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Monsoon Magic I - The rumble and tumble of waterfalls

by Shwetha 6 year, 10 months ago

Monsoons have arrived; slushy roads & traffic jams mark its arrival in the city, so head closer to nature & enjoy the real beauty of rains, bubbling streams & lush greenery! In this 3part series we give you a lowdown on monsoon getaways across the country

As the first drops of rain touches the sand, the lovely smell tickles your noses and you know that the monsoons are here. Monsoons mean many things to many people, from the sign of a good harvest, to cars getting a good splash, evening tea and Bhaji’s (batter fried) and many more.

Monsoon is also the time to set out and explore nature in all its glory. The lush green expanses, the dew drops settled on the leaves, the pitter patter along nature trails, with streams and rivers filled to the brim, and cascading waterfalls, makes for wonderful views.

The sign of a good monsoon is reflected in these graceful water bodies as they come cascading down from great heights amidst serene landscapes. Read on for our top waterfall picks from across the country...


Quick Bite

Falls Height: 30 feet

Swimming: Can Swim

District: Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu

How to reach: 130 km from Bangalore along NH 7 (2.5 hrs)

Stay: No stay options. Ideal for a day trip.

The monsoons have arrived and high rises and traffic jams are getting to you? Drive away 130 km tours from Bangalore into the Krishnagiri district and voila (!) you are welcomed by one of the most spectacular falls in Southern India. 

Hogenakkal waterfalls recent claim to fame was the Abhishek Bachchan dive sequence in the Mani Ratnam film "Raavan".This scenic locale surrounded by lush mulberry fields and lush green expanses comes alive with pitter patter of the monsoon. Once you have soaked in the beautiful views of falls which drop from a height of 30 feet, you can enjoy a fun coracle ride (a round boat) which will sure give you a 360 degree view of the falls while you have a heady ride!


Quick Bite

Falls Height: 300-350 feet

Swimming: Prohibited

District: Mandya, Karnataka

How to reach: 120 km from Bangalore along NH 209 (2.5 hrs)

Stay: No stay options. Ideal for a day trip.

Located close to the Hogenakkal waterfalls, is another stunning cascade called Shivanasamudram, literally translating to Shiva’s sea. The beauty of this cascade included in most of South India tours is the fact that it branches off into two different streams each of which falls from a startling height of 300-350 feet. 

The western stream is known as Gaganachukki, while the eastern stream is known as Bharachukki. This is sure the place where the panorama setting on your shutter bug would be put to test!For excellent views of the Gaganachukki , visit the power station situated near the Dargah.In awe of these falls and want to get a closer look, well there is no viewing gallery for the Bharachukki waterfalls as the currents here are quite strong and the gorge is quite deep, so that means swimming here is a big no no !

Jog Falls

Quick Bite

Falls Height: 829 feet

Swimming: Prohibited

DistrictMandya, Karnataka

How to reach: 400 km from Bangalore along NH 206, Overnight journey

Stay: Hotel Matthuga 8 km before Jog Falls is the best stay option in the area. An ideal weekend trip.

Continuing with our quest for the most picturesque and mighty waterfalls we reach another famous cascade known as the Jog Falls. Its sheer might is at its peak, when the Sharavati River is in spate during the monsoon season. 

An astonishing 3.4 million liters of water per second is discharged from a height of 829 feet, which is 40 per cent more than the average flow at Niagara. So its sheer height, stands testament to the force with which the torrent hits the rock face and crashed down.

Here’s some trivia, as you get set to get wet:

·         The Jog Falls count among the world’s 10 best for sheer magnitude.

·         As a tribute to these falls, the postal department issued a set of 15-rupee commemorative stamps in 2003.

Coorg: Abbey Falls, Iruppu Falls and Talacauvery

Quick Bite

Falls Height: Abbey 70 feet, Iruppu 170 feet

Swimming: Can Swim

District: Coorg, Karnataka

How to reach: 250 km from Bangalore along SH 17 & SH 88(6 hrs approx)

Stay: There are many stay options.Ideal for a weekend trip.

From the majestic heights of the Jog we head to the Scotland of India- Coorg. If rains are not your cup of tea, then this is not the place for you, but if you’re the type you wants to soak in the sights of monsoon and the pitter patter, this is sure going be an adventurous monsoon holiday you will cherish. 

