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Bring Out Your Wild Side through Waterfall Rappelling

by Madhav Srinivasan 5 year, 8 months ago

If you’re an adventure sports enthusiast and like getting the classic adrenaline rush time and again, then water rappelling is the sport for you. Read on to know more about this ideal monsoon activity…

Apart from a host of monsoon adventure sports such as kayaking, monsoon trekking and white water rafting, you can try your hand this season at a relatively new and exciting activity, waterfall rappelling.

What’s New about the Sport?

Waterfall rappelling is an adventure sport that can clearly challenge your limits. In this sport, you’ll have to descend down a deep or shallow waterfall using safety gears such as ropes, descenders, Bachmann knots, harnesses, helmets, gloves, knee-pads, and boots.

Various factors such as anchors, access, the volume of water, and rock structure are taken into consideration when rappelling spots are chosen, in order to make the experience noteworthy and challenging.

Although waterfall rappelling is an exciting sport, it can be a tad dangerous because it can bring about breathlessness, suffocation or other breathing problems when you’re under the waterfall, usually when the volume of water around you is very high. There may be instances when you may hit a rock or lose your balance and turn upside down. For this very reason, the activity calls for extreme caution and expert supervision.

For a good water rappelling experience, it is recommended that you participate with a light stomach and an excellent pair of footwear that provides good grip. Waterfall rappelling may be prohibited in certain areas due to the probable ecological damage, the potential danger involved for people beneath the falls or because of the inconvenience caused to ascending climbers.

Who Can Take the Plunge?

You can try your hand at waterfall rappelling if you’re more than 13-15 years old. However, if you're prone to problems like blood pressure and other related heart issues, you may be prohibited from indulging in this activity.

Prior experience may not be required if the height of the fall is around 60 to 70 feet, but it is very essential if the height is more than or equal to 100 feet.

When’s the Best Time to Rappel?

The monsoon season is an ideal time for taking up this activity, as it will be more challenging, even for professionals.

Waterfall Rappelling in India

Given below are some of the places where waterfall rappelling activities are arranged in India.

  • Tighar
  • Kondava
  •  Malshej
  •  Vihigaon
  • Ullhas valley
  • Bhivpuri waterfalls
  • Khunewadi falls

You can take a weekend trip to one of these spots to check out the sport, and all you need to do is ensure that the apparatus used is well maintained and that the trainers there are professionals. 

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Places in this article

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