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Eid - Celebrating The Essence of Peace and Brotherhood

by afiatajdar 5 year, 8 months ago

Eid is one of the major Islamic festivals and particularly in India, there’s a lot of general excitement during this time of the year. Muslims congregate in hundreds in sites like Jama Masjid to perform prayers and indulge in shopping...

Eid, also called Eid Ul Fitr, is celebrated as a reaffirmation of the Islamic faith and Muslims from around the world show their gratitude to Allah for all favours received and is eagerly awaited by every Muslim.

The day of Eid marks the end of Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and marks the beginning of the month of Shawwal.

Eid and Its Roots in Islamic History

As per Islamic tradition, the month of Ramadan was the one in which Prophet Muhammad had the first revelation of the Quran from Archangel Gabriel. Ramadan, since then, has been a month of peace, austerity, brotherhood and devotion to the tenets of Islam.

The entire month of Ramadan is one of piety and self sacrifice. During this month, devout Muslims fast and pray the entire day. They abstain from all physical needs during daylight hours and focus on prayer, renunciation, repentance for wrongdoings and spiritual reflection. Muslims break their fast after sunset and spend the time listening to sermons, eating and serving communal meals and reading from the Koran.

The Traditions and Festivities During Eid

There is a tradition of charity of serving the needy with food in the form of grains or fruits. Donating money for this practice is termed as Zakat Al Fitr and is considered to be a duty of every devout Muslim during Ramadan.

On the day of Eid, Muslims wake early and break their month long fast with a breakfast which traditionally includes dates, harking back to Islamic roots in Arabia. They wear new clothes specially purchased for the festive occasion and attend communal prayers called Salah. These Eid prayers are held in a mosque or open ground which can accommodate a large congregation.

After the Eid prayers, a short sermon on Islam is given and communal prayers for prosperity are uttered by all. Muslims who haven’t been able to perform the Zakat Al Fitr donate food to the destitute. They then greet and embrace the person sitting on either side at the prayer hall.

Food is an important aspect in celebration of Eid and elaborate mean including the ubiquitous Sevai (a dessert made from Vermicelli and milk) are prepared for the guests. 

Modern Day Eid Celebrations

The festivities continue for three days, and Eid is mainly a time for meeting friends and family. People visit their friends and exchange greetings. In remembrance of their ancestors, they visit graveyards in a tradition called Ziyazrat Al Kub’r.

Each home is cleaned and adorns a festive look during Eid. Women wear their best clothes and jewellery, while men traditionally wear white garments. Children look forward to gifts of cash called Eidi.

Due to its stature as one of the prime Islamic festivals, Eid brings together people like no other festival does. 


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