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Allahabad - King of All Pilgrimage Centers

by akshaylike 7 year, 33 days ago

If you are going on a pilgrimage, then you cannot find a better place than Allahabad. Allahabad also contains some heritage buildings which portray the best of Mughal architecture

Allahabad is one of the oldest and largest cities and included in most of Uttar Pradesh holidays. The modern city of Allahabad was built by the great Emperor Akbar in the 15th century AD. It is called the king of all pilgrimage centers because the three holy rivers Ganga, Yamuna and the mythical Sarawathi converge here. It is called the ‘Sangam’ or ‘Prayag’. When the Devas and Rakhasas were fighting for the bowl of the holy nectar of immortality, one of the four drops of nectar that fell on the earth fell here. It is because of this, Allahabad is considered to be a very holy place. Though the third river Sarawathi is a mythical one, it is believed to flow underground.

Places to visit

Two days would be ideal to explore Allahabad. The main reason to visit Allahabad is to visit the Sangam and have a holy dip at the Sangam. Make sure you pay the Sangam a visit on the first day of your tour. The Maha Kumbh Mela is held here once every twelve years. Millions of pilgrims and tourists visit the Prayag during the month. Around the first evening, you should also visit the Allahabad fort built by the Emperor Akbar built on the banks of the Sangam. The fort stands tall and strong even today. The fort is still the best mogul architecture. The fort said to have been designed by Akbar himself. The fort also has the tallest Ashoka Pillar made of polished sandstone. It measures 11 meters and was built in 280 BC.

The fort also houses the Patalpuri temple. This temple is underground and it is believed that Lord Rama visited this temple. The temple is home to the heavenly Banyan tree, Akshaya Vat which is believed to grant people their wishes. The tree is said to be immortal. Spend the second day of your trip visiting the various other temples present in Allahabad. You can visit the Junshi temple which has the world’s largest Hanuman idol and also has 108 lingas. Other famous temples in Allahabad that you can visit on the second day are the Shivakoti temple, Someshwar temple and the Dashaswanedh temple. On the evening of the second day, try taking a boat ride in the peaceful waters of the Yamuna. When on your holidays in Allahabad, tourists should also take a trip to Agra, which is the most popular place in UP. 

Planning your trip

The best time to visit Allahabad is during the months of November to March. Woolen clothes are necessary for surviving the harsh winter. There are handicraft shops all over the city and the paintings of Akbar hunting a tiger are very special. One should also take home some water from the holy Ganga. Allahabad is well connected to almost all the major cities of India by air, road and rail. Allahabad has a very busy airport and there are frequent flights and tours from Delhi available.

Food & Accommodation

Allahabad is a very modern city and finding a good hotel wouldn’t be a problem. Hotel rates start from 600 INR and can go up to Rs 6000 per night. Hotel here also offer trips around the city. The cuisine of Allahabad is very special and one shouldn’t miss the Mogul themed restaurants of the city. Getting around the city is not a problem as there are millions of auto rickshaws around but be prepared to haggle hard. A two day trip for a couple to Allahabad would cost approximately 9000 INR covering accommodation, food and local transportation.
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