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How to Prepare for a Bike Ride

by Madhav Srinivasan 5 year, 7 months ago

Taking up a bike trip can be an extremely exciting experience, but you need to know how and what to pack and how to prepare yourself for any sticky situations that you might face.

Do you intend to go on a motorbike tour? You need to ensure that you plan well, and plan lightweight. Planning ahead can help you balance the optimal amount of weight you want to carry against what you need to carry. Once you do this, you can pick the individual items accordingly, to fit within this limit.

The most important point is to have your motorcycle serviced and in good condition for the trip. Also, check your insurance and other documents to see if they are up-to-date.


What to Pack for a Bike Ride

Here is the key thing to keep in mind - keep the overall weight you carry to the least amount possible. Don’t carry too much weight. Plan on what you need and then for each type of equipment and accessories you need, pare it down to the minimum.

Clothing and Accessories

Just pack a few pairs of biking shorts and jerseys. If you’ll be riding in cold climates, consider a down or fleece jacket. Pack six to seven pairs of underwear, a few pairs of socks and a good pair of cycling sandals or shoes that will also be suitable for activities that you do off the bike – like hiking and walking. Buy a good well fitting helmet and good sunglasses and also pack some rain gear.



The toolkit that came with your bike will be good enough and if you want additional tools, wherever possible, buy plastic tools instead of metal ones and opt for multi-utility tools that can serve the purpose of several individual tools. Carry only the bare minimum you need, do not pack in too many items. Remember, tools will probably add more weight to you pack than other type of equipment you carry.



Maintain a balance between calories and weight. Fats carry more calories to the ounce than carbohydrates, so it may make more sense to carry fatty foods to reduce the weight you are carrying. Athletic activities need more carbohydrates than fats, so plan well according to your activities. Carry some vitamin packs and electrolyte drinks to keep your energy up.


Camping Gear

Consider the weather that you will be traveling in. If it is going to be nice and dry, a lightweight tent can be a good option. If you are likely to encounter wet weather, consider extra protection in your camping gear.


Other Items

Pack a first-aid box and carry it with you. Although you can hope that you’ll never need it, never ride without one. Take a good flashlight with you, and take your cell phone. Carry some duct tape that can temporarily hold together any broken component, until you reach a repair shop/service center.


Packing What You've Picked

Once you have all the items you need for the trip laid out ready, you need to focus on how to pack all these into a neat compact bag or carrier that will not weigh you down or upset your balance.


Try to fit a few things in the glove compartment and saddlebags. You can strap camping gear to the passenger seat if you’re riding solo. Try to fit everything into as compact a bundle as possible, without upsetting the balance of your bike.


Going on a biking trip can be an exhilarating experience as you set your own pace and select your routes. You can plan on where to camp and when to start or stop. But you need to plan well for the trip, especially on what you need to carry. Even if you are in top shape, biking can be heavy work.

You need to pack light in order to focus more on your trip and less on your baggage. Bon voyage! 


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