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Ayurveda in Kerala

by afiatajdar 6 year, 5 months ago

Kerala is the most popular destination for Ayurveda in the world. Come to Kerala and pamper yourself in the relaxing and healing regimes that is sure to refresh your mind and senses.

The land of Kerala is not only popular for its backwaters, spice and tea gardens and various places to enjoy honeymoon in Kerala, but also is one of the most famous hub for those seeking Ayurveda. This ancient method of treating diseases and to live a healthy life is gaining immense popularity all over the world and more and more international tourists are seeking Ayurveda to invigorate themselves.

What is Ayurveda
There are many world class Ayurveda ashrams in Kerala wherein various interesting processes are involved to relieve the people. The eternal pleasure offered by Indian Ayurveda can be achieved by taking various programmes that involves a treatment starting from 60 to 90 minutes and many others which can take up to 14 to 21 days for complete healing. Some of the diseases that can be cured through Ayurveda includes chronic musculo-skeletal and neurological disorders. Various rejuvenation therapies are also offered in these ashrams. The fact that Ayurveda does not have any side effect draws people towards it in spite of it being a little expensive. The best time to indulge in these Ayurvedic regimes is during the monsoon months lasting from June to August, as this time the environment is moist and dust free, which results in opening of the body pores making them more receptive to herbal oils and massages.

Types of Rejuvenation Therapies in Ayurveda
Ayurveda is known for curing not just the ailment but the whole body, thus increasing the longevity and improving the health of the individual. Some of the most basic rejuvenation therapies (Rasayana Chikitsa) offered on Kerala tours in South India are -
  • Kayakalpa Chikitsa (Body immunisation and longevity treatment) - This therapy involves the use of a special Ayurvedic medicine and diet called Rasayana in order to control the ageing process through immunisation of the body and arresting the degeneration of the body cells. It is equally effective on both the sexes but can be undertaken by individuals who are under 50 years of age.
  • Sweda Karma (Body Sudation) - This therapy is popular among those people who are seeking to eliminate impurities from their body, suffering from any pain related rheumatic diseases, reduce fat or increase the complexion of the skin. All the above mentioned remedies are given through the means of medicated baths that contains various herbs leaves. The special methodology of circular motions involved in the treatment tones up the muscles well. The session of the treatment lasts for,10 to 20 minutes daily.
  • Body Slimming & Beauty Care - For body slimming herbal powder and medicated herbal oil massages along with an Ayurvedic diet is used. On the other hand herbal face packs an herbal tea are instrumental in increasing the complexion and beautification of the body.
  • Panchkarma Treatment (Overall Fitness) - This is one of the most common method involved to cure the patient of various mental and physical illness. This treatment is very effective and is known for tuning the body, organs, mind, controlling of breath, nerves and purifying the blood.
  • Meditation and Yoga - This is perhaps the most popular rejuvenation treatment undertaken by large number of people. This treatment involves eight stage of training, viz,

             1. Disciplined behaviour (yama)
             2. Self purification (niyama)
             3. Bodily postures such as the lotus position (asana)
             4. Control of breathing (pranayama)
             5. Control of the senses (pratyahara)
             6. Fixing of the mind on a chosen object (dharana)
             7. Meditation (dhyana) and
             8. Samadhi - a state of being where you experience absolute tranquility and well being.
These processes when practiced in unity result in improved concentration, good health and attainment of peace and harmony of the mind body and soul.

Popular Therapeutic Programmes
Kerala is flooded with tourists eager to undertake various therapies in order to relieve themselves of their ailments and problems. Some of the most popular therapies practiced here are -
  • Dhara - This process is involved to cure ailments like  chronic headaches, insomnia, mental tension and cases of hysteria, hallucination and insanity. Herbal oils, medicated butter milk and special care is required to heal these problems. Some of the specilalised Dhara treatments are Oordhwanga Dhara ( for diseases related to the eyes, ears and skin),Takra Dhara (for memory loss, severe headache or insanity) and Sarvanga Dhara (for head and body).
  • Snehapanam - In this treatment medicated ghee is given internally for a specific period of time the diseases that can be cure via this method includes osteoarthritis, leukemia etc.
  • Sirovasti - This process cures diseases like dryness of nostrils, mouth and throat, severe headaches, facial paralysis and burning sensation in the head with the use of lukewarm herbal oils. The oil is poured on the head of the patient through a leather cap that is fitted to the head and is continued for the duration recommended by the specialised physician.
  • Pizhichil - Trained masseuses who use herbal oils is a specific rhythmic manner are involved in this treatment that is best for treatment of spondilosis, rheumatic diseases like arthritis, paralysis, hemiplegia, nervous weaknesses and nervous disorders. This treatment lasts around 1 hour and is given for a period of 7 to 21 days.
  • Udvarthanam - In this process therapeutic massages are given with herbal oils in order to cure problems like hemiplegia, paralysis, obesity and certain rheumatic ailments.
  • Marma Chikitsa - This treatment is best for patients suffering from musculo-skeletal ailments due to trauma or accidents. In this treatment is given very carefully to the 107 vital points of the body.
  • Nasyam and Karnapooranam - Nasyam is the ideal treatment for nose ailments while Karnapooranam is best to cure ear ailments. In these treatments special herbs, medicated ghee and other oils are used to treat the patients.
  • Njavarakizhi - Some of the ailments rectified through this method are wasting of muscles, rheumatism, sports injuries, pain in the joints, emaciation of the body or parts of the body and certain kinds of skin diseases. In this medicated rice packs are applied on the external parts of body, which is further made to perspire in order to treat the patients.

