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Health Tips While Travelling in India

by Madhav Srinivasan 5 year, 7 months ago

Over the years, India has become a popular tourist destination because of its diversity and unique culture which attracts people from all over the world. However, while travelling through this enchanting country, necessary health precautions are a must.

Tourists hailing from developed countries are used to excellent sanitary conditions and health safety and often take it for granted that India has the same. By adopting some of these simple pointers, you can ensure that you have a safe and fun-filled trip across the magical destination that is India, without worrying about health hazards and avoiding the infamous Delhi Belly too!


Food and Water Safety Tips

It is very important to keep track of the kind of food you’re consuming on a daily basis and how it is cooked and stored. A stomach upset or food poisoning can really ruin a perfectly good vacation. Here are some useful tips to employ when it comes to food and water safety:

  • Ensure that the food is fresh. Do not eat food which has been lying stagnant for a period of time as this attracts flies.
  • Avoid eating fruits which have already been cut by a vendor. Make sure that you peel them before eating.

  • Avoid drinking fresh fruit juices from local vendors as you can’t always trust the water that they mix with the pulp.

  • Avoid ordering meat in local restaurants or roadside stalls.
  • Do not drink water from taps. Ensure that the place where you buy water is suitably clean and check for the seal on the bottle. Water borne diseases are a common occurrence in India caused due to negligence and poor hygiene.
  • Avoid adding ice cubes to your drink at local stalls. The ice is often transported over a long distance and a number of impurities may have settled on it.
  • Make sure that you wash your hands before eating. Carry soap strips and a hand sanitizer wherever you go.

Vaccinations During Indian Tours

While travelling in India, it is very easy to catch a bug if you aren’t properly vaccinated. Mosquitoes are also a great menace in rural and urban areas. Here are some vital pointers which will help you prepare yourself while travelling:

  • It is very important to visit a doctor at least a month before you plan to travel to India. Make sure that you are vaccinated according to the routine adult immunization schedule.
  • Make sure that you carry a sufficient amount of insect repellent and try to wear covered clothes while travelling. Many diseases are spread through mosquito bites and this will help in reducing your likelihood of catching a bug.
  • Ensure that you have taken the tetanus shot before embarking on your vacation.
  • Avoid feeding or playing with stray dogs as they might have rabies or other diseases.
  • Always carry sun tan lotion and protect yourself from the harsh rays of the sun by wearing a hat or a scarf.
Always carry a medical kit which consists of anti-septic ointments, band aids and the tablets that you consume regularly.

Other Important Health Tips to Adopt

  • You can carry wet wipes and anti-bacterial tissues.
  • Avoid using public toilets. Use toilets in restaurants and hotels instead.
  • Given a choice between mineral water and packaged water, it is better to opt for the former.
  • Since many of the urban cities in India are highly polluted, it is essential for asthma patients to carry appropriate medication.
  • Dehydration is a common occurrence in India due to the climatic conditions and it is important to regularly drink water.

Although some tourists fall sick often in India, it is possible to have a completely safe and healthy trip if you adopt some of these vital pointers and be extra-cautious while travelling through India, especially the more remote areas.


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