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Food Items That You Can Carry

by Madhav Srinivasan 5 year, 6 months ago

It is important to carry food that stays fresh for long periods of time so that you can use them without wastage during your travel. By careful planning, we can always pack in some snacks and food items that suits the liking of the travel group.

While going on a holiday, many of us tend to forget to plan about the food, which is actually an important part of your travel. Sometimes your trip may take you off the beaten track, and you may not even come across a decent dining option for long periods of time. So, it is very important to plan your food, especially when you are travelling with children.


Planning What Food to Take

Following are some tips on planning for food during travel and also packing food items for your trip:

  • Before planning on what food to pack, make sure that you eat a healthy but light meal when you start out. Heavy meals will certainly affect you if you have motion sickness, and even if you do not suffer from this malady, it can make you uncomfortable after some time.
  • Not eating anything at all will not help you either. Eat a light but filling food before you start.
  • As for the food that you pack, take things that will not spoil easily. Especially, if you are traveling in tropical regions, food tends to get spoilt fast.
  • Pack some fruits and nuts that you can snack on as you are on the go. Do not pack too many, as these can go bad too. Pack in dry fruits and snacks that will last. Avoid taking too many fried items; they can make you sick.
  • Pack items such as bread, breakfast cereals and some other dried food. These will last for more than a day, and they can also be a quick solution if you are stranded somewhere with no shops around.
  • If you are going on long trips, then pack fresh food that will last for the day at least, and save the bread and dry food options for the next day. This way, you will have fresh, regular food for at least the first day of your trip. Buy more food as you come across good shops, don’t overstock on food items.
  • If you run out of food, then ask around to find the best place to eat in. The locals will have a better knowledge, and mostly you will find that people are helpful and will readily guide you to a good restaurant or food stall.
  • Most importantly, take good, safe drinking water with you. Buy good quality bottled water as you travel to avoid falling sick by drinking unsafe drinking water.
  • Pack your food in food wraps and pack them well. Dispose your wastes properly; don’t throw out the wrappings and packages on the way side while you are traveling.
  • Spending a little time planning on food that you can take with you can save you a lot of trouble later. Take food items that will last longer, pack the foods in a safe manner and use disposable plates and cups. Take safe drinking water with you. If you remember these few basic tips, you can have a pleasant trip even if you are traveling across regions that do not have good hotels or restaurants


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