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Monsoon Melody

by lilrav 5 year, 10 months ago

Just some random musings related to the monsoons...

Monsoon Melody

Spring, by proxy, has burst forth on the scene after nearly a year of hibernation.  One moment there was the dull, heavy drowsiness of an oppressively still north Indian summer with the relentless sun scorching everything that was already beyond scorching.  A few weak, stubborn wilted leaves were all that remained of the luscious trees in the park.  Even the ubiquitous little birds dared not venture out in the burning midday heat.  Life was taking its mandatory siesta.  Only the dust was appallingly and vehemently omnipresent.  The parched earth wailed louder and louder, sweeping up more and more dust as if in rigorous penance.

Finally the gods relented.   Suddenly the skies turned a pregnant grey, heavy with clouds looming large in the horizon.  The heady fragrance of wet mud filled the air. The tangible anticipatory thrill of expectancy was soon deliciously satiated by the first few drops of rain that the clouds disgorged at first reluctantly, and then more whole-heartedly – magnanimously slaking the great thirst of the earth, man and beast alike.  Nature took a rejuvenating and purifying bath washing herself of all the sins of the past few months.

The barren hills opposite once more turned a verdant green.  The trees in the park once again echoed with the sweet cacophony of a hundred birds twittering.  Bounteous Nature is yet again resplendent in her finery of glistening leaves, fresh fragrant blossoms and sweet succulent fruits.  The azure sky is still speckled with wispy whites that hold the gentle promise of turning a tumid grey once more.  The calm bracing air comforts and soothes tenderly.  Yes, Life is worth living yet again!

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