Ayurveda Ashrams in Kerala
Kerala is famous for having some of the best Ayurvedic resorts and ashrams in the world. These ashrams are flooded with people all the year round and therefore it is very important to make a reservation in advance.

Kalari Kovilakam - When it come to choosing the resorts that offers rejuvenation Ayurvedic treatment, one is sure spoilt for choice. There is Kalari Kovilakam in Plakkad District famous for yoga and meditation, rhythmic massages, medicated baths and herbal diets. to experience the traditional Ayurvedic treatment one needs to stay here for at least 14 days or more. The detailed address as phone number of this ashram in mentioned below -
Kollengode, Palakkad
Kerala 678506 INDIA
Ph: +91 4923 263737
Fax: +91 4923 263929
email: kalarikovilakom@cghearth.com

Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Shala - Next popular stop for Ayurveda in Kerala is Kottakkal Arya Vaidya Shala, popular for Dhara (Oordhwanga Dhara & Sarvanga Dhara), Pizhichil, Navarakkizhi, Sirovasti and Sirolepa treatments. Ayurveda here is practiced in the form of Panchakarma and visitors are advised to learn this method as it has various properties of healing different ailments. One can directly contact this Ashram and do the booking in advance at -
Kottakkal (P.O.),
Malappuram (District),
Kerala - 676 503,
Telephone: +91 - 483 2808000.
     : +91 - 483 2742216,17,18,19.
     : +91 - 483 2742210, 2742572.
E-mail      : mail@aryavaidyasala.com

Shayadri Center - The Shayadri Center enjoys a panoramic location amongst the organic farms and tea gardens and guests here can indulge in holistic treatment of Ayurveda through medicated baths, rejuvenation with herbal diets, Meditation, Herbal Therapy. One can also purchase organic tea from the Sahyadri Organic products outlet at Kuttikkanam. Located near Cochin, the center takes only in-house patients and charge around Rs 3000 to Rs 22000, depending upon the treatment. The room tariff is calculated separately and can range from Rs 800 to 2000 for a single night depending upon the room booked. Their detailed address along with contact phone and e-mail is -
Asoka Road, Elamakkara P.O, Cochin - 26,
Ayurveda Massage, Pizhichil, Kizhi and All Ayurvedic Treatments
Contact Person : Thomas P.J., Phone : (0484) 2537319

Other Popular Centers For Ayurveda
Among other popular names in Kerala Ayurveda are Sree Sankara Ayurveda Vaidyashala in Kottayam District, Uppal University Ayurvedic Centre in Kasargod, District Rajah Healthy Acres at Kootanad in Palakad and Kerala Ayurvedic Health Care in Trivandrum. These Ayurveda centers are located among the best of nature and besides the healing therapies, the cool ambiance, dust free environment and the rejuvenating aroma of the herbs and oils grown organically around these ashrams are sure to cleanse your heart and purify your mind and soul.

To get the contact detail of all the above mentioned Ayurveda centers and more please log on to http://www.keralatourism.org/ayurveda/ayurclassified.php

Cost of Ayurvedic Treatments
Ayurveda therapies and various treatments is said to be an expensive affair. For tourists who seek to enjoy some relaxing spa, massage and other short duration treatments, the price starts from Rs 1,000 for a 40 minute therapy and it can escalate to Rs 4,000 for a combination of treatments that last for around 3 hours. Generally the cost of therapeutic or rejuvenation treatment can range from Rs 7,000 for 10 days, 12,000 for 20 days and 15,000 for 30 days. However, prices may slightly vary is various ashrams. Also note that the price of the treatment does not include the tariff of the room or food charges. Check with the ashram of your choice before booking as most of them offers membership that turns out to be a little cheaper.

Tips to Remember Before Taking An Ayurveda Package
  • Treatment can vary for an individual after being thoroughly examined by the physician.
  • Physician’s advice is required for ailments lasting for short duration like muscular and back pain, headaches etc.
  • Female technician and masseuse are available for female patients.
  • Age is an important factor as some of the programmes are not suited for very aged, pregnant women and children below 7 years.
  • If one has a history of various ailments like blood pressure, diabetes, heart trouble or any chronic illness, it is important to inform the physician in advance.
  • Since the Ashrams are flooded by patients all the year round, it is advisable to make an advance booking.
  • To watch videos of these Ayurvedic treatments, please go to http://www.keralatourism.org/video-clips/video-list.php?input=6
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