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Kangra – Vignettes From The Valleys

by akshaylike 7 year, 41 days ago

Welcome to a magical valley filled with lush green meadows and magnificent peaks. Kangra truly looks like God's own home!

Green valleys that bring out the poet in you, truly magnificent peaks that tower above high in the sky spreading around them the stinging bug of insignificance, amazing scenery, breathtaking views and a kaleidoscope of mixed cultures are what make the Himalayas an ideal vacation spot for every single person, regardless of the trivial factors of age or gender. You can either pump up your adrenaline by trekking along the impossible slopes and steep crevices or you can experience the gradual awakening of your inner soul in its countless spiritual centers and temples on tours in North India. Among the countless valleys the mountain range is filled with, Kangra easily holds its own due to its role in the history of the entire region. The valley, nestled within the mountains like an ethereal oasis, is also famous for its countless temples and imposing fort.

Famous Attractions

The Vajreshwari Devi temple in the Kangra valley is famous due to its once wealthy status which came to a rather abrupt end due to the great Asian plunderer, Mahmud Of Ghazni. The temple is a firm tourist favorite and is thronged by countless devotees during the times of Hindu festivals. You can visit the ever famous temple on the first day and take time off during the evening to visit the Kangra Fort. The Kangra Fort is an imposing structure overlooking the entire valley and providing an excellent panoramic view from its position on a high ridge. The fort, constructed during the original royal Trigarta Kingdom of Kangra, was also captured by the Mahmud of Ghazni and later by Muhummad Bin Tughlaq. The fort is steeped in the annals of Indian history and is a must see when you are on your holidays in Himachal.

Other Places to See

Other places of interest in Kangra include the Jawalaji temple, the Chamunda Devi temple, the Masroor temple built by the famous Pandavas, the Baba Baroh and the famous Brijeshwari Devi temple. Make sure you visit Masroor during the second day of your trip. Masroor, located around fifteen kilometers from Kangra, is widely known for its exquisitely carved rock temples. Made out of monolithic structures, these temples date back to the 4th century AD. The temple of Jawalmukhi, located thirty four kilometers from Kangra, is another famous place where perfectly natural jets of flame flare out from the mountainside occasionally. Don’t forget to shop till you drop in Kangra, for it’s the cultural capital of the entire region and has almost everything you can demand when it comes to craftwork.

Planning Your Trip

The original capital of the empire of the Chand Dynasty, Kangra lies in the shadows of the majestic Dhauladhar Mountain Range, with its picturesque locations solely responsible for the steady influx of tourists from around the World. Located in western Himachal Pradesh, the town has mild summers and really cold winters. Moreover, the Kangra region is one of the few places in India where you can experience all the four seasons, a phenomenon that is really rare in the subcontinent. The ideal time to visit Kangra would be during March and June or between September-October, when the Dussehra festival is held in the region. A Kangra trip from Delhi would be perfect if planned for two or three days, with two days to visit all the major places of attraction and a third day to take in the feel of the valley.

Reaching There

Kangra has two railway stations, located along its east and south respectively. The Kangra Queen, a luxury train also famous for the amazing view of the region it provides, runs between Pathankot and Palampur. Buses are the more preferred mode of travel, and direct buses fro mall the major Northern cities are easily available. Buses and cars are also available for travel within the city at cheap rates. Also inclue a holiday in Shimla, when planning to book Kangra tour packages. 

Staying There

Hotel Maurya and Hotel Grover provide great accommodation for moderate prices, and the service is generally excellent. The overall expenditure may range around 4000-5000 INR for a couple opting for a two day trip. Kangra, with its green lush valleys and hard slopes, is literally heaven on Earth and just the kind of vacation spot that caters to everyone.
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