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Where to Celebrate Holi: Unique Places for an Exotic Holi Experience  by Afia Ahmad

Holi is the most colourful festival in India and is celebrated all over the country with great pomp and show.

Yaksha - A Celestial Feast of Music and Dance  by Madhav Srinivasan

The Yaksha is a festival that is conducted for celebration of the performing arts at the Isha Yoga Centre, Coimbatore. This centre aims at the promotion of the traditional Indian art, dance forms and music. This festival lasts for 14 days during February.

Sikkim Snow Festival  by Madhav Srinivasan

The Sikkim Snow and Cultural festival is organised on February 2012 for tourists from all over the world. The festival will display the culture, fauna, flora and diversity amidst the beautiful snow-covered valleys.

Kala Ghoda Arts Festival  by Madhav Srinivasan

The Kala Ghoda Arts Festival is a vibrant celebration of the arts and culture. Over the years, the festival has seen a dramatic rise in popularity and today attracts visitors from outside the city and country.

Shekhawati Festival  by Madhav Srinivasan

Every year in February, the Shekhawati region in Rajasthan comes alive to the sound of dance, music and merriment. It’s the time when the region celebrates its deep rooted culture and heritage and the entire world seems to descend on Shekhawat.

Enjoy the Rhythm at Sufi Sutra International Music Festival  by Madhav Srinivasan

Sufi Sutra International Music Festival is a one-of-its-kind music festival, which glorifies Sufi music. This festival also has workshops and exhibitions apart from the regular performances by renowned Sufi artists. Here’s a sneak peek into the festival

Jaisalmer Desert Festival  by Madhav Srinivasan

Have you ever come across festivals that have events like the best man with a moustache or camel races amidst the golden sand dunes of a Desert? Welcome to the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, which celebrates the exotic Rajasthani culture with exotic festivals

Goa Carnival  by Madhav Srinivasan

The Goa Carnival is a 3-day non-stop festival of song, dance, music and color. The soothing climate of Goa, fun and excitement makes it the much awaited events of the place and is a source of great entertainment for people of all ages.

Surajkund Crafts Mela  by Madhav Srinivasan

The Surajkund Crafts Mela is a unique crafts festival organized in Faridabad and has different themes pertaining to the artworks of different states each year. One can also enjoy the rural cuisines and dances too. Read on for more...

Taj Mahotsava - Agra  by Madhav Srinivasan

The best time to travel to Agra is during the Taj festival or the Taj Mahotsav. The festival is celebrated over 10 days, and it portrays a festive introduction to the state of Uttar Pradesh and India, which is generally celebrated in the month of February

Musical and Colorful Desert Festival - Jaisalmer  by Madhav Srinivasan

When it comes to colors and revelry, there can be no place better than Rajasthan as the state is widely known for its vibrant and thriving culture. The Desert Festival in Rajasthan can introduce you to a whole new world.

Kerala Village Festival  by Madhav Srinivasan

Celebrating the Pastoral Traditions and Way of Life, the Kerala Village Fair is a 10 day festival that attracts a lot of visitors to this state in the month of January.

A Look at the Ellora Festival   by Madhav Srinivasan

The legendary cave complex at Ellora is often described as one of the most stunning examples of Indian talent. These 1,400 year old caves provide the perfect backdrop for the celebration of Indian heritage.

Rejoice at the Elephant Festival   by Madhav Srinivasan

The Elephant Festival is celebrated in the month of February or March, and it attracts a lot of spectators from across the country and abroad. This royal festival is organized to showcase the pompous and majestic royalty of Jaipur during the Holi festival

Dehing Patkai Festival   by Madhav Srinivasan

An extravaganza that mirrors the life, culture and ecology of one of the most mesmerizing parts of India, the Dehing Patkai festival has become a much awaited event on the tourist calendar.

Celebrate the Magh Bihu Festival   by Madhav Srinivasan

Magh Bihu represents a time of celebration for people of the north eastern state of Assam. The festival involves a lot of feasting, sporting activities and is generally a time to make merry!

Bumchu Festival, Sikkim  by Madhav Srinivasan

Hailed as one of the most important and historical festivals from the Buddhist clan, Bumchu is celebrated in the state of Sikkim. This festival is a very important and intricate celebration for the Buddhists present in the state.

Bikaner Camel Festival (January 8-9)  by Madhav Srinivasan

The Bikaner Camel festival represents the exotic side of India. A visit to the deserts of Rajasthan to watch the camels strut about displaying their best features can be an unforgettable experience.

A Cultural Splash at Hampi Utsav  by Madhav Srinivasan

Hampi Utsava is popularly known as the Vijaya Utsava, and it has been celebrated since the time of Krishna Deva Raya. The festival is a mega cultural extravaganza showcasing the dance and music of Karnataka. The festival is scheduled for 3 days each year.

Enjoy the Sun and the Sand at Daman and Diu  by Madhav Srinivasan

Daman and Diu is the second smallest Union Territory in India. This territory located in the Western Ghats comprises of two land bodies- Daman, situated near Surat and Diu – situated near Junagadh.

Rave Parties and Sun Burn Festival Goa 2011  by Madhav Srinivasan

The Sunburn Festival is a spectacular entertainment show held each year that attracts even more tourists to the ever popular destination of Goa. The 3-day festival sets the tone for the celebrations that break out all over the city to ring in the New Year

Making the Right Moves at the Modhera Dance Festival  by Madhav Srinivasan

The Modhera Dance Festival is an unforgettable experience. A 3-day festival of Indian classical dance is held against the backdrop of the magnificent Sun temple at Modhera in Gujarat; it is a truly unique celebration of Indian culture and heritage.

Losar  by Madhav Srinivasan

Losar is the celebration of the Tibetan New Year with its origins dating to the time prior to the Buddhist period. All the activities during this 3-day festival are closely associated with the theme of purification and driving away of evil. In 2012, Losar

Konark Dance and Music Festival  by Madhav Srinivasan

The Konark festival is one of the most famous Indian festivals. The temple and its surroundings reverberate to the sounds of drums and flutes and to the sounds of tinkling anklets of the dancers.

Discover New Lands During the Island Tourism Festival  by Madhav Srinivasan

In the months of December and January, the far flung islands of Andaman and Nicobar come alive with the sound of dance and music. The 10-day Festival marks a time when the islands see an influx of visitors eager to catch a glimpse of the local culture.