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Land Of Spices - Warangal

by akshaylike 7 year, 36 days ago

Experience true Andhra culture in Warrangal! Be it food, festivals or temples, Warrangal has got it all!

The Legend

Warangal is a city which, during its ancient times, was carved out of a single stone. It was historically known as “Orugallu” which means single stone. It was ruled by the Kakatiya dynasty and hence Warangal boasts of beautiful and ancient temples which are rich in antiques and relics. It also has various beautiful lakes and is home to various wildlife creatures. Warangal is a part of the state of Andhra Pradesh and is also the fourth largest city there. A minimum of four days is required for the casual tourist to explore Warangal and for an architecture enthusiast it takes much more days to explore this architectural splendor. Warangal has a lovely tropical climate hence every season is the best season to travel there. The tour will cost about 8000-9000 INR.

Warrangal Attractions

The first day of your tour can be devoted to the Thousand Pillared Temple and the Warangal Fort. The must see in Warangal is the Thousand Pillared temple. It is a marvelous temple built by King Rudra Dev of the Kakatiya dynasty in 1163 AD. The temple is fully made of creatively and intricately carved thousand pillars and it is constructed in the shape of a star. It also has a 6 foot tall Nandi at its entrance. It has the shrines of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Surya. Every bit of architecture involved in this temple is intricate and impressive. The Warangal Fort is yet another splendor of this city. It has various ruins and sculptures and temples which serve as a delight for architecture enthusiasts. The whole place boasts of a rich and ancient history and is a fine example of south Indian architecture.

Day two can be planned properly and dedicated to visiting various other temples such as the Bhadrakali temple, the Padmakashi temple, the Ramappa temple, the Rayaparthy Shiva temple, the Siddeshwara temple, the Sri Veeranarayanan temple and many more local temples which are rich in Hindu culture and architecture. On the third day, you can fit in the following places in your itenary. There lies a beautiful village near Warangal called Govindarajula Gutta. It is located on a picturesque and hilly region which is surrounded by greenery and has beautiful temple of Lord Vishnu.

Samakka-Sarakka Jatra

There is an event called Samakka-Sarakka Jatra which happens in this village once every two years. People from all over South India come together for a tour to these religious places in Warangal. If you are a theist, visiting Warangal during the Samakka-Sarakka Jatra will add to the pleasure of regular sightseeing. Also visit the Kakatiya rock garden and the Musical garden, which are two places which are ancient yet scenically modern. The musical garden has boat riding facilities which are delightful. Day four can be devoted to The Eturnagaram Wildlife Sanctuary which is one of its kind and also Pembharti village. Being a thick teak wood forest, this place is home to various animals ranging from giant squirrels to four horned antelopes. If you are a super shopper then head to the Pembharti village. It is famous for its brass and copper and various other artifacts apart from castings, carvings and other vessels.

Warrangal Cuisine

Warangal and spice go hand in hand. The cuisine in Warangal is deliciously spicy and different in taste. It shines both in vegetarian and non vegetarian food. Delicious and oily mango pickle is a specialty in Warangal and no one would head back home without one bottle of this delicious pickle. Gram powder vegetables are one of the unique dishes on Warangal and this powder brings out the best taste in the vegetables. The perfectly sautéed and ghee filled mouth watering Hyderabadi Biriyani is a must eat in Warangal. The local Jelabis Push carts offer the tangiest and the hottest jelabis. Make sure you a grab a pile and head back home with pleasant memories of the land of spices.

Reaching There

The best way to get to Warangal is by train because there are plenty of trains from various parts of the country which stop at Warangal throughout the day. Hyderabad is about 130 kilometers away from Warangal and is the nearest airport. So people traveling through air can come to Hyderabad and take a bus to Warangal, as it is well connected by bus from Hyderabad. To go in and around Warangal, it is best to take a cab or auto-rickshaws. The city is filled with inns, lodges and hotels and so staying is made easy.
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