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Shopping in Kashmir - Bring Back a Piece of Heaven

by afiatajdar 6 year, 2 months ago

Find a detailed guide related to information on shopping in Kashmir. The article highlights the most important shopping items and various shopping destinations in Jammu and Kashmir.

Shopping is one of the main draws of Kashmir and this wonderful state has so much to offer that tourists can held but shop their heart out. Plan an exclusive shopping tour to Jammu and Kashmir and visit the most popular cities for the best buys.

What To Buy from Kashmir
Kashmir is famous all over the world for its woolens and wooden handicrafts. Saffron, shatoosh and pashmina shawls, hand woven carpets, paper mache articles, walnut wood work, Kashmiri cewelwork, Honey, pherans, brass, copper and silverware, almonds, saffron and fruits form the most important buys in Jammu and Kashmir.

Carpets - These are the most expensive buys on your Kashmir holidays in North India. Available in almost every city, the carpets of Kashmir are known to be woven and can cost anything more than Rs 5000. While buying carpets in Kashmir, make sure that they are hand woven. You can find it on your own by simply turning the back of their carpet and ensure that they are knotted and not tufted.

Pashmina and Shahtoosh - These too are some of the unique shopping items that you cannot find anywhere else. The Pashmina shawls are made from the hair of the rarely found Ibex and are surely a one time purchase as it can cost anywhere between Rs 4000 to 10,000. These are uber quality of woolen shawls and scarfs that you will love to flaunt in front of your friends, back home. The Shahtoosh shawl is often called as ring shawl as the fabric is so soft that it is easily pass through the small hole of a ring. The shahtoosh shawls are made from the belly hair of the antelopes found in Ladakh.  

Wooden Carvings - The state of Kashmir is illustrious for the various kinds of wooden crafts. Walnut wood is perhaps the most famous item used to make the wooden souvenirs. While on a visit to Kashmir, tourists should by various articles made from this wood. Artifacts with intrinsic design and intricate cravings are the most popular among all.

Famous Shopping Destinations in Kashmir
Almost all the cities and towns of Kashmir offers a unique shopping experience to the tourists holidaying in Jammu and Kashmir. However, Srinagar and Jammu are the most popular ones.

Srinagar - Srinagar guarantees the best shopping experience. The varieties it offers can be very overwhelming. Tourists are advised to look for painter paper mache boxes, Christmas tree decorations, carved walnut wood souvenirs, cashmere and pashmina shawls. Carpets, shahtoosh shawls are thing not to be missed on holidays in Srinagar.

For shopping the above mentioned items, tourists can go to Boulevard and Lambert Lane that are lined with souvenir shops. The Kashmir Arts Emporium that too sell all the items, but their prices are fixed.

Jammu - Vir Marg, Raghunath Bazaar and Hari Market are the most famous market places in Jammu from where on can shop for Kashmiri handicrafts, traditional dongra jewellery and dry fruits. The Kashmir Government Arts Emporium in Jammu offer a full range of Kashmiri souvenirs.

Ladakh - While on vacation in Leh Ladakh tourists have plenty of shopping options as well. Look out for various junk jewellery and ornaments with the statue of Lord Buddha. Handicrafts like prayer wheels, Buddhist masks and Thangka paintings along with traditional attire of the monks are quite famous. Locally made woolen items like socks, gloves, sweaters and caps are also quite famous among tourists who visit Ladakh.

Enjoy shopping tours of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh enjoy and take back home memories in form of wonderful souvenirs.
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