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Ride Among the Ravines of Mekedaatu

by Madhav Srinivasan 1983 days ago

Visit the place where the Kaveri River flows through a gorge that is said to be just a goat’s leap across. Mekedaatu is a unique picnic spot on the tourist’s itinerary. Mekedaatu is a 2-hour drive from Bangalore.

Mekedaatu is located in the Kanakapura Taluq, which is around 4 km from Sangama. Sangama is the place where the rivers Kaveri and Akravathy merge. This place is famous and attracts a huge number of visitors who book Karnataka tour packages. Mekedaatu is located downstream from Sangama.

Mekedaatu derives its name from a traditional story. It is said that a long time ago, a person traveling through the forest saw a goat being chased by a tiger. Reaching a narrow gorge through which the Kaveri River flows out forcefully, the goat, in a desperate attempt to save itself, leaped across and reached safety on the other side. The tiger abandoned the chase. This led to this place being named Mekedaatu, which means  a goat’s leap in Kannada.

One version of the legend says that the Goat was Lord Shiva Himself in disguise. On both sides of the gorge, there are strange holes that resemble a goat’s hooves, though much larger than the footprint of an ordinary goat. Hence, it was believed that a divine goat made the leap.


The Ravine

Since this ancient incident, the gorge is sad to have widened, so no goat can really leap across it. Here, the river Kaveri runs through a deep ravine of Granite Rocks. At nearby Sangama ‑ the confluence of the Akravathy River with the mighty Kaveri, the river reaches a width of 150 m. 

Just a little downstream, at this place, that huge volume of water is forced out through a gorge that is just 10 m wide. Hence, the waters flow down at a ferocious speed.


Reaching Mekedaatu

Located around 90 km from Bangalore, Mekedaatu is very near to Sangama and can be visited on taking up holiday tours from Bangalore. Sangama is a popular tourist spot accessible by the picturesque tree-lined Kanakapura Road. It is easy to get buses to Sangama from Kanakapura. From Sangama, you can hire a taxi to cover the distance to Mekedaatu, or you can just walk 3.5 km downstream to reach the ravine. 

You then have to walk down a rocky path to view the gorge. It is a narrow and deep passage through which the river gushes out with mighty force. This magnificent spectacle is breathtakingand should not be missed when on your holidays in South India.


Mekedaatu has no hotels or restaurants and you have to carry your own food and water when you plan a trip here. The nearest hotels are at Sangama.
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