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Andaman trip

by akshaylike 7 year, 5 months ago
Andaman is among the most coveted destinations in India tourism. The presence of a range of exotic locations has worked wonders in developing the tourism of India. The rolling sound of waves ,palm leaves , green rain forests, powder white beaches and chirping of rare birds - all these make Andaman Islands a paradise for tourists.

Historically speaking , the name Andaman is derived from Hanuman, who was known to the Malays as "Handuman".These islands were the home of aboriginal tribes. The tribes of the Andaman group of islands are the great Andamanese, Onges, Jarawas and Sentinalese; all of Negrito origin.

The capital of Andaman island is Port Blair. The Andaman Islands is located in the Indian Ocean, with 38 islands inhabited by the people. Some of these islands are Middle Andaman, North Andaman, South Andaman, Baratang and Little Andaman islands. Geographically it’s a hilly area scattered with green forests. The white beaches of the Andaman circled with evergreen coconut trees are spectacular and invite tourists to book Andaman tour packages. The sound of rolling waves when hits the seashore feels that it interact with the mild breeze blowing all over. The amalgamation of both creates spark all over. Apart from the scenic beauty that it offers, it includes adventure water sports such as scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, Para-sailing, water skiing and boating. The underwater marine beauty of Andaman Islands is always beguiling and is discovered by scuba drivers. Together it makes something that has never existed before.

The climate of these islands is always tropical. It remains humid and warm throughout the year. Therefore the pollution is less than the metropolitan cities. The broad clean roads, fresh air, immense species of birds, flora and fauna always attract nature –lovers and photographers to visit there. The rainfall in the islands is quite irregular. The period between October and April is the best time for the tourists to visit Andaman. A holiday in Havelock during this period is simply breathtaking. These islands have got its own brilliance and individuality in terms of beauty. Some of the major tourist attractions of Andaman Island include

Port Blair
Chatam Island
Mount Harriet
Ross Islands
Neil Island
Cellular Jail
When it comes to food, sea foods are the specialty of these islands. The fresh water bodies of Andaman immense in varieties of fish, crabs, lobsters, prawns etc. Seafood is easily available and deliciously cooked. A variety ranges from South to Bengali cuisines are also available here. Andaman Islands are not considered as shopping paradise but one of the major shopping places of the city is Aberdeen Bazaar. There are many small shops, selling lots of timber artworks. The famous white-pearl necklaces, Nicobar mats and shell ashtrays are some of the eye-catching items in these islands.

Andaman Islands can be travel by air or by ship. Port Blair airport is connected with tours from Chennai and Calcutta and regular passenger ship services are also available to Port Blair from Chennai, Calcutta and Vishakhapatnam. There are three to four sailings every month from Calcutta and Chennai to Port Blair and vice-versa. There is one sailing from Vishakhapatnam in a month. The voyage takes about 50 to 60 hours to reach its destination. The estimated budget depends on the packages. It can be 5 to 6 days trip or 4 to 2 days or a day trip. The package ranges starts from 6,300 (per couple) to 32,000 (per couple).So, have a happy and safe journey.

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