This beautiful hill station has more to it then the weather and views itself. The misty hills of the Western Ghats, coffee plantations and teak wood forests sure paint a pretty picture.  With no dearth for view points and picnic spots, what you should look forward to are the water bodies,Abbey falls a perfect place to relax and take a dip, plummeting from a stunning height of 170 feet, Iruppu falls is a popular pilgrim and picnic spot and most famous of them all the Talacauvery,perched at a height of 1,535 meters above sea level is said to be the birth place of the river Cauvery.

Some of the other enjoyable and adventurous activities in the monsoon visit the Dubare Camp, which organizes white water rafting, kayaking along the Dubare jungle. You can also visit the camp to indulge in some fun activities with the resident Elephants. Visitors are allowed to bathe them, get a ride and even watch them as they are being fed. It’s an experience of a different kind.

Wayanad: Meenmutty Falls, Soochipara Falls, Kanthapara Falls 

Quick Bite
Falls Height: Meenmutty 950 feet, Soochipara 656 feet

Swimming: Can Swim

District: Wayanad,Kerala

How to reach: The nearest airport is Karipur airport at Kozhikode, and the nearest railhead is Calicut.

Stay: There are many stay options.Ideal for long weekend.

From Karnataka into God’s Own Country- Kerala, the land of backwaters and boat races is a nature lovers delight come the rains. Our first stop is the one place blessed with some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the state. Here you can visit the Meenmutty Falls, the Suchipara Falls and the Kanthapara Falls.Each of the falls offer great views amidst a velvet green cover and you can also enjoy river rafting here.

The state of tall coconut trees and pristine water bodies has more to offer, as we head about 25 km north-east of Kalpetta, to the Padinjarathara Dam. With the lovely shades of green engulfing it, its locale amidst misty capped mountains and a wildlife sanctuary, the Kanthapara Falls makes for an ideal monsoon getaway.

Thrissur: Athirapally waterfalls, Vazhachal falls 

Quick Bite

Falls Height: Athirapally 82 feet, Vazhachal 150 feet

Swimming: Not recommended

District: Thrissur, Kerala

How to reach: International airport Nedumbassery is 58 km away.Nearest railhead is Thrissur.

Stay: There are many stay options.Ideal for a weekend trip.

As we wind our way through the backwaters and little river side village, I think to myself that it couldn’t get better than this and there we have nature leaving us gasping for air as we are overwhelmed by the sheer beauty of the majestic falls on Kerala holidays.

Athirapally waterfalls which nose-dives from a height of 82 feet straight down into large pool. Its recent claim to fame came with the shooting of Mani Ratnam venture “Raavan”. The cast and crew of the movie are believed to have spent a good one month at the locale, so why not catch the beauty of the locale in person than on the big screen, considering its bleak run at the box office! 

A short drive from here and you are welcomed by yet another marvel of nature, Vazhachal falls - a picturesque spot adjacent to dense green forestland. The unparallel beauty of the falls plunging down from a staggering height of 150 feet is indeed incredible.

Mussoorie: Kempty Falls

Quick Bite

Falls Height: 4500 feet

Swimming: Can Swim

District: Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand

How to reach: 270 km from Delhi along NH 72A (5 hrs approx)

Stay: There are many stay options.Ideal for a long weekend.

From the scenic backwaters and tall coconut trees of Kerala we head up North to the beautiful hill town known as the "Queen of Hills" - Mussoorie. Perched on a horse shape ridge above the Doon Valley, the town welcomed us with some of the most spectacular views and fresh mountain air. Sitting pretty at a height of 1,920 meters, it provides for views of sprawling pine covered hills, green velvet cover and snow capped mountains. With the monsoons come due drops sitting pretty like crystals on the rich green leaves  and amidst this green canopy is the perennial Kempty Falls which plunges down from a height of 4500 feet into five distinct cascades, which plummets down the rocky terrain. A popular picnic spot, tours of Mussoories is a perfect way to spend a relaxed weekend in this quaint hill town.

Jagdalpur: Chitrakoot Falls

Quick Bite

Falls Height: 100 feet

Swimming: Not recommended

District: Bastar, Chhattisgarh

How to reach:  The nearest airport is at Raipur and the main railhead is Jagdalpur.

