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Vythiri Weather
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Vythiri Weather

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Best Season:

Oct - May

Summer 20 to 37°C, Winter 10 to 30°C

Best Season / Best time to visit Vythiri

The weather in Vythiri is normally pleasant, as the town is a resort town and major hill station. It can be visited all year around but the best time is from October to May.
  • Summers (March to May) temperatures are characterized by a minimum of 20°C & a maximum of 37°C.You can visit Vythiri during the summer too, because the summer season in Vythiri is not as hot as that in the rest of Kerala.
  • Winters (December to February) are when temperatures drop to a minimum of 10°C & a maximum of 30°C. Ideally this is when tourists can visit & take advantage of the fresh mountain air & lush greenery.
  • Monsoons (June to November) in Vythiri are for an extended period of time due to the influence of both the South West & North East Monsoons which bring in heavy rainfall, hence protective gear must be taken while visiting Vythiri during monsoon.
Month Climate Details
Moderately Cold
During January, weather in Vythiri is relatively cold and cool breeze that blows in this time makes a bit chilly too. Mornings and evenings are comparatively colder than daytimes. It is really a good time to enjoy sightseeing, wildlife trips and other adventure activities. You will need some light warm apparel in this month.
Moderately Cold
The climate is pleasantly cold during this month. Nights can be a bit chilly while daytime is pleasing with beautiful sunshine making it the best time for honeymooners and all types of travellers. It is an ideal time for sighting and other tourist related activities.
Moderately Hot
Vythiri has temperate weather in March. Days are mostly sunny accompanied by cool breeze while nights can be a little chilly. This time is ideal for travelling as the climate is moderate and favorable for enjoying a wonderful holiday. Besides, natural beauty is in its prime in this month.
Moderately Hot
Temperature starts to rise a little in March but still lies within the comfort zone. The weather is mild warm with cool breezes most of the time. The sky remains mostly blue with plenty of passing white clouds. It time is suitable for sightseeing, wildlife tours and other tourist activities.
Moderately Hot
This month is accompanied by mild hot weather while the cool wind that blows in this time keeps the temperature in check. It is the warmest month of the year. The region also receives light showers during end month. This time is ideal for sightseeing and adventure activities.
Monsoon sets in the month of June accompanying lots of rains. Vythiri has its own charm and beauty in rains. This season is best recommended to nature enthusiasts and rain lovers. While protective gear must be taken while visiting Vythiri during monsoon season.
The place receives heavy rainfalls during this month. But Vythiri gives a splendorous look in rainy season which brings in tourists in July also. Travelling can sometimes be interrupted by heavy rainfall but this month is recommended for those who enjoy rains and natural beauty. Rainfall during this period is heavy; hence protective gear must be taken while visiting Vythiri.
August is associated with mild drizzles to heavy rainfalls due to the south-west monsoon. The place has its mesmerizing beauty in rains which attracts tourists in monsoon season also. Rates are also lower and it’s a good time for budget holiday. Those who enjoy rains are best recommended in this month while protective gear must be taken as heavy rainfalls may occur in this period.
Monsoon season continues but the heavy rainfalls have subsided during September. However, occasional rainfalls in this time may hinder outdoor trips and activities. Temperatures are quite comfortable with cooling breezes, and rain lovers can enjoy holidaying during this period.
October marks the beginning of the official tourist season for Vythiri. Short duration of shower may occur but doesn’t affect tourist activities. It is really a favorable time for enjoying natural panorama and other types of tourist activities.
The climate becomes very pleasing and comfortable. The surrounding environments look beautiful with lush green and this time is perfect for visiting Vythiri. Sightseeing and adventures activities can be best enjoyed during this month. Sometimes, a little shower may also occur in this month, which not at all interrupts tourist activities.
Moderately Cold
December offers mild cold weather. Days are quite pleasing sometimes accompanied by chilly breezes which are not very severe. Nights are comparatively colder than daytime. It is one of the best months to enjoy sightseeing and various other tourist activities. Besides, wildlife trips can also be enjoyed during this period.
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