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Night Driving Tips for Noobs

by Madhav Srinivasan 1975 days ago

It can be a torturous experience to drive at nights, if you are new to driving. Lack of light reduces the depth perception, peripheral vision and colour recognition abilities. Here’s a peek view on the do’s and don’ts while taking your vehicle at ni

Driving at night can be hindered due to various reasons such as lack of light and glare from the streetlights or headlights of other automobiles on the road. Lack of light reduces the depth perception, peripheral vision and colour recognition abilities. In the lack of light sound remains only aid while driving on busy roads during night. However, over honking too may lead to severe accidents. Here are some tips to keep in mind while driving at night.


Preparing Your car

  • The windows and the windshield should be cleaned so that a clear image of outside is visible. Also, cleaner windows and windshields reduce glare.
  • All rear view mirrors should be cleaned to avoid fudgy vision. Mirrors should also be flipped to the day-night setting, if available.
  • Also, it should be ensured that headlight beams are not directed onto your face by the rear view mirrors.
  • Ensure adequate ventilation in the car as driving at night is much more tiring than driving during the day.

Taking Care of the Lights

  • Before starting with the journey make sure that exterior lights of the car are working properly.
  • Do not overdrive the lights and always keep them clean, unfogged and properly aimed. Dim the bright lights 500 ft before encountering an oncoming vehicle or 300 ft before moving past a vehicle.
  • The fog lamps, indicators and tail lights should also be cleaned and maintained.
  • Dim the dashboard lights to avoid glare due to street lights. You may also use a sun visor.
  • While driving through a fog use low beam and fog lamps to reduce glare and avoid temporarily blindness of other drivers on the road.
  • To avoid glare one can also look at the white line marking at the right side of the road.


Driving Principles at Night

  • Do not drink and drive; avoid smoking in the car as nicotine hampers vision.
  • Do not drive rash and always keep the speed lower than average to compliment the increased reaction time at night.
  • In case of breakdown, it is advisable that the car is parked off the road with hazard lights and parking lights.
  • Night driving safety precautions should be observed as soon as the sun goes down.
  • Flashes of light at intersections and curves should be noticed to obtain an idea of oncoming vehicles.


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