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Save Tigers - Only 1411 left in India

by Abhi 7 year, 3 months ago

Please help Save the Tigers with only 1411 of them left. This is critical. Save tigers for our next generation.

I am not one of those great nature and animal lovers whose heart goes out to animals. Which is not to say that it does not pain me when I see bears with jugglers and horses and camels being used for “sawari” in mela, kids and adults as fat as elephants fit to be ridden themselves plonk their behinds on these animals while they shed tears!

It boils my blood when I see all of this…but sadly, I don’t do anything.

I remember having numerous “naughty” conversations with pals about what a beautifully powerful animal a tiger is. Conversations range from how majestic looking a tiger is, what sexy eyes it has, and what an amazing gait!

Only in TV & Books

But, honestly since most of us quit going to zoos before we got into our teens, our image of tigers is relegated to what we have either seen on television or in books.

Each time I have spoken to people who went to Jim Corbett or Ranthambhore to spot tigers, they have only described their sightings of beautiful birds….

This in a way is an indication of how prominent is the danger that tigers find themselves in.

Just 1411 tigers left…aren’t that particularly ominous?

Tiger Tourism?

This was one initiative that truly captured my attention, more so because I recently witnessed how this majestic animal was literally tamed and domesticated.

I had gone to Thailand where for INR 350, you can feed a cub some milk from a feeding bottle…If that is not piteous, and I don’t know what is…

The cub is nearly starved to death, so that the moment a bottle is brought close to its mouth, it suckles at it, without pouncing on a mere human that poses to hold it in his or her lap. It’s a hideous sight. Unfortunately, I was one of the people who willingly posed for this cruel spectacle. The sheer injustice dawned upon me much later.

These safaris to my mind are a mockery of wanting to keep the tigers alive. A tiger or a lion is a majestic animal. Irrespective of the area kept for these animals, you cannot deny the fact that at the end of the day, the tigers are living in captivity, not in their natural abode as they should. Why should that be?

Do your bit

I think we will do nature a great service if we allowed these animals to live in their own habitat. It sounds preachy alright, but all it takes to get you to understand what I am talking about is to go visit a zoo and spot a royal animal like a tiger or a lion in a cage looking helpless.

On an ending note, the least that you can do is when you see a disgusting brat of a kid or his or her more disgusting parent poking the animals at the zoo or pelting stones at them, throw a stone back at them…They deserve it!

Join me at Facebook and support this initiative.


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i am begging to the central goverment that plz take initiative to save tigers.
Posted by soumik mitra 2 year, 10 months ago
stop tiger trade and save them because they are our narional animal
Posted by apoorba bose 2 year, 10 months ago
thanks man this article will be of great help........ i will do my best to save the kings
and also in May, 2013 Saveus is organising an article writing competition to aware people about tigers
Posted by Manas Harjai 2 year, 11 months ago
stop tiger trade and save them.they are amazing creature of world ....
Posted by ayesha 3 year, 9 months ago
Most precious lives left in numbers, give eye a surprise that such a beauty exist on earth, is going to extinct, if not saved.
Posted by RAVINDER KUMAR 3 year, 11 months ago
be serious save tigers only 1400 are left
Posted by suchitra 4 year ago
The precious and most charming lives left in India require stern and thoughtful action from Govt. of India, Indians and N.G.O.
Posted by ravinder 3 year, 11 months ago
Tigers are a very important part of the nature.If we don't save them today, Tomorrow It maybe very late! They are so innocent. Save them.
Posted by Vatsala 3 year, 11 months ago
Save our tiger its our national animal
Posted by Ayush 5 year, 10 months ago
this is very good idea
Posted by namangoel 4 year, 6 months ago
it is very good idea so keep the tigers save
Posted by namangoel 4 year, 6 months ago
its amazing !
Posted by namangoel 4 year, 6 months ago
great efforts
Posted by kiran 4 year, 7 months ago
sir, i have great greed to save our tigers ...but i don't knw the way to save him ....please suggest me how i can participate in this" bettle "....coz this animal is really king of the jungle n vry cute,naughty n vry daring ....i rly love his attitude n i don't want to loose him ....
pls suggest me ....wt 2 do
Posted by aman pathania 5 year, 3 months ago
guys we really have to save tigers because there are only 1411 tigers are left so come on take a step forward to save tigers ..........
Posted by noopur 5 year, 5 months ago
Dis article is very to the people who do not know about number of tigers living in india. And i am really shocked. I am really feeling sad. And i am also tell the people about this news and i want to guide them.i want to give an advice to the government "please take a action to save the tigers. And give the punishment on the members who are killing ...more
Posted by bhargav nag 5 year, 11 months ago
ther are only 1411tigers in india so we should save our tigers
Posted by bhuvana 6 year, 38 days ago