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A Religious Trail in Jalandhar  by Madhav Srinivasan

Jalandhar in Punjab is much more than a commercial centre for sports goods and hosiery. Jalandhar is a secular city that shelters people of many faiths. Sikhs, Hindus, Christians and Muslims visit Jalandhar in pursuit of their religious beliefs.

The Serene Destination of Hemkunt Sahib  by Madhav Srinivasan

The Hemkunt Sahib is a very important religious destination for Sikhs and it is one of the most scenic too, thanks to the high altitude in which it is located. For this reason, the gurudwara attracts both pilgrims and tourists – here’s more about it..

Badami - The City of Chalukyas  by Akshay Balraj

Badami represents the rich culture of Karnataka. The sculptures in the caves are a must see for history buffs! Photographers, this is a place for you too!

Murudeshwara – Realize Your Atma  by Akshay Balraj

Murudeshwara is must see place for all the history buffs and travelers alike! Visit this place to cleanse your soul and fill it up with peace & happiness!

Kollur – A Heavenly Abode  by Akshay Balraj

Kollur is a good place for history buffs with good temples. These temples, especially the Mookambika Temple are said to be very powerful.

Gokarna – Love, Peace and Happiness  by Akshay Balraj

Experience the true beauty of nature in Gokarna! Gokarna is a must see place for Krishna devotees and photographers alike.

Varanasi – Ganga in All Its Glory  by Akshay Balraj

Visit Varanasi to purify your soul and cleanse you body of all the stress! This magical place can fill spirituality in any human being.

Sri Kalahasti – Kailasa of South India  by Akshay Balraj

A visit to Kalahasti will get you all holy! The temples in Sri Kalahasti are believed to be very powerful. The various temples here is a true bliss for Durga devotees.

Ayodhya - A spiritual heaven on earth  by Akshay Balraj

Ayodhya is a must see place for pilgrimage and history buffs. This is an important place for all the religions in India. So get packing!

Vaishno Devi – The Altar Of Divinity  by Akshay Balraj

This is a must see place before you die! Vaishno Devi is a place where God truly lives! The deity is believed to be very powerful.

Kurukshetra - The Land of Holy Gita  by Akshay Balraj

Kurukshetra is one of the most ancient and sacred lands on India. Its a must see place for all history buffs and a nice place for devotees of Krishna.

Dwaraka – The Gateway To Divinity  by Akshay Balraj

Dwaraka is a perfect place for your pilgrimage and it also offers various relaxation options. Don't forget to visit the holy Jyotirlinga Temple!

Ambaji – The Abode Of Mother Goddess  by Akshay Balraj

Get spiritual and holy in this beautiful little town in Gujrat. Ambaji temples, especially the Jain temples are said to be very sacred.

Land Of Spices - Warangal  by Akshay Balraj

Experience true Andhra culture in Warrangal! Be it food, festivals or temples, Warrangal has got it all!

Vrindavan - City of Spiritual Liberation  by Akshay Balraj

Enjoy the rich cultural heritage of India on the banks on the River Yamuna. Don't forget to visit the various Krishna Temples in and around Vrindavan.

Temple Town - Tirupati  by Akshay Balraj

Get blessed by Lord Venkateshwara in this beautiful, and the world's second richest temple. Don't forget to take the traditional 'prasadam', its delicious!

Sarahan – Valleys For The Varied  by Akshay Balraj

Sarahan is a place filled with picturesque Indo - Tibetan Style Temples which makes it a pleasure to watch!

A Tryst With The Green Valley - Palampur  by Akshay Balraj

Palampur is a sweet little village which is at perfect harmony with nature. Let your spirits free by exploring the various attractions in Palampur!

Mathura - Lord Krishna's Cradle  by Akshay Balraj

Mathura caters to the needs of religious people with its splendid temples and also to the adventurous people through the Govardhan Hill. Trek up this mystical hill to get your adrenaline pumping!

Kanpur - The City of Nawabs  by Akshay Balraj

Kanpur is a place filled with temples and yet on the modern side. It has a mix of both Indian and modern culture. Visit the temples of Kanpur to lose all your stress and heal a broken soul!

Kangra – Vignettes From The Valleys  by Akshay Balraj

Welcome to a magical valley filled with lush green meadows and magnificent peaks. Kangra truly looks like God's own home!

Jubbal – Paths And Princes  by Akshay Balraj

Jubbal is a perfect holiday destination with a combination of vast landscapes, thick woods, and splendid buildings. Two eyes are not enough to see the beauty of this place!

Jhansi – The City of Valour   by Akshay Balraj

Want to see a blend of the cultural and the modern face of India? Visit Jhansi to feel the reminiscence of the great Indian and British architecture

Of Stones And Temples - Hatkoti  by Akshay Balraj

Experience true bliss amidst the Himalayan culture and green meadows. Explore the temples of the great heritage which date back to the Gupta Dynasty.

Of Capitals And Kings – Delhi  by Akshay Balraj

Delhi, the capital of India, is a crowd puller due to its amazing tourist spots and food. If you are a complete foodie and you love traveling, then Delhi has to be on your 'must see' list!