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Senior Citizen Holiday Tips

by afiatajdar 1639 days ago

The retirement age is one of the best times for enjoying a relaxed and carefree holiday. Read this article to find various information and tips for the senior citizens who are planning to go for a holiday.

In recent time, many travel agencies have started providing specialized services for the senior travelers. Find out what all precautions your agency takes for your holiday trip. It's always good to discuss about your health conditions with your travel agent. 

Planning your Holiday 

  • Have a clear picture in your mind regarding the kind of holiday that best appeals to you. 
  • In case of any ailments, avoid long duration of travel and strenuous activity like hill climbing or trekking. 
  • Go for a relaxing holiday. In case you are an adventure buff, then discuss your requirement with your travel agent for the most apt adventure holiday in North India or South India. 
  • You may prefer group travelling over individual travel, not just for safety, but company and conversation too.

Health factors 

  • Carry all your medicines and prescriptions while travelling.
  • If possible, keep your doctors informed about your travel plans. They might give you valuable suggestions.
  • Keep the contact details of your doctor handy, in case of emergencies. 
  • Though insurance is applicable for all travellers, it is mandatory for senior citizens.


Mode of Travel

  • Choosing the best mode of travel is very important for any traveler. Long journeys on buses and taxis should be avoided, as they can be stressful. 
  • For sightseeing within the city, rent a bigger, comfortable vehicle like Innova. 

Choosing the Right Hotel 

  • Insist that the hotel authorities give room on the ground floor. 
  • Find out in advance if your hotel has lift, emergency services and doctor-on-call facility.
  • Request for a room closer to the lift, however, the same is dependent on availability. 

What to Pack

  • Don't overload: pack only the things that you will need on your trip. Keep it light. 
  • Carry your daily used items in a separate bag to avoid unnecessary hassle of opening and reopening the bags. 
  • Choose a baggage with wheels, as it is easier to handle.
  • When travelling to a cold place like a trip to Jammu and Kashmir, you might want to keep extra sweaters and blankets.  

Other tips 

  •  Get yourself thoroughly checked up before venturing on your holiday. 
  •  Make sure you have enough relaxing time in your itinerary - do not make it hectic.
  •  Keep your day free and easy and allow yourself several options, depending on the mood as well as energy levels. 
  •  Always carry a first-aid kit while travelling.

These tips should ensure you enjoy a pleasant and hassle free vacation in Goa or any part of the country. The retirement years are among the best time to rekindle the travel bug hidden in you, so make full use of this time to live and enjoy the sunset years of your life to the fullest. 


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