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Rest in the Sands of Chandipur

by Madhav Srinivasan 5 year, 8 months ago

Chandipur, located in district of Baleshwar in Orissa, is a seaside resort that is famous for a unique natural phenomenon. During your trip, you’ll witness the strange sight of the receding sea, which can occur more than once a day…

Chandipur is a famous beach resort and a little seaside town located in the Baleshwar (Balasore) district of Orissa. Located 16 km from Balasore town, this quaint place can resemble any other coastal town at first glance, thanks to its beautiful and tranquil locationsSurrounded by swaying casuarina trees and sand dunes covered by green creepers, the beach here is an inviting place. You can book South India tour packages when planning a holiday in Chandipur. 

Nature’s Spectacular Show

While all might seem right with the beach at first, nature will spring a surprise at you - the ebb and flow of the water as the tides turn are attractive to watch on any seaside, but here, it occurs on a grand scale.

The sea here can recede anywhere from 1 km to 5 km when the tides recede. When this occurs, you will be able to see the sea fading further away before your eyes, leaving huge tracts of sand exposed where once there was water. The receding sea uncovers beautiful sea shells and also living sea creatures like Horseshoe Crabs and Red Crabs. You can take a walk over this stretch of sand and chase the sea as far as you dare to. You will just get your feet wet, no more.

But adequate care should be taken in these stretches as during the high tide the sea returns to reclaim the land in a very dramatic fashion. The sea surges in again and covers the sand, shells, and crabs, wiping out all traces of the previously empty stretches.

This phenomenon can occur more than once per day in Chandipur and to view this wonderful spectacle, it is best to plan at least a whole day’s stay in the town on your holiday trip to Chandipur.

What to See Near Chandipur

Integrated Test Range Site

Chandipur is the location of the Indian Army’s Integrated Test Range, from which missiles like Agni, Akash, Shaurya and Prithvi were once launched and tested.

The Panchalingeshwara Temple

The Panchalingeshwara Temple is a Shaivite shrine which has five Lingas that are constantly covered by a flowing stream. It lies at a distance of 45 km from Chandipur.


Remuna lies at a distance of 25 km from Chandipur. This place houses the famous Kirchora Gopala shrine. The temple has strong associations with the Vaishnavite saints of Eastern India like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, his teacher Madhavendrapuri and Sri Chaitanya’s follower Jeevaswami Goswami.


This small temple town has a temple that’s dedicated to the Goddess Chandi, and this is an interesting site that’s a must visit location for any religiously inclined traveler.

Nilagiri Nalagiri

This place has a temple dedicated to Lord Jagannath, and there is also a wildlife sanctuary nearby, called Kalidiha. Kalidiha offers ample opportunities for trekking through and exploring the locations.

Getting to Chandipur

Bhubaneswar is the nearest airport, and Baleshwar or Balasore has the nearest railway station and bus terminus. It lies at a distance of 16 km from Chandipur, so there are multiple options that you can try.

Given its proximity to major cities in Orissa, Chandipur is an ideal off season getaway that’s unique in its own way. The next time you decided to pack up and head to the beach, make sure you push Chandipur to the top of your list!

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