Stay: There are many stay options.An ideal for a day trip.

From the popular to the unexplored, we chanced upon a monsoon spot which will leave you speechless for sure- the state of Chhattisgarh is home to what is said to be the largest waterfalls in India. 

At a height of 100 feet, the Chitrakoot Falls in Jagdalpur gushes down the Vindhya ranges in what looks like horse-shoe. 

Catching a rainbow formed across the falls is a sight for the lucky ones, and best chanced upon during the monsoons. It is a photographer’s delight once he catches a glimpse of the falls, his lens works like magic with the waters and the view. After soaking in the breathtaking views of the Chitrakoot falls, we are on the roll again and lets see where our journeys take us this time.

Nongstoin: Langshiang Falls

Quick Bite

Falls Height: 1106 feet

Swimming: Can Swim

District: West Khasi hills district, Meghalaya

 How to reach:  The nearest airport is at Umroi, 35 km from Shillong and the main railhead is Guwahati.

Stay: At 93 km from Shillong away, it is an ideal day trip.

Having gone to the ends of the country looking for the best monsoon getaways, our list would not do justice without the mention of the Mother of all monsoon states, Meghalaya whose pride Cherrapunjee is the wettest place on earth. 

A state with several waterfalls under its embrace, the Langshiang falls is one of the most notable and picturesque ones. Surrounded by nature’s panorama, lying on the Kynshi River, for the best views of the waterfalls we drove to the tiny village of Mawpon, where the view of the falls gushing down at a height of 1106 feet makes for its scenic beauty. Close to the picturesque falls is one of Asia’s largest islands called Nongkhnum Island. There you have it, magnificent waterfalls and an island visit spell – perfect weekend for me!

Ranchi: Dassam Falls

Quick Bite

Falls Height: 144 feet

Swimming: Can Swim

District: Ranchi, Jharkhand

How to reach:  The nearest airport and railhead is Ranchi.

Stay: At 40 km from Ranchi this is an ideal day trip.

From the wettest place in the country to the state of dense woods, gorgeous waterfalls, pristine mineral springs and exotic wildlife sanctuaries- we are talking about Jharkhand. The capital city of the state is where our monsoon hunt has got us –Ranchi. A 40 km drive from the capital on the Tata Road, takes you to the village of Taimara, where the Kanchi River falling from a height of 144 feet is the astounding Dassam falls amidst with pristine surroundings. Also known as Dasham Bagh this place is an ideal picnic spot. The other waterfalls to visit in the state are Hundru falls, Panch Gagh falls, Jonha falls, Hirni falls and Ursi Falls to name a few.

Rourkela: Khandadhar Falls

Quick Bite

Falls Height: 801 feet

Swimming: Not recommended

District: Sundargarh, Orissa

How to reach:  A 104 km from Rourkela via Bonaigarh in Sundarbagh district.The nearest airport is Bhubaneshwar and the nearest railhead is J.K Road.

Stay: An ideal day trip from Rourkela.

On our roundup of all things monsoon we end this wonderful journey of little streams, huge waterfalls, calm lakes, rapids, rivers and seas; in the state of Odissi dance forms, ancient temples and monuments, rich indigenous culture and numerous wildlife sanctuaries – Orissa. 

One of the most picturesque districts across the tourist circuits of the state is the Sundargarh region. Located amidst a green cover of dense forest area, one of the states most famous waterfalls is the Khandadhar falls, which gushes down a height of 801 feet is at its glorious best during the monsoon. The shades of green and the misty white water against the rocks make for a striking spot. Some of the other water spots worth visiting include Badaghagra falls, Barehipani falls, Duduma falls, Harishankar falls, Hatipathar falls and Joranda falls to name a few.

So, with this exhaustive list of destinations small and big, known and unknown, tourist hubs and quaint hill towns, amidst the wilderness and green canopy of flora and fauna we wrap up our journey of monsoon discovery across places we term as “Must See ‘In’dia”.

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That's a lovely list, thank you.

You may wish to include the Dhuadhar Falls in Bedhaghat near Jabalapur too. I've been there and it's an awesome place, and is compared to the Niagara Falls!
Posted by Celine 5 year, 8 months ago

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