and religion combine to give you an amazing experience. The Gompas situated here are a wonder to your eyes and the adventure activities here is sure to get your adrenalin flowing!

Sonamarg - The golden meadow  by Akshay Balraj

A paradise on Earth, the name "Sonamarg" itself signifies its beauty: The Golden Meadow. Set in a backdrop of snow capped mountains and bright flowers, this place is sure to get your energy flowing.

Gulmarg - The meadow of flowers  by Akshay Balraj

Gulmarg gives you what other hill stations don't: An amazing off-road experience combined with a few adventures like skiing and curling. To be short, Gulmarg has it all!

Srinagar - The city of lush wild gardens  by Akshay Balraj

The fresh air of Kashmir and a roadside Jilebi can get you high here! Srinagar caters to the needs of every travel enthusiast : Romantic, Religious and Adventure.

Nainital – The Pride Of The Himalayas!   by Akshay Balraj

Nainital, a hill station, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Famous for its lakes and snow capped mountains, it offers the tourists an exhilarating experience of nature's wonders.