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Obama Woos Indian Tourists

by Madhav Srinivasan 1922 days ago

Tourism is a significant part of the US economy . Representing the culture and traditions of a country along with generating large revenue creates employment opportunities too.

We are very much aware that people from the emerging economies have a very high spending power; it is natural for other countries to woo them to promote tourism. Tourism is an extremely revenue generating mechanism for any country. This in turn creates employment for the citizens of that country. Tourism is widely promoted in most of the countries as it is an important industry of a country’s economy.


Tourism Promotion in the US

Tourism of United States of America has taken a back seat since 9/11 incident because of safety and security reasons. Tourism is popular in such countries where people feel safe and secure. The main set back to American tourism is the vulnerable security after 9/11. On the international level ,the traveler spending has reduced from 17% to 11% in the USA. In order to maintain USA as the global travel destination, President Obama of the United States of America himself is wooing the tourists from India, China and Brazil.


He said that huge population from the middle class or the emerging economies will be traveling to America in the coming years and to woo these tourists The President unveiled some measures, including the relaxation in the visa norms. The sudden rise in the visa applications has made the President to direct all organizations throughout USA to come up with programs that makes traveling easier.


Tourism industry of US has generated 7.5 million jobs and tourists from India, China and Brazil have contributed about $ 15 billion to the US economy. Out of which 6, 51,000 Indian tourists have spent about $ 2.86 billion during their stay in the US. Individually it accounts up to $4,390 per person which is about Rs.2 lakhs.


Expecting a higher influx of tourists from China and Brazil, which is going to supercede the number of travelers from India, America is expecting the increase by 135% and 274% respectively. The spending power of these countries has made USA to encourage them to visit USA.


Tourism being one of the best ways to generate very high revenue, America is planning to relax the visa norms to make travel easier for the tourists. This relaxation of visa formalities may be like taking back a step in the rules that was implemented after the 9/11 event. Only two of the 19 hijackers of 9/11 had been interviewed in person for the issue of visa. However, presently, relaxing that rule of interview may let many foreign nationals enter USA bypassing the in-person interview, which may not be ideal with respect to safety and security.


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