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Holidaying in the Hills - Clothing Tips for Northern Trips

by Madhav Srinivasan 1926 days ago

Have you planned a trip to Manali or Mussorie? Carrying the right mix of clothes to these places can reduce your burden and help you enjoy the place more. Here’s a look in the do’s and don’ts of carrying clothes to the Hill stations in northern Indi

Northern India covers a vast area and comprises of six different states Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab. There is an enormous variation in the weather between the high valleys of Kashmir and the lowland plains of Punjab.

What to Wear During Winters

Many hilly areas included the Northern India tours are snowbound during the winter season, although a visit to the hill stations at the foot of Himalayas is possible. During winters, hill stations in the North are really cold, you need to dress in layers and carry a lot of warm clothes. Most of the hotels in the towns do not have central cooling and hence, both men and women have long sleeve shirts and inner pants. Tunic tops are can be worn by women while visiting outdoor locations.

What to Wear During the Summers

The prime seasons for visiting the Northern hill stations is during the months of June to September as the season is apt for trekking and sightseeing. If you are planning to visit these places during the summers, then don’t forget to keep a bottle of sunscreen lotion in your bag. Cotton clothes and a hat are necessary during this season. However, the nights are cold, and some warm clothes are needed to keep you warm. There are many hill stations tours in North East India, one can enjoy. 

The Ideal Pair of Shoes

Getting shoes that are sturdy and fit for the hilly areas is a necessity. There is mud and dirt along the trekking paths in the rainy and winter seasons. If you are in the city, then a pair of dress shoes for the men and sandals for women would be ideal. Full socks are necessary during the winters as the floors of the hotels are really cold. The South India holiday destinations are among the most popular destination to enjoy during this part of the year. 

The Don’ts

Avoid wearing synthetic clothes during the summers as you may develop irritation or rashes on your skin. It isn’t advisable to stuff your luggage with inappropriate clothes as it makes your travel tedious and stressful. Do a proper research before leaving home. 

People in some of the smaller town and villages are very conservative. Wearing clothes like midriff- baring and tight tops, shorts and low-cut shirts are not advisable to wear in places like this. Tourists should not wear anything valuable while visiting rural areas.


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