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Dussehra Festival - The Cultural Panorama

by afiatajdar 6 year, 3 months ago

Come to Mysore during the festival of Dussehra and enjoy a grand view of the rich culture and historical legacy that is still devoured by the people of this heritage land.

Mysore is one of the most sought after heritage destination in India, famous for its palacial delights, Brindavan gardens and Chamundeshwari temple. Book your exclusive Mysore packages to enjoy the festival of Dussehra in its glory.

Mysore, fondly called as a quiet pensioners paradise, has evolved leaps and bounds, but has its old world charm intact. Come August and one can start seeing the city’s vibrancy come alive. The spotlight shifts to the city’s most treasured edifice – The Mysore Palace. The tradition of Dasara (also spelt as Dussera, Dussehra) in Mysore has been celebrated since the time of the Maharajas and continues in the similar fashion till date.

The Festival 

The festival dawns in the ‘Ashweja Masa’ of the Hindu calendar. Padya marks the first day of the festival when the people and the residents of the palace begin festivities by invoking goddess Chamundeshwari and asking for her blessings of wealth and prosperity for the forthcoming year. Special offerings are made to the goddess during the ten days of the festival. This is the best time to Book Mysore tour packages in Karnataka.

Royal Celebration 

The sight of the royal celebration in the Amba Vilas Palace is a true delight. ON each day of the festival, the Maharaja performs a Pooja to the throne every evening before he takes his seat. Once the pooja is done, the king steps down from the thrown and his wife performs the traditional ‘Muttina Aarti’ – performed using a plate studded with royal pearls. This ritual takes place everyday starting from Padya, the first day of the festival till Ekadashi, the tenth day.

The eighth day (or Ashtami) marks the Saraswati puja, when the goddess is revered. On the ninth day, the king and his son ascend on the 750-kilo Ambari (a mini thrown), with all their kingly attire of jewelry and would go on a procession, striding along the vibrant streets, towards the Bannimantapa. Offerings are made at the mantapa and the leaf of Banni tree is taken and distributed amongst the relatives and friends.

The Procession

The royal procession held on the tent day of the festival is by far the most important attraction of the celebration. Starting from the Maharaja’s Palace, the old idol of Goddess Chamundi is made to sit on the highly embellished elephant seat and is taken to the temple at Chamudi Hills, with hundreds of decorated horses, folk dancers, courtiers, nobles, soldiers, and colorful visitors follow the procession.

The tenth day, called Vijayadashami is the day when a special torch light parade is held at the university open theatre and is attended by many politicians and the governor of the city along with the hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts.

The Culture 

The last day of the festival is the most important as it is the day the whole world witnesses the rich heritage, culture and grandeur, which has tableau displays from all over the state of Karnataka. Dolu Kunitha, Kamsale dance, various depictions of gods and goddesses, the tourism tabloids and many more. The vigor and vitality of the celebrations attracts tourists who plan their holiday in South India around this time.

Various cultural shows across various venues of the city, such as dramas, Bharatnatyam performances or musical concerts are also popular attraction.

The best time to visit Mysore is during the Dussera festival, when the whole town brims with festivity and frenzy and even the local people of the city open their homes and hearts in order to welcome the tourists.
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