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Hornbill Festival - Celebrating the Spirit of Nagaland

by Madhav Srinivasan 5 year, 5 months ago

Nagaland has an exotic culture. The Hornbill Festival displays the myriad traditions in the state and is celebrated for seven days. The festival celebrates the harvesting season and is associated with songs and dance.

Traditionally, Nagaland is a community and state that dwells on agriculture as the dominant occupation for a landslide majority of its inhabitants. Along with a lifestyle centering in and on agriculture as their main event, a line of associated activity, including celebration of occasions and festivals, also arises from the agricultural calendar. 

One such spotlight gathering is the Hornbill Festival that is celebrated on a mass scale every year. The significance and impact have been growing each year to have amassed a following of national levels. The celebration is generally organized in the first week of December and is the  best time to book North East India holiday packages.

Showcasing the Rich Cultural Heritage of Nagaland 

The huge respect and revering that the Hornbill Festival enjoys can be seen from the participation by everyone, irrespective of the age, caste, gender and social status. From among the growing plethora of scared festivals held within the state of Nagaland every year, the Hornbill has achieved a level of national recognition and importance mainly because of the following:

·        It provides an opportunity to promote and encourage inter-participation of regional communities and the vast clans of local tribes of Nagaland. It has the backing and subsidy granted directly by the Govt. of Nagaland and Ministry for Tourism and WelfareThe capital city of Kohima witnesses a collage of cultural blend and ethnic regional diversity from its rich heritage. Visitors and tourists look forward to the annual showcase as a means to stay connected with their roots and imbibe a sense of patriotism in their future generations.

Highlights of the Hornbill Festival

This week-long celebration has artists and amateur groups assembling on possibly the single biggest influential platform in entire NESA (North Eastern States Association). A rich gamut of individual performances, recreational sport and games, trade fairs, and industrial fairs all adorn the 7 days of joy. In addition, a host of religious and tribal ceremonies are lined up for common participation. In addition to a series of traditional exhibitions such as the Naga Morungs, regional food stalls, flora and fauna, herbal medicines and fine arts, flowers shows are all looked forward to.

More than just an annual affair of mass get together, this event has attained a special status in the eyes of all those who have been here. It has been selectively named after the hornbill, which is a state symbol that is globally recognized for integration and harmony. A podium for mass display of rare arts and paintings, select wooden cravings and sculpture also are a popular component. Lastly, the cultural shows of are full of highly popular and age-old customs of songs and dances.

Some innovative ballads and medley of various acts and short plays are also presented. On more modern styles, fashion shows, ramp walks, and beauty contests are also arranged to keep all generations of participants involved. For the men, a series of traditional archery, Naga wrestling competitions, a variety of informal games and bands are the main attraction. A musical extravaganza is one of the highlights of this festival